An Iowa Mom Plants Early Indoors

hi this is Elena Shane I will mom and it

doesn't look like it's time to garden

does it

but I want to start some plants indoors

before it's time to put them in the

ground and believe it or not in about

eight weeks that's going to be time to

put plants into the ground

be cool garden plants that people like

to grow would be tomatoes and then if

you want to grow peppers or eggplants

they need to be started indoors ahead of


let's get some good quality potting mix

and it makes it so that the roots could

go in really easily if you use dirt like

right out in your yard and put that in

to pot it will get hard as a rock and so

you need something that's to make it

easy for those roots to grow one of the

cheaper ways to go with getting pots for

the soil is just using the complaint old

styrofoam cups and then we're going to

poke holes in those for drainage then

you need some kind of a tray that's

going to be moist or resistant and if

you don't have one then you can use a

box lid and just slide it into a trash


like that'd be nice we have a little

smaller that's what I've got it and make

sure you smooth it out now I'm going to

flip it over better put some

take right on here

you sure that's still yep

a simple pencil works really nicely poke

holes all the way around so we get some

nice drainage to there that way the dirt

will have just what it needs but no

extra you're not going to water log your

plants I'm just sticking my hand in here

grabbing a handful and putting it into

cup and then I press it down with the

back of my fingers pressing it down like

that with this good potting mix it's not

going to make it hard it's just going to

pack it together so that it's ready for

planting and I go through and fill all

the pots first before I start to plan

the first time you water potting soil

it's going to not absorb really well

it's going to kind of stay on the top

for a while that's the reason why it's a

good idea to water them before you plant

wait the water or the soil is ready to

receive the seeds and receive the water

and then another thing I've done I've


popsicle sticks but you know I have to

run out and get popsicles one of the

things I like about these is that once

they're grown you can actually mark the

plants out in the garden with those same

markers you don't have something like

that you can just mark on the the

container itself and you always check to

see the depth this one says the plant

went fourth inch deep

and I have a pencil that I'm using I'm

wanting to get about 1/4 inch deep saw

I'm looking to see that's about 1/4 of

an inch if I poke it like that ok and

then I have these little tiny seeds so

I'm going to put one of those seats in

each one of those little holes ok now

you can see where the the three seats

are in those little dance so I'm gonna

take my pencil and poke it make sure

it's down there nice and firm about 1/4

inch down I'm just pushing the soil

animal sides I'm gonna take my fingers

and just press down in there once that's

planned and we're going to give it

another little drink of water they want

to be kind of easy on pouring the water

in so it doesn't dislodge the seeds

it keeps the moisture in after we

wandered all that fergus

a plastic bag over time the seeds sprout

a lot faster if they're in really nice

warm soil so one thing you can do is put

them on top of the refrigerator where

it's nice and warm

okay I'm gonna check on

yeah make sure they're nice and moist so

once they start sprouting we're gonna

put them in a nice Sun each window and

they're going to enjoy that good

sunshine this is about ten days later

and now about four weeks later you can

see how they've changed if you don't

have a sunny window you can buy an

inexpensive shop light and put in a

Grove all that is something you can get

at a hardware store

this is Lena Shay and Iowa Bob thanks

for watching