Why Did I Start Gardening?

if I could pick the number one question

I get asked it be this why did you start

a garden



you see for me a garden was not always

about providing food for my family when

I first started gardening I was actually

in high school well I'd been gardening a

long time prior to that but I considered

myself a gardener when I had a garden of

my own that I intentionally planted

without of course then the help of my

mom so I started a garden in high school

and I started it for one reason and I

think a lot of you can relate to this

reason for me at the time a garden was a

lot more than just food production I

didn't really see it like that because I

was still of course eating fast food I

was still I was I was doing a lot of

things that would be deemed unhealthy in

terms of diet and so for me the garden

really was not about food what it was

was therapy you see in high school I was

picked on a lot not just by students but

by teachers as well and this was because

I was a soft target because of what I

was interested in I wasn't interested in

things like baseball cards sports video

games I was into things like collecting

stamps fishing business finance

gardening painting metal figurines I

just was weird

I had these interesting hobbies that I

couldn't explain why I liked them I just

found them to be enjoyable and yeah I

might have been a little bit more

introverted but I was also extroverted

amongst people that I felt comfortable

with and this mockery and just verbal

attack I got on a daily basis really led

me to have a lot of self-doubt lack of

self esteem and it also progressed into

anxiety a lot of social anxiety because

I would be in class and I'd be talking

about something that I thought was very

interesting but teachers would be

rolling their eyes they'd be snickering

teachers wouldn't reprimand students

that were snickering and mocking me

publicly just for the fact that they

wanted to seem funny amongst their

clique I was a social outcast throughout

high school and it led me to have very

few friends because no one wanted to be

friends with the guy that was always

being picked on and I didn't really take

it to heart too much externally but

internally I really was fighting a war

with myself of whether or not I would

have any sense of normalcy whether or

not I would ever find something that

would are something or someone that

would appreciate me for who I was and

that also led to a lot of anxiety

because I the more I looked for it the

less I found it that's when I stumbled

across gardening gardening was something

that had an impact on my life because it

didn't judge me for who I was things I

liked the person I was it just liked me

for the actions that I put into it there

was a direct response that my plants had

and that my garden had to the effort and

care that I gave it and it was that

connection that drew me so close to

gardening and it was that withdrawal

that ultimately led me to find

acceptance in myself and realized that

it was not necessarily me that was being

weird but my peers and society around me

that had not grown to accept who I was

that really took a lot of time and self

searching to understand that you see

here's the problem though once damage

has been done

sometimes it's irreversible and that's

why I also garden today because the

damage that was done through high school

through my 13 through 18 years of age

left damage that can't be fixed with

anything other than constant work and

constant therapy I was mocked on a daily

basis I was mocked to the point that any

rational person would have had thoughts

of suicide but I was someone that really

clung to family I was someone who clung

to the things that I liked I was someone

who clung to my faith and I was not

someone that was willing to give all of

that up just because of someone else

thinking differently of me and I still

to this day how

a lot of social anxiety I still to this

day battle with things that I just don't

understand how someone could do that but

what I can say is that a garden has

helped me more than anything has ever

helped me before I was medicated for a

few months I couldn't stand it I got off

of it I was into you know I was into

video games and stuff to just keep my

mind occupied and it didn't really it

didn't really carry me through like a

garden does I didn't feel that sense of

satisfaction leveling up or you know

beating the game

I felt satisfaction in growing plans and

that's really why I continued gardening

throughout college I found a little bit

more social acceptance because people

are different in in college people are a

little more they're a little more free

because they didn't have all their peers

see them grow up as children and say

whoa all sudden you just switched you

know I I really to this day have always

considered myself to be very lucky I'm a

very blessed person I have a beautiful

wife I have had a great family but my

upbringing through surroundings that I

had no control of molded me to Who I am

today and that's why I'm very I am very

I'm very in tune with my garden because

I feel indebted to my garden that's why

I choose to grow organically as well is

because when I have a connection of my

garden that is the way nature would have

intended it it's not just I'm not just

throwing something on it that's going to

give me results because someone else

told me I'm going to go back to the

results that nature has taught me to be

the cure for the needs that nature needs

things that happen organically allow me

to have a more closer connection with my

garden and that's just because I chose

to do it that way and subsequently as I

matured as a gardener and as a person I

learned that gardening was also

healthy you said talk all the time on

this channel about how a garden can be

very nutritious and healthy because it's

better than what's being provided in the

store and that's very true you see when

I was going through when I was going

through in high school and I was feeling

lost I turned to food which is what many

people do I ate for the fact of being

filled with with fat and sugar I just

wanted to have that sense of fulfillment

but I didn't find it I just kept eating

and that led me to gain a lot of weight

as men even know I lost 45 pounds over

these past few years and that was

because of my dedication to getting my

health back on track because I need to

make sure that I'm on this earth for my

daughter and my wife for as long as I

can be and having a garden allowed me to

do that having a garden allowed me to

have nutritional sustenance that the

grocery stores couldn't provide and that

led me on a journey of eating healthy it

led me on a journey of wanting to

provide the healthiest food for my

family which is why I started expanding

my garden because having a garden for

therapy you can have 30 square feet but

if you're going to provide the food

that's necessary for your family I

realized I had to have more and that's

why that's why I grew my garden that's

why I expanded it to 2,000 square feet

and then to 3,000 square feet and now a

total of 5,000 square feet combined with

the cottage garden I want to feed my

family colorful beautiful nutritious

food still while maintaining the therapy

that my garden always provided me I

still find the same amount of therapy

whether I'm working with 10 square feet

or 5,000 square feet but it's the

therapy combined with the nutrients is

why I garden whoa it's getting toasty

it's getting toasty I like it I mean

spring is on the way so that is why I

started a garden me personally I know we

don't all have the same background

upbringing reasons why we have a garden

and that's fine that's why I love

gardening it doesn't matter what race

you are doesn't matter what interests

you have it doesn't matter what what

shape or size or income bracket or

political affiliation it doesn't matter

what planet you live on it doesn't

matter about anything as long as you

grow a garden that's what matters and

that's what I love so much about this

community and that's exactly why I

started the YouTube channel I started

the YouTube channel because someone back

in 2011 told me hey you should really

start a YouTube channel this could be

something that could really blow up and

I see you have a pretty good green thumb

and I really think that all the people

would enjoy knowing how to grow a garden

and at the time I didn't really think

anything of it it was actually my friend

and now still friend Hayden who watches

my videos every single day him and I had

this totally stupid YouTube channel and

he was the one friend that I had that

understood my uniqueness because he

himself was also a really unique person

who shared a lot of the same likenesses

as me and he saw my garden and said you

should really put that on YouTube and so

aside from being the dumb videos I also

put up gardening videos and the

gardening videos ultimately led me to a

community that was very accepting very

like-minded and didn't really care about

the things that made me unique they just

cared about the fact that we're all

growing a garden and that's why I'm very

very appreciative of all the support

that you all have shown me throughout

these years and the fact that every

single day when I upload a video you all

care to watch it because you all care

not only about what I'm doing in my

garden but what I'm helping to promote

for this gardening community and I

appreciate all that support I love it

more than you ever could imagine your

comments your emails helped lift me up

and carry me through the next day and it

definitely it definitely helps I really

want you to know that so if you would

let me know in the comments box below

why you garden and if it's something

really personal it you don't want to

share I completely understand

maybe shorten it up or send it to me in

the email if you really want me to read

it that's fine too

I appreciate your support I love you all

so much and until tomorrow I catch you

all in next episode

grow big bye