When to Plant Vegetables in New Jersey?

winter plant vegetables in New Jersey


determining when to plant vegetables

depends on which ones you are planning

to put in your New Jersey garden some

vegetables thrive in cooler weather

while others won't grow until the warmer

summer days have arrived to weather

begin planting cool weather crops like

peas lettuce and radishes in April or

May in New Jersey

according to Rutgers University other

cool weather vegetables include spinach

turnips and lakes try to plant them in

April to ensure an adequate amount of

time to grow before the summer heat

arrives but you may have to wait until

May for the ground to be workable warm



tomatoes broccoli all types of peppers

okra and eggplant are considered warm

weather vegetables and should be planted

later than lettuce and piece

these can be planted when the weather

begins to warm in May and early June

if you plant warm weather vegetables at

an earlier date the cold weather will

potentially kill your crops


considerations plan another round of

cool weather vegetables such as lettuce

and radishes in late August and early


according to Rutgers University that way

you have another crop before the frost

hits try to rotate where you plant your

vegetables so you're not putting the

same crop in the same location for two

consecutive plantings