Getting Ready For Baby Girl Arrival | Mini Nursery Tour

when I sit now but okay lighting is

coming better that way okay hey guys so

today I am working on Aris room I pretty

much got all the furniture up as you

guys have seen in other vlogs but now

it's time to start putting all of her

stuff away like her clothing and stuff

like that not sure if I'm going to hang

anything today but I definitely think I

definitely know god I have heartburn

oh okay so yeah I have heartburn right

now but I don't feel like getting up and

getting any tums right now so yeah so

I'm gonna put a lot of her stuff up

today just so I can clear out some of

the stuff that's on the floor I'm gonna

do a little bit of washing today I

already got both of our Hospital bags

from Ritz Heat

so we are just anxious to meet each

other but I'm just gonna end this video

I'm just going to be cleaning her room

just showing you guys that I'm not gonna

do a nursery tour yet because I'm still

waiting on a lot of things especially

like her name that's gonna be on the

wall which is supposed to be here a week

after her due date so that puts

everything on hold the nursery probably

won't come until maybe she's here

I don't really know yeah it just depends

on when the letters are gonna come so

you need to make sure okay


okay I'm just making sure my lips are on

point honey because I can't y'all can't

catch me slippin now I can't be one of

them girls who got on this powder

lipstick and gotten a liner on I got

Kate I can't go I can't go out like that

so let me just start working on her room

I'm gonna just show you guys this is all

of her clothes I have not had my baby

shower yet so yeah I don't really know

how that's gonna go but um this is all

of her stuff I was trying to wait and


her name plate came so I could put it on

the wall but it's not gonna be here in

two afterwards so I'm just gonna have to

go ahead and put these on the wall and

then I'll reposition them whenever her

name comes and of course that is like

our hospital bags and stuff like bit I

also need to go ahead and put her camera

and stuff up as well so I'm gonna try to

do a lot of that stuff to day so this is

all of her stuff that I need to start

putting away in her drawers but I am

gonna go ahead and put her sheets and

stuff on her crib and get that situated

and just try to clean up the room a

little bit and get all this stuff off of

the floor and just be a little bit more

organized okay so hopefully you guys can

see me and the angle of this camera

doesn't look weird







okay so I picked up these drawer

organizers okay so they're just

basically dividers and they're pretty

damn expensive so you get 2 2 of these

for basically 20 bucks 1699 so they're

pretty darn expensive and before I do

anything make sure they will be

oh so now I am going to just take all of

her clothes off of the hangers and out

of the bags and then I'm going to

separate them before I actually put them

into the drawers and I'm going to

organize them by the sizes and what

exactly they are so like ones these will

be in one drawer t-shirts will be in one

drawer pants will be in another drawer

so things of that sort like I said I

will be having a nursery tour coming

soon and I think I'm probably going to

do a organizing video as well so I could

just share with you guys how I really

organized all of her clothes as you guys

can see it's a lot of clothes and I'm

quite sure she's not gonna wear a

majority of these clothes but some of

these things I just really had to get

especially this cute little blue jean

jacket and this Mavi pink jacket that I

just could not resist ourselves anyways

I will catch you guys on the next vlog

bye guys