HOW TO GET FREE BABY STUFF in 2021 🚼 Mama Tips | Baby #6

hey everyone and welcome back to our

channel if you have been following our

channel you will know that I am pregnant

and right now I am very pregnant is

nearing the end

now this video is jam-packed full of

tips on how to get things a hundred

percent for free one of the hugest

things and I cannot express this enough

is follow our channel every Friday we

give away free things every year we give

away thousands and thousands of dollars

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everything we have partnered with some

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so make sure that you will share this

with all your friends and family now I

know that having a baby is expensive and

it's so funny because you actually think

like as you go on with pregnancies that

it becomes cheaper and cheap at a dive

because for example this pregnancy I

didn't have to buy a crib I already have

a crib so there are certain items that

you can reuse if you have kept them but

there are certain essentials that you

always need I mean you're always gonna

need diapers you always gonna need


clothes if it's a different baby gender

and also I mean you want some new baby

clothes as well so there is a lot of

things that you need to spend your money

on so today's video I am going to help

you in saving that cash not spending it

and I'm going to show you the research I

have done to get three baby products yes

like I mentioned a hundred percent free

baby products everything that is

featured in this video is free it will

not cost you a cent so keep watching to

find out so let's start off with some of

the stores that you possibly visit at

least on a weekly if not daily basis and

this is super super easy it just takes a

few minutes of your time and that is

target now many people are familiar with

the Target gift bag all you need to do

is log on to target website

make yourself a baby registry there is

no purchase necessary you do not even

have to purchase an item on that

registry once you've done that you go to

the target disc you walk into your

nearest Target at customer service and

ask for your baby bag and they will give

you one now that you send you in an

email like a barcode which you should

present to the customer service

representative and I should scan it but

they've never done that for me ever so

as a result you could actually go to a

few targets and get a few bags for

example I successfully collected two I

probably could connect the whole lot

more but that's all that I've got to

show you for this video so let's have a

look inside and see what you get now the

talking bags may vary slightly depending

on when you actually get it because I

for example got the first bag around a

month ago and this one I got now

recently about a week ago and they do

vary slightly


you know there's a few more products for

example in this the second bag well let

me show you whatever so I got a

beautiful dr. Brown

now this is a brief this is a great

bottle and I mean it really does cost

something to buy so that's really

awesome so you can start building up

your bottle supply especially if you're

breastfeeding you might not want to

necessarily invest in bottles or are

intending to breastfeed like I am but

perhaps you have you need a bottle it's

always a good idea to keep a bottle on

hand and so this way you don't have to

spend cash doing it you have it in your

closet really just in case okay now if

your first time month they also give you

some diaper samples which are super

useful so you can also work out what

diapers work for your baby and their

skin what works for you as well so we

can we have some Huggies special

delivery series you've got the honest

diapers as well and then there's also a

sample of the wipes in here and then we

also have a product from Panthro


looks like a changing mat on the back

these coupons so keep these because

you're gonna need a lot of diapers and

all these coupons help towards saving ok

so inside this changing mat is let me

hold it up you know just some

information some coupons like joining

the rewards clubs and things like that

so it's just some nice reading

information also another sample of wipes

and guys these samples are super useful

I'm just saying like especially for me I

don't want to always carry a lot to my

diaper bags because I feel like they

start to weigh me down so I left these

little packs because if you just build

up a nice collection of them super light

and easy to transport then of course

here's some of the coupons $5 washing

service it's just a whole lot of coupons

that you're going to need like maybe

washing soap wipes and so keep all of

this you will be buying a lot of that


another sample diaper and so then you

get to try Huggies pampers and the

honest diapers in one simple pack and

you always get a free and I love the man

pacifiers to get a man pacifier in this

bag so that is awesome and also if

you're not sure if your baby is going to

take a pacifier this is a great way to

try it out without spending cash on them


then we have some breast milk storage

bags and breast pads in here as well and

another sample of wipes water wipe so

you can take these out these are great

as well

laundry detergent so you can start

washing the baby's first clothes

especially if you've got some new things

or even opens you get them and a squash

before you use them and there's just a

whole lot of coupons and samples a more

honest coupons and some of their body

wash shampoos toiletries stretch mark

cream for umana

go stuff in this bag and that's it it

cost me nothing just five minutes of my

time a whole book of target savings now

sorry guys I've already used this I

couldn't resist there's a target coupon

in here for the Starbucks so you can get

50% off coffee or tea or whatever you're

drinking and and I really think that

that was kind of great because I got my

favorites and only paid 50% over 50% for

it there we got more samples here from

the baby calyx range even a handful more

of twilly to some place now I love these

little sample sizes because we travel a

lot and the

super handy for those weekends away

where I don't have to pack huge big

bottles of baby washer shampoo and cream

I can just take these little guys with

me and we also have a little buggy wide

duh baby wash and a sitter faux baby

wash as well so yep

that concludes the back and you get this

cute little bag which is just useful so

some of you might be wondering okay

Louise you've got to target bags what is

the difference between the target bags

and like I said this really could just

depend on the sponsors that come on

board to fill these bags at the time so

your selection next month could be

different but basically targets put a

sample of their diapers in this bag that

I received so you'll also be trying out

the target diapers then again a lot of

the coupons and stuff of similar sort of

Bay began X here we have an aqua for

sample and then of course the pomace

again and the major difference again is

you're not getting your pampers diaper

changing pad but I am still getting my

diaper from pampers to try I am

forgetting my lines and up products

breast pads and milk storage bottles now

I'm getting an event bottle to try as

well so I get to try to Phillips a bit

but we are still getting a dr. Brown so

this bag includes two bottles okay is

different this is that nuk pacifier so

you're getting it free we are still

getting our water wipes and just a I'm

not sure how to say this you are this

night is again and then again your

little sample size and toiletries you

still also get a whole book from Target

the same as the other one the little

book of

which gives you of course your Starbucks

gift card but then also a whole lot of

deals on products that you will be

meaning like baby apparel baby monitor

if you want to purchase that diapers

diapers diapers diapers that keep all

the diaper coupons because you are going

to be meaning them and your child is

gonna be in diapers probably for clothes

on three years so you're gonna need all

these coupons as formula coupons more

doctor brown coupons so this is a super

cool handy book as well now if you go

into a baby bye-bye but you probably

will during the pregnancy and I actually

are gonna be honest I went into this

baby Baba it was the first time in my

pregnancy that I have been intervening I

might ever actually uh Wow shopping baby

heaven they have everything even things

as you thought you don't even need they

have everything there so that was just

so much fun walking around there and I

was assigned up for the baby registry

online same process as target to sign up

no purchase necessary go to the customer

service desk and you can collect your

bag and so this is the bag that I


sorry it is wash but I must say I'm a

little disappointed it wasn't any great

like items and you have to compare it

with the target one for example let me

show you what came into this one so we

also have a coupon here like for the

outlet if you're interested in doing

that that was inside this bag and just

the ready three guard perhaps you know

this is quite fun to scan through while

you're having your often your wrist look

and see some of the products that you

might need for baby or what you're

interested in

then we also have here a little sample

from LAN sauna and again coupons and we

also have this little kind of tag you

can hand in your car baby on board and

then again eight vent

coupons and information you do get an

even bottle which is really awesome as

well so now you've got a second bottle

and then down here

Palmer's products and then a coupon for

baby Baba which is quite handy

if you go to spend $15 in baby buy mine

you get five dollars off and I'm sure

you will need to vaccinate for $15 so

this is really worth it if you go into

baby barber and purchase it there

because then you can just save yourself

five dollars on that and that was all

that was in that bag so it certainly it

doesn't compare with the target one but

again it was 33 okay now another one

same process is Walmart you can just

make a very simple baby registry on

Walmart but um I go to Walmart I just

did a super quick register I put a

couple things on signed up and in the

mail I got my free box this is really

nice because they actually mailed it to


I haven't yet opened it so I'm gonna

open it here with you on camera and we

can have a look and see what you get on

these now another thing there's some

talk on the internet about them often

running out of stock of their boxes and

things like that which could happen but

like I mentioned I didn't get mine right

away but it did come in the mail so

maybe once they've got stock

then they mail

excited to see what's in this because it

feels quite substantial okay okay great

so now I have another sample wash same

as I got in one of the target bags more

more wipes which again and also has a

coupon on the back by the way which I'm

super excited about because like I said

I just love these little sample sizes

more stretch mark cream at this point

you probably won't even need to burst

rich mark cream if you just collect all

the free samples a sample as well of

formula which is good because often it

takes a couple tries of different

formulas to get it right if you've got a

formula feed your baby I also discovered

that every baby is different and so for

example but JP was very allergic so we

had to go through another half different

formulas to get the right mix we're a

shark was easy he could just stick with

the first one so it's always handy to

have some samples so you don't spend a

lot of cash on that then we have another

man pacifier which as I mentioned I

really love these pacifiers son kidding

what a nice collection already I now

have a chance to try and even float

bottle which I have never used before

never ever so that's also a good way to

find out which bottle could work for me

and I'm your little baby girl if she

needs it now guys I have another job I

have another dr. Brown bottle now this

is kind of crazy because now I have

three dr. Brown bottles that I have

gotten totally for free not purchased I

mean that just seems pretty awesome to

me I have more Pampers wipes another

tumblers sample another Peggy's sample

awesome loving this because I'm thinking

in my mind these are all less diapers

that I have to put this now also have

a sample of Highlands baby

oral pain relief wow that's cool quick

dissolving tablets never seen those

before so it's a good way to try out

that product that some more laundry wash

which I'm gonna need because I've got

whole lot of new items that I need to

now give a wash and then you have some

information at last target about um

Walmart's registry with some codes you

can scan it you want to find out more

information on these products that they

obviously carry in store and then I have

some more information on Thomas yeah and

some more coupons let's have a look at

these guys so the medulla with your life

information on their pants storage bags

etc a coupon for their Enfamil formula


Target bags so basically some milestone

cards one month olds and then obviously

it goes up two months etc twelve months

others are very cute for your pictures

so they also include that new box that's

pretty awesome

she's really worth it to me now another

baby registry free sign up that you can

do is Amazon um I did that and they

should send you a box however in order

to qualify for the Amazon box you do

need to make one purchase from your

registry which is also quite simple

because you could put wipes on there you

could put diapers you're gonna need

diapers anyhow

so you just purchase one of these items

from Amazon and then you will receive an

Amazon baby box as well full of goodies

now I didn't finish that process but you

can and comment down below what you got

in your free Amazon gift pack so we can

share that with moms as well now one of

the most awesome things that I got a

hundred percent for free was a

all month supply of these awesome baby

box safe and smart diapers now I'm just

showing you one pack but I got a whole

box full so enough for a new one for a

month yeah I mean I still can't believe

that I got all of those a hundred

percent for free I had to just do an

online course which literally took me a

couple minutes and and then I put in my

details and I got shipped a free month's

worth of diapers I am going to leave the

links down below for the baby University

where I did the course and and you guys

can do it too and qualify for a free

full month's worth of diapers I think

there was about a hundred and eighty

diapers in that box I mean that is

totally crazy all for free now that is

just mind-blowing

not another brand that seems you three

things is diaper now they do seem to

change and they're freebies so just go

check out their website for what's free

this month it may still be the diaper


but I did also notice that they also

were offering free earphones if you

signed up for a month subscription of

diapers etc and I got this beautiful

giant an egg and it's really awesome

it's a full on diaper bag you can attach

it to your stroller and and this came

with a month of diaper supplies but you

can obviously didn't cancel your

subscription once you get your diaper

bag so you can sign up get your diapers

get your bag and then cancel it

thereafter so it's not a long-term

commitment required although you may

have to purchase some diapers to get

something for free but it seemed like a

pretty good deal to me because the

diaper bag is of awesome awesome quality

now if you are on a medical insurance

you will qualify in most cases for a

free breast pump so go check that out

because that's really important I mean

that's awesome you get that totally for

free so don't forget to check out that

option as well now glass is also if you

go sign up on a lot of the formula

company's websites etc they will also

send you free samples so you can test

out all the formulas and find the right

formula solution for your baby as well

now would also like to give a shout out

to Taylor at fun-in-the-sun

I will leave a link down below to her

channel she gives you the most amazing

tips on how to get free things for your


her list is much more comprehensive than

mine so once you watch this video go

check out her video and you will see

that there's a whole lot more free

goodies that you can get for your baby

now the last tip I have for you if there

is a product that you want to

specifically try don't ever

underestimate the power of sending an

email to that brand asking them perhaps

for a coupon or for a discount or a

sample in order to trap the product as

well it's another great way to get some

more free items

this video has really helped you to save

some of your hard-earned cash

we understand having children is

expensive and we want to help lighten

that load for you thanks for watching

guys and if you have any more tips on

how to get free items go comment on our

Facebook page so we can share it with

other mothers as well