When Is The Best Time To Start Having Botox or Fillers?

Today we're discussing when it comes to injectables how young is too young.

Hello TLC's, we are discussing today how young is too young when it comes to

cosmetic injectables. I have heard it said to me before, by patients oh I think

I'm just going to hang on until it really needs doing. You have no idea how

much that pains me, it's much easier for me to treat someone when they're a

little bit younger because if you wait until there's too much skin laxity and

everything's kind of hanging down here, it's a lot harder to then reverse that

process it's much easier to create structures and kind of pin things up

before it gets to that point. When is that point exactly well I would say if

you are kind of in your mid to late 30s you should definitely be thinking about

maybe having something done even if it's just for preventative purposes, because

by the time that the tissue starts to descend trust me it's a hundred times

more difficult to repin that tissue when it's sort of down here near the nipple

region then it is when it's just about here much much easier when it's there.

What do we do for that type of patient? Well the pretty much the same thing as

we would do for most people we use fillers in a way to hold up the tissue

and re-volumize areas where it is that you may have lost that volume from.

We have a really really interesting patient with us today who is a little

bit younger than I would normally like to treat but she has got some volume

loss, so I am going to show you how I would restore that volume that she has

lost and also just give her a little bit of tweaking and refinement in the

process. So let's take a look at our patient here

obviously she looks amazing and if I saw her in the street as I'm sure if you

would you wouldn't think oh my gosh Wow yeah there's somebody who really needs

to uh to get something done she really needs to see someone. Obviously none of

us are thinking that but if she came in and asked is it possible for me to get

an improvement, I've got to be honest I've got to say yes so this is what we

did. You can see that there's a little bit of a discrepancy between the two

sides of the face she's got more fullness here than she does on this side,

and symmetry. As I've said to you before is super super important so the more

symmetrical you are the healthier that other people will perceive that you look.

And also if you just look at her facial height so you can see that her lower

facial third is actually really really short. So she's got this little diddy

tiny chin here which would be nice if we just kind of extended it a tiny little

bit like this. One of the main reasons why she came in was because she was

unhappy with her lip and she wanted to have a lip augmentation. Now I think

myself there's nothing wrong with her lip.

I think the proportion is good so she's got 1/3 here to 2/3 there and there

isn't really much that I would change about this but I know what she means

often when patients say I want to get my lips done they want to feel better they

want to feel like they look better, and having a lip augmentation is often a

shortcut to that but I think it's often a lazy way of thinking about it. So for

her, we did do a lip augmentation but I always think of a lip augmentation have

sort of been the icing on the cake and you have to get everything else right

first before we then go ahead and do that. So let's look and see exactly what

we did. The first thing that we're doing is using some Botox in the forehead and

the frown lines, what this does is just slightly softened this

area here so if you if you look at her expression in the before-and-after

you'll be able to see that she just doesn't look quite as as pulled down

here almost like the brow has lifted up a little bit like a weight has been

lifted from the mind. The next thing is we're using some filler in the

front portion of the cheek here I'm actually putting more on one side than

the other which is not unusual it's quite common if somebody has a tiny

asymmetry we will try and correct that the best that we can. Let's just have a

quick look at this half-and-half here so you can see we've done one side of the

cheek and then the other side has not been treated yet and it does make quite

a big difference. Now we're moving on to do the chin points we're using a needle

this time I normally use a cannula for this but there actually wasn't too much

that I wanted to put in here so I went ahead and used a needle instead and

you'll see that it has extended her lower facial third just that little bit so

everything looks a little bit more in balance. This is the thing that she

really really wanted to get done which was lip augmentation. So we're using a

couple of different techniques here we're using sort of what I would call my

standard lip augmentation technique on the lower lip, and then some micro doses

on the upper lip just all the way along the edge of the lip in order to turn it

out slightly and it gives you a really nice soft finish at the end. Then two

weeks passes and we see her again she comes back in for a review we just need

to do a tiny bit of tweaking of her Botox. And I place a little bit more

filler in the front part of her cheek here with a cannula and we also fill the

chin crease as well using a cannula. As you have probably guessed from seeing my

videos before sometimes we have to do the same thing on more than one session

to get a good result because you just can't get all that volume in in one go

often. Okay so here we have the final result you can see that she definitely

does have an improvement in the light refractive properties of the skin on the

forehead, you can see that the brow in this area has just come up very slightly

and she looks a little bit more well rested by augmenting the front part of

the cheek we've improved this asymmetry here and can you see it's also improved

her tear trough as well slightly which is great the lower part of the face this

is my favorite part the lower part of the face she doesn't have this chin

crease just the same extent anymore, and she's now got a lovely attractive shape

to the lower part of the face instead of it just being a bit square and it was

slightly canted as well so we we made it not sort of slanted off to one side but

brought it back to being horizontal and then gave it a small point as well. With

regards to the lips I think this is my favorite type of lip augmentation

because it's there but it's subtle but we've still managed to maintain two

overall lip proportions so that's one third at the top to two thirds at the

bottom there, she still got her normal natural lip shape as well overall I

think looking pretty good there. Although you can have filler done from any age

from about 18 I like to wait myself until somebody is around 30 because it's

given the face chance to mature unless is a very good reason not to if you look

at people like Kylie Jenner for example, she was 17 when she had her procedures

performed and she certainly managed to make I guess the most of having those

procedures done. Kind of her fame almost rests on it in a way so I don't really

have an issue with treating somebody who's younger as long as there's a good

reason to do so. What I absolutely really hate and will not do is you know those

really horrific huge lip augmentations that you see where it's just too much

and the lip is sticking out they call it like a duck it's really really not my

taste at all I much prefer a really lovely soft natural result which keeps

the proportion of the lip the same as it was in nature so if you're looking for

something which is a bit more you know I don't know a bit more pouty or a bit

more of an Augmented look, the products that you would choose would be fillers

which was maybe a little bit stiffer but I really don't like to use them in the

lip because I just don't like the result that it gives.

Ok so that's all we've got time for this week guys! I hope you enjoyed the video if you've had any

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