Getting Ready for Christmas "Home Edition"


hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's video is all about holiday prep

from grocery lists to cleaning out the

fridge prepping for out-of-town guests

and some additional decor ideas plus

DIYs we are going to be touching on a

few of the things I like to do to prep

for the holidays this video is a paid

partnership with Google home mini so

huge thanks to them for supporting my

video and I will be showing a few of my

favorite ways to interact with it this

holiday season so I hope you guys enjoy

and I'm just gonna jump right in

alright so about two weeks before the

holidays go down especially if we are

hosting at our house I like to try to

sit down and a get a guest list who's

gonna be coming is anybody bringing

anything what is the grocery list and

what are some gifts that I want to pick

up for everybody that's gonna be coming

over the first thing that I do is get a

head count so that I make sure I have

enough seating and I know exactly who's

coming hey Google can you make a

shopping list for me what do you want to

add yams potatoes and roast okay I've

added yams potatoes and rose to your

shopping list the next thing I need to

do is clean out the fridge because when

I do go to the store to get everything

that I need I'm gonna need room so I do

like to do this about a week ahead of

time to a few days depending on what

time you have I clean everything out and

I make space for everything that I'm

going to get at the grocery store and

then that way it reduces any stress

because I find that a clean fridge when

you're hosting is definitely essential

one thing I do love to do is I go to the

store and just pick out from the

toiletry section anything that I think

they might have forgotten or might need

and I just keep these in a basket in the

guest bathroom I love to put out some

holiday soap and hand lotion and also I

have like a little mini tree I put in

the bathroom and a Christmas candle and

I just move all the kids stuff I mean

normally the bathroom is filled with kid

toothbrushes and toothpaste and things

like that so it's not always perfectly

prepped for guests but when I do have

guests I like to clean up and put fresh

laundry and towels out and things like


I just have some clean sheets and then

those can be used really for any bedroom

and then I also have some clean blankets

so in case they get cold they don't have

to go searching for blankets you can

just let them know that there's extra

blankets in the closet so I'm gonna put

this in the closet along with a few

extra hangers just in case they want to

hang up their clothes and then I'm also

gonna set out some water and I usually

put flowers and just a few like

Christmasy pillows or whatever so like I

said you can go as crazy as you want but

I think just a few things I know like I

get thirsty in the middle of the night

and I don't want to have to go through

people's like refrigerators or whatever

to try to find water so some water

bottles and leaving out remotes giving

them the Wi-Fi code just a few things

that you think that might make them feel

more comfortable is always nice to do so


so this next idea is totally above and

beyond but basically I just took this

sign I actually just had in my craft

drawer I painted it with chalkboard

paint and I'm just gonna do a Do Not

Disturb sign and that's mostly because

my son gets up ridiculously early and he

thinks he can just go say hi to Grandma

and Grandpa and their bedroom and I want

to teach him like no don't just barge it

into their bedrooms so if they want I

don't even know if they will use it but

I just decided to make one it didn't

take that long and put it on the door

just in case they want to use it when

guests come to stay I've also mentioned

before in the past that I like to set

out everything for coffee so that if

they do get up before us I know nobody

wants to wait for their coffee in the

morning so I like to have that all set

out next I'm picking some rosemary and

I'm gonna do a different type of

centerpiece every single time I do a

centerpiece I always change it up and

try to do something different so right

now I'm actually just taking rosemary

because I have the largest rosemary bush

I feel like ever it takes up half of my

house so I try to use rosemary as often

as I can I actually got a premade

bouquet of flowers just at the grocery


I like to put them in dry and then add

water after and I feel like I can

arrange them a little bit easier and

then I add the treated water with the

plant food in there afterwards so what

I'm using here is actually the lantern

that I used in my previous holiday decor

video we had a drop-in tea light candle

and then cranberries at the bottom and

I'm using it here for these flowers and

I think it works perfect I'm also gonna

put a tray underneath that I'm gonna add

some cranberries and some of the

rosemary that I picked and just a pretty

simple arrangement actually and totally

different than what I've done before but

I really liked how it turned out I love

the colors


I'm also reusing the great pillar

candles from my last video and those are

gonna show up a lot for centerpieces I

have the three sprigs of rosemary I have

a tag you can just put the name of

whoever is gonna be there and then I

painted some leaves from my backyard

gold so I have the gold leaf in the

middle and then the three rosemary

sprigs and then the tag then I'm just

gonna go ahead and start wrapping the

gifts Oliver's gifts

Isaiah my niece and nephew and I'm gonna

get those all ready and under the tree

so I will usually do that I started

wrapping for this video but I'm actually

not finished wrapping I still have some

more wrapping to do but I usually try to

get this done a week or a few days

before Christmas sometimes my parents

used to do with the night before and

yeah but I'm trying to be better and get

it done and then just put some of the

presents under the tree so that's what I

was doing here - it's been really dry

here in California so I actually waited

to get my Christmas tree until right

around when I was going to film this

video just because I knew the tree was

gonna dry out before the new year if I

didn't get it a little late this year

unfortunately Santa's figure skating


Google Hill Mini has a few really fun

features for such as games and also you

can ask where Santa is so that's been

Oliver's personal obsession and she has

a few different responses so we have

found that Santa is in a few different

places and we're keeping our eyes out so

right before it's time for guests to

start arriving I like to light the fire

put some candles on and play some music

hey Google play Christmas music all

right here's a Google Play Music station

called today's pop Christmas hopefully

this video gets you revved up for

prepping for the holidays and not as

stressed out as I know it can seem at

times and it gives you a few ideas huge

thanks to Google home mini for this paid

partnership and you guys for watching it

I will see you guys very soon in my next

video have a good one