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video on Christmas dear that makes me

feel very happy I really hope you all

have a really lovely Christmas and a

really good New Year today's video is

going to be my tips and tricks on how to

get your baby to sleep better in the

night and getting them into it with good

routine and what tips I've learned along

the way of being a mother about getting

your baby into a good bedtime routine

and how I got what did you sleep at

night I really hope these tips are

helpful to you and I hope you can get

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so tip number one would be to make sure

that the last feed on the night is in a

nice dark and quiet place I always give

woody his last feed on the night in his

bedroom in his nursery and we will just

feed in in the nursing chair before bed

I feed him on both sides as well and I

don't know if that makes any difference

on up but I always try and feed him on

both sides on my breast because I'm

breastfeeding if you bought something it

doesn't really matter whichever you

doing and just make sure it's in a nice

quiet place and the kind of northern

that we're going to go to this place

every night and have the bedtime feed in

the same place it's gonna be nice and

dark and quiet and I think that makes

them understand that this is bedtime now

because it's dark and quiet and like

through the day when you're having feeds

you'll be more in more of like a noisy

environment or you could be talking to

them a lot more but when you're putting

them down to bed make sure it's a nice

quiet place and then norther it's

bedtime so tip number two would be bath

time either every night every other

night in our house we bath the boys

every other night and I just feel like

that's a good routine for us I don't

think the need to be bath every single

night but that's entirely up to you

I'm not telling you what to do with your

bare bare you can do whatever you want

and but one of my tips will definitely

be to try and get them in the bath every

night or every other night just so they

know that they're having a bath on a

night and it kind of tells them this is

like an hour before bed maybe and we're

just winding down having a nice bath

then getting on the cause of pajamas and

then it's gonna be bedtime so I think

it's a good thing to do before bed so

they know that it's

coming up to their time and they know

that when they're good in the bath this

clever bedtime soon tip number three

would be to try using a sleeping bag or

a sleep suit or like a swaddle suit or

anything like that and woody has a

swaddle suit and he's got sleeping bags

but we vary from different ones he

either sleeps in sleeping bag or a

swaddle suit and we've got the love to

dream swaddle suits which are real

really good and he's all snuggled up in

one of those every night before bed or

in his sleeping bag and I just feel like

because he goes in one of those before I

feed him I think he knows once he's in

that then he knows oh it's gonna be a

bedtime now so I think it's a really

good idea to try and try one of them out

and see if that helps them sleep better

because they know that when they're

going in one of those that they're going

to bed so that's definitely another tip

of mine tip number four would be to be

strict I know it sounds a little bit

harsh but sometimes you've just got to

let them cry a little bit because you've

done everything that they need they've

been fed they've been burp they've had

the bomb changes have not got any wind

because you've when did them and

everything's done and they're just

basically what crying because they

either want you or they just want to be

full see so I think sometimes you've

just got to be a little bit strict and

let them have a little cry obviously if

the screaming the heads off and they're

really upset then you've got to go in

there and help them and get them out but

I think sometimes you've just got to be

a little bit strict and let them have

that crying and sometimes that will just

settle themselves and go to sleep tip

number five would be to do not change

nappies in the night unless you have to

unless you've done a poo and don't

change the nap in the night there's no

need to change them because when they

get a bit older like toddler ages

they're not going to wake up in the

night anyway

so there's no point in waking them up

just to change the nap even when you

have a feed it's not point changing the


they're not going to be really dirty and

looking way a couple more hours till

it's morning and it just wakes them up

so much when you change them because

you're put in a cold wipe on them so I

would definitely recommend not changing

them in the night unless they've

obviously done a poo but again this is

entirely up to you I'm just giving you

some of my tips that we do and that's

what we do we don't change woody in the

night unless he's done appear which is

net which never happens anymore he only

did that when he was really a tiny baby

so we do not change him in the night

he'll give her food and then he'll do

go back down to sleep and then in the

morning when we wake up I will change

him straight away as soon as he wakes up

the next tip would be to make sure you

try and get into a routine as young as

possible try and get into routines as

quickly as you can

I know it sounds a bit crazy because

when they are so young it's very

difficult to get into routine because

they're just me whenever they poop

whenever they sleep whatever but just

try kind of get into routine like I said

like bath time and then have a nice

quiet place for bedtime feed when you

want to try and get them now to have a

proper sleep and yeah just try and get

into routine as early as possible

because routine is definitely key and I

think that as long as babies are in

routine then it will definitely help

them to sleep through the night next and

last tip will be to make sure you feed

your baby in the place that is very

close to their mothers basket or their

car so you're not going to disturb them

when you're moving them from the feed

back down to the Copts are to the Moses

basket woody is now in his own room and

all some people have commented on my

Instagram YouTube about what you mean in

his own room and that it's not good

because he's only just over three months

old but that's just best photos and the

way we found it works best for us and we

disturbed him so much when he was in our

room even just the tiniest little noises

would wake him up because he's very

light sleeper so he's now in his own

room and he's sleeping brilliantly the

doors are open so add bedroom door is

open and his bedroom door is open and

we're in the room next to each other

anyway I always check on him through the

night anywhere to make sure he's okay

and but yeah he's in his own room and

it's just what works for us

so make sure your feed your bear but

either near the Moses basket or never

caught just because it makes life so

much easier and then you're not having

to disturb them when the flight fault if

the fall asleep with the bottle I'll

fall asleep on the boob um yeah just try

and feed them as close as you come to

the Moses basket or the bed and then you

can just transfer them without them

waking up that is it for my tips on

trying to get your baby to have a better

nighttime routine and getting them to

sleep better at night I really hope this

helped some of you and I'm not an expert

whatsoever these are just some of my

tips and I do not want anybody leaving

any negativity on this video because I

no expert I'm just sharing what I know

and some of my tips about how we've got

woody to sleep through the night so I

really hope you enjoyed this video if

you did then please make sure you give a

thumbs up and I will see you all again

in my next video and I hope you all have

a wonderful Christmas