How To Switch From Purees to Solids


hey guys welcome back to my channel and

welcome if you are in knew if you were

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my channel so today's video is going to

be all about transitioning your little

ones from pea arrays onto solid food so

another there's a bunch of videos on

YouTube about doing baby led weaning so

this technically is not baby led weaning

because they be led weenie would be

starting solid foods from the beginning

and not purees so I personally felt

comfortable starting grace in off with

purees because he's my first child and I

was a little bit worried about like

Whole Foods so he did purees at four

months and then I transitioned him to

solid food at six months and he has now

eight months old and as an amazing

either he's up to like 80 different

foods and only one food that it we found

so far that he does not like and I've

been trying it ever since he was like

four months old as bananas and we still

try it Lots nothing to do with it so I

have my notes my phone so I don't

remember I don't forget anything I have

a list of stuff that I want to go

through and hopefully I'll make this as

short as I can but compiled with a lot

of information so I've been getting a

lot of questions either DMS on my

Instagram from you guys or comments on

like my day in the life video or what

does my baby eat in a video on how I

transition Greyson into eating solid

food because you guys are commenting how

is such a good eater and why your little

ones to become good eaters as well so I

hope this video helps you guys so yeah

so let's get started so first of all I'm

gonna feed Greyson

so you guys can watch me and they'll

keep him distracted so he already had

breakfast in my dad first morning nap

and now he's going to have a snack so

for snacks we usually just do the rice

Rusk from Gerber they're organic

there's different flavors and stuff and

then also we do like the puffs as well

from Gerber so gracious Asian now that I

know that he's gonna through like I will

just give him one whole one and he'll

eat it himself

you go excuse my the cameras there he's

looking at the camera you can eat but I

feel like stuff like this is a good

transition from purées to solid food

when I first started I actually started

with like an avocado or banana something

that's small that you guys have like cut

up really small mix ball enough that if

they were to swallow it whole it

wouldn't get stuck and for example two

puffs the size of a pope is like small

but when he started like you know giving

him a full puff now but when he started

I used to break it up in half and then

kind of like mush it in my hand so would

be powder so it's easily able to

dissolve for them that's why I like I

feel comfortable with him eating stuff

like this on his own and it'll like

dissolve in his mouth and he has control

on how fast he eats and how much he eats

so that's why I like how he can I can

give him foods that he likes to hold on

to like you guys have not seen what is

my baby eat in a day video want to see

moral and what grace and eats and I'll

leave it link down below but he likes

waffles it'll cut them in long strips

and he can eat them on his own so so

sighs that why I switch Grayson and I

knew that he was ready was showing an

interest in food that I was eating so he

kind of look at me weird when he was

eating his like purees and like at the

beginning he liked it but then he

started to like not really shown

interested in it anymore and if I was

eating food he put on like lunge for my

food so I knew that it was kind of like

ready to he was ready to transition over

he did a chewing motion I'm not sure if

all babies do this but when I was giving

him purees for a while he started to

like chew and like practicing too

emotion was really important he still

does not have teeth and he's eight

months old but he's able to chew on

things with his gums and they break it

down with his gums so he's doing a

chewing motion on purees when like you

obviously don't mean to chew it cuz it's

already like period and motion did you

swallow it so I knew that he was ready

and learning how to chew and I could

start introducing whole foods concise it

unassisted by themselves so he sort of

sitting unassisted at around five months

of six months we introduced

foods and then the most important part

which I should start with first is that

you already have to go ahead

from your doctor so that's like the most

important because they know your child

the best does every child is different

if they're ready to start solid foods

developmentally or even like shown

interest and like the best person shop

to is your doctor I am NOT a doctor this

is just what's worked with Grayson

because you guys had a lot of questions

so just make sure that you consult your

or your child's doctor ahead of time

before doing anything that I mentioned

in this video if you haven't already

introduced this so like I said start

with small pieces of food camera is

gonna die

hold on you guys are spreading alright

I'm back if it looks different like the

quality is different I apologize because

the battery that I had for the camera I

was using before both batteries are dead

so I'm gonna totally different camera so

hopefully it's not too much different

small pieces like I said avocado or

banana like small foods like that make

sure it's small that if they smell it

whole because if they don't know that we

know and yet they swallow it hold and

they're not going to try it also another

small good food that I mentioned again

was like the puffs or even the rice Russ

I just break off a little piece and kind

of like push push it into your hand so

it's more like a powder form to start

off so you want to start like slowly

gradually like build up to bigger pieces

like that they can just like break off

themselves and work around someone

messaged me and said that their child

like gags a lot and was worried about

like choking so it is normal for the

child today because it's like all the

new experience for them but it's less

likely for them to choke because their

gag reflex is actually a lot further up

than ours so as long as the food isn't

like round and if it is like round foods

if grapes or something make sure you cut

it down like the middle to cut it into

small pieces don't give your child or

round piece of food and as long as it's

small enough that it wouldn't get like

lodge anyway they're more likely to get

up than they are to choke on it so just

a natural reflex for them like don't

immediately with jump in assumed

they are choking mic let them work it up

themselves obviously like monitor them

closely especially when they first

starting out and if you like need to

intervene like obviously do so but just

keep an eye on them and like just like

don't rush in and they startled them if

they're coughing then they are getting

air so they aren't choking but they've

okay a lot Greyson still sometimes will

gag if he gets a too big of a piece but

he's able to work it around and then

like move it to the side wasn't enough

chew it and then continue to swallow

look I've never had to like not gonna

would he's never choked to like the

point that Andy till I give him the

Heimlich er whatever so and I feel very

confident and my skills to like help if

he was choking because I am CPR and

First Aid certified because if you guys

new to my channel don't know this -

didn't I own a daycare and work with

little children so I'm very comfortable

in this like aspect so just familiarize

yourself like just how many videos on

YouTube with like the CPR first aid on

infants if you guys don't feel as

comfortable and then hopefully you'll

feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable

when starting your child off on Whole

Foods so when they get used to it

because like when they start at you like

probably we feel more comfortable like

picking up the food and giving it to

them so what's they get the hang of it I

would recommend cutting the food small

enough so they won't choke the big

enough that they can do it themselves

that way they're able to control how

much they're eating and know when to

stop like when they when they're full

and they do it at their own pace like I

like foods like this that I know that

Grayson can do it himself and he's

eating at his own pace Jude and I are

fast eaters and I feel like if I were to

like shovel food in I'd be kind of too

fast for him so I'm glad that like he is

able to open you know if that piece in

before able to do it himself and

obviously like it takes practice it gets

all new for them and it'll take a while

for them to you know not gave so much

and able to manipulate the food in their

mouth but like they are obviously going

to pick it up fast so just like relax

and like stay calm and just know

like you know that you're confident in

areas of choking so if anything were to

happen then like you're right there I

never heard I believe Grayson to CD my

always sitting like in front of him or

beside him and monitor him even like I

know he is a great eater like anything

could really happen so I'm just like

don't just like walk away and like leave

your child eating make sure you keep a

close eye and then especially at the

very beginning so another note it's

important to for them to learn how to

chew and to manipulate food in their

mouth versus like peer raises they can

wash they're not really learning that

the chewing motion or anything so it's

important to start like Whole Foods when

you think that your child is reading

your you feel comfortable like Grayson

loves apples and I'll cut like a long

chunk of Apple and he'll hold on to it

like I take the skin up and he'll hold

on to it and chew off pieces and

sometimes he'll get a big piece but it's

cool to like watch them manipulate the

food in their mouth like he'll push the

chunk of an Apple to the side of his leg

mouth with his tongue and even if he

doesn't like he doesn't even have teeth

but he'll that chomp on it with his gums

and then continue to swallow that piece

so he's from the very beginning I was

like very nervous and it's crazy to see

it's just such a short amount of time

how much better he is with eating and

like manipulating the food learning how

to chew and he doesn't even have teeth

yet so I can't even imagine what its

gonna be like when he has he because he

loves food so much as it is and he

doesn't even have teeth yet I think I've

covered like the majority of the things

if you guys have any questions leave in

the comments down below I hope I

answered your questions and you guys are

able to make the transition easy for

your little ones from purees to solid

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