When is it safe for babies to start drinking water and juice?

many parents wonder if it's okay to give

their babies water or juice and this is

a really good question for the first six

months of life all a baby needs is

either formula or breast milk but once

solids are introduced into their diet

usually between four and six months of

age so after six months a baby can have

juice and water just sips just a little

bit and their main form of fluid should

still be either formula or breast milk

until a year of age if you do choose to

give your children juice be sure to give

them only up to four ounces of 100%

juice each day and offer it in a sippy

cup with meals avoid giving it with

bottles or at bedtime because if they

suck on it before they go to sleep it

can lead to tooth decay as for water

sips can be given to your baby in a

sippy cup throughout the day especially

on hot summer days when they're losing

extra fluid through body heat and

sweating talk with your pediatrician

about how much exactly is safe for your

baby depending on their age and weight

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