Can babies drink water before six months? - Dr. Shaheena Athif


I'm doctor Shaheena atif consultant

paediatrician practicing and dr. our

Bonnie Memorial Hospital in sing Sandra

Nia Manipal County Road

as for the WHI guidelines any baby till

six months of age that is either term or

preterm baby requires only breast milk

it contains all the nutrients which her

baby requires till this age so if we did

not give any other water or any other

particular medicines as such but however

if the baby has any problems like

gastroenteritis of course the

pediatrician will be prescribing you

with the oral rehydration fluids or any

other medicines as of required for that

situation so the baby can take that a

baby is said to be exclusively breastfed

only if the baby takes the breast milk

along with if any medications if it is

required so at any particular age before

six months you need not give any water

or any other fluids of any matter