When can I give my baby water?

a lot of parents wonder when they can

give their babies water and generally

speaking a good rule of thumb to go by

is that babies shouldn't have water

before six months of age there's reasons

for this because actually if they drink

water it can curb their appetite and

they may not drink formula or breast

milk which they should be having only at

that point it's their main form of

hydration and nutrition and so they may

not take in the the calories that they

need and be left malnourished in some

cases it can also cause electrolyte

imbalances that can cause serious

complications so no water before six

months of age and then after six months

of age once a baby begins to eat solid

food you can begin giving your baby sips

of water in a sippy cup especially on

days when it's really hot and you're

you're feeling dehydrated and need extra

fluid your baby probably does too so

increase the number of times you nurse

and or bottle feed your baby as well as

give sips of water in a sippy cup

but again just make sure their main form

of hydration is breast milk or formula

and tell a year of age after their first

birthday when they're eating a lot of

table food and drinking whole milk

they're fine to drink as much water as

they like if you have more questions in

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