When should I begin giving fruit juice to my baby?

hi I'm dr. Sarah Connolly one of the

pediatricians here at bundu parents

often ask me when is the right time to

introduce fruit juice to their baby's

diet the American Academy of Pediatrics

recommends against all fruit juice prior

to age of six months after six months

parents need to understand that fruit

juice really has no nutritional value to

their child we should consider it

similar to a dessert that's because

fruit juice even 100% fruit juice is

full of sugar in the case of 100% fruit


it's natural sugar but sugar

nevertheless this sugar coats the teeth

and puts the child at increased risk of

cavities we ask parents to offer

whole fruits in place of fruit juice

whole fruits are full of vitamins and

have great fiber and a high water

content for children

if you are going to serve juice try

limiting it to four ounces a day and as

soon as possible after drinking juice

brush your children's teeth there are a

few absolute knows when it comes to

juice ingestion first never put juice in

a bottle as it dramatically increases

the risk of cavities in your child and

second don't treat diarrhea with juice

it'll make the problem even worse so

when it comes to your pediatrician we

prefer that you eat your fruits instead

of drinking them for more information on

nutrition see bundu a-to-z and remember

if you have a specific question you can

always ask bundu