Baby | How To Cope With Teething |

most babies cut their first to that

around six months of age although

occasionally one in every 2,000 babies

or so will be born with a tooth in place

other babies on the other hand only cut

their first tooth when they're a year

old however one thing you can be sure of

by the age of about two and a half your

baby will have a complete set of first


when your baby's teeth develop they

begin to cut through the gums at this

stage your baby is like to chew on

absolutely anything he can get his hands

on dribbling is also common and quite

often it appears to be continuous pain

and discomfort can occur from time to

time for babies cutting their teeth and

also one or both cheeks can get flushed

to combat discomfort you can try giving

a child a teething ring or use one of

the teething gels that you can buy at

your local pharmacy if your baby does

have flushed cheeks check to make sure

that he isn't running a fever and check

24 other serious symptoms because

teasing doesn't produce serious symptoms

it only produces teeth so if you're

worried about your baby make absolutely

sure you speak to your doctor or your

health visitor

as soon as your baby's new teeth appear

it's important to start looking after

them brush your baby's teeth both in the

morning and the evening and use an

infant toothbrush and toothpaste a

really good way of doing this is simply

by holding your baby on your lap and

brushing from behind even when your

child is old enough to brush by himself

though remember to supervise the

technique if ever your child has a

bedtime drink make sure you brush the

teeth afterwards it's also important to

boost the number of calcium rich foods

in your child's diet this certainly need

all the calcium they can get and more as

their teeth come through it's also

important to limit the number of sweet

things you give your child whether it's

sweet foods or sugary drinks it's much

better if you can give sweet things

during a meal when the flow saliva is

highest and so it's less likely to

damage those beautiful teeth