Playing golf for the first time - 10 minute lesson challenge

This is my friend Lars, and he has never played golf before. Isn't that right?

That's right, I have friends who played, and family members, but I never actually

tried myself. So in this video I'm gonna give him five balls and he gonna hit it

as good as he can without anyone teaching him the swing. And then I'm

gonna give him ten minutes where I'm gonna teach him as good as I can as a

high handicapper, to see if he improves during this 10 minute session. How does

that sound? Sounds like fun. Fun, let's do this!

This is how it's gonna be done, I am going to give Lars a 7-iron and then I'm gonna

let him hit as good as he can without knowing anything except the grip.

I'm gonna teach him the grip, so it has a possibility of hitting somewhat good shots.

So this is gonna be lars's first shot ever, let's see how it goes.

Yeah, how was that? Not very good. Not very good, okay - Should I continue with the five?

I am going to teach you the grip. Okay, yeah sure.

Now Lars is going to do his first five natural swings and I'm gonna look

at the consistency of the dispersion, and I'm gonna look at the length and height

of the shot. I don't have a launch monitor, so I'm gonna do this by with my eyes.

So let's see how it goes Lars. Wasn't too bad. Let's go, let's do another one.

Wow, that was amazing actually, that was good.

Not too bad.

Yeah, okay the length was OK, yeah not too bad actually.

This is going to be the last ball, do you feel the pressure? Okay that wasn't bad

I'm gonna set my watch on ten minutes, and we're gonna see if he actually

improves that's gonna be fun yeah let's do this let's go! Okay so do

your grip first. Do I need to improve it? Yeah, probably.

That was good that was good. Oh, time is up time! Time is up, the 10 minutes

is over how do you feel? Feel a little bit exhausted, you know you're moving

your body in a way that feels very unnatural. So now we're gonna do the five

ball test and see how it goes and he's gonna hit between the hundred meters and

150 meters. Between there is the fairway, and he's gonna hit it as far as he can

So let's do this five balls. That wasn't too bad, so number two. You crushed it!

Holy crap, smack in the middle of the fairway, and it was long. So here's number four.

Perfect, that's in the middle of the fairway. Now it's the last ball let's see

how it goes. You had two great shots and none of them went into the forest over there.

Yeah, all was in the fairway actually.

That was perfect, you actually did better than before and

I kind of expected that but you did very good actually.

I'm impressed by myself. I didn't know I would be that good honestly.

You were! So what did it feel like playing golf like this? It feels a little

bit unnatural to do the grip and the swing in the first place. But as soon as you

started to manage that and actually we're hitting the ball and you see it flying

far away, it was actually an impressive good feeling.

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