Globe Drive: Golf GTI a classic that gets better with age


money no object what is your dream car a

blood-red Ferrari or maybe a 700

horsepower McLaren spectacular cars but

who can even afford that and what

happens when you've got a parking on the

street or carry any luggage back in 1975

a few renegade employees at Volkswagen

had this simple idea to build a really

affordable car that you could drive to

work every day and then take to the

track on the weekend and so the Golf GTI

was born and in the beginning the

salespeople thought it was a really

stupid idea that the company would only

sell maybe 500 of them to date

Volkswagen has sold more than 2 million

this is the seventh generation GTI and

just like the original it's still

available with the red stripe on the

grille the golf ball gear knob and these

plaid cloth seats and it's still

decently affordable at $30,000 so what

makes the GTI more fun to drive than

your average compact car well for one

the steering its media's got some weight

to it it feels crisp there's no slack

here the engines got useful low-end

torque that makes it peppy in traffic

and the suspension is comfy but it still

provides huge grip and composure when

you start going faster around corners it

stays really flat the chassis doesn't

get flustered as it would in lesser

compact cars it feels like a precision

instrument go ask any of your car savvy

friends for advice on a new car and

probably the GTI will get mentioned sure

the Honda Subaru and Ford all have cars

that share the same basic formula but

the GTI is the original for over 40

years this thing has been trying to

provide some of those exotic car thrills

to people on all too real budgets