8-year-old wonderkid's amazing golf swing!

- mark and I had a bit of lunch break Oh




Sam I'll pay for that now we'll never

get there it should be beat the parole

is a lot bit bit wrong you should get

two prizes but another unhappy face he's

over the moon

the walk will probably never forget Sam

no I'll tell you what I'll know from

that nice swing what beautiful little

swing it can only be I think he is easy

or nine yeah there to look like his

space look at the constant chase in that

little face

straight left arm but not Hogan the way

he's got that left arm straight across

the left

look how supple his back is he just

keeps coiling up like a little spring

supplement my plants are left foot

drives down into it that's a great

galaxy really is it absolutely really is

give a Dustin Johnson finish

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