When to Start Junior Golf

today I'm Clubhouse gasps we're heading

to the golf course


we're joined today by noted youth golf

teacher Matt Adams Matt take for joiners

well thank you very much for having me

Casey first off Matt how long have you

been teaching children had a playoff

I've been teaching over 30 some years

I've been working primarily with kids

but the last ten years now and right now

how many kids do you see on average or

st. a week I don't know averaging the

week I see anywhere between about 150 to

about 300 kids a week down so you know

what you're talking about hopefully

Tiger Woods three years old and can't

have a golf shirt without talking about

Tiger one can't talk three years old

Johnny Carson show he's the best in the

world so obviously you start playing

golf with more three years old right um

some of us can I had a friend of mine

just brought to my attention that

there's Larry Nelson he started that

late in life think he started when he

came out of the other services Calvin

Peete started late in life that's just

example to people Larry Nelson tiger

wood future hall-of-famer course Larry

Nelson Hall of Famer starting late and

early in life and they both wound up in

the Hall of Fame I think that the fact

when you start is not necessary the

yardstick as far as how well you will

pray but what you do once you start

playing so young or old it doesn't

matter what you do once you start

playing the game that counts 15 25 m 56

year old boy or girl who comes to me and

expresses an interest dad I want to

learn how to play golf what are doing

obviously they can't use my club so I go

and I get them a full set of clubs okay

no I wouldn't suggested full set of club

if it's a junior set normally at that

age group a junior full set of juniors

would have three to four clubs in the

back a real out an accepting large said

a number of Club for the kids and that

age people have five you want to have a

putter on iron and what we call a

fairway wood not necessarily a drive up

just a fairway wood they help them get

the ball up in the air easier from the

t-bar you allowed no more than 14 clubs

in your bags you don't want to overload

them one thing that you do not want

do you do not want to take adult clubs

and cut them down to fit the junior the

reason for that is that once you cut

down an adult club this difference the

shaft it makes it hard for the kid to

flight the ball plus it throws out the

weight of the club so make sure you get

a set of junior clubs at the poster

taking adult set of clubs and cut them

down hopefully to fit the child so I

have a kid who expresses interest in me

I go I spend the money I get on some

clubs and I bring them to you for their

first lesson or six years old what are

you focusing on number one to make sure

that the kid enjoys it I'm gonna get

frustrating but you wants to come back

okay to me at that age you want to make

sure the kid is having fun so everything

I do as far as the teaching is concerned

is to make sure the kid is enjoying

themselves what I do tell a kid if you

can count to five you can play golf one

two three four five every kid can do

that so that that's the kid knowing me

if they can come to five they can play

this game kids are going to develop a

different agents as far as your hand-eye

coordination won't you don't want to put

too much too many expectations on a

young kid you want to make sure that

they enjoy themselves if they hit miss

they don't care they can swing and mr.

ball one hundred times make one the shot

they're hooked and that's all you want

to do just make sure they enjoy themself

at that age for tuning fork tin cup

that's not that settles we cover own

Clubhouse gas we cover all sports so I'm

going to use you now to try to settle an

argument i have had with my father for

15 years now okay high school baseball

player dad would let me play golf during

baseball season said my golf swing would

mess up my baseball swing my dad right

or wrong uh he's not right and he's not

wrong I have a lot I work with a lot of

kids who also played baseball and I have

the coaches costly telling them don't

play golf in baseball season

the whole that the difference between

the two sports is just basically to me

is where your weight finishes when you

make your cooking you make a completed

swing when you play baseball there's a

lot of time you find a baseball player

that will finish with this way forward

to black play ball you want to have your

way to finish towards your front foot

now as far as the hand-eye coordination

there's a lot of baseball players who

are very good golfers that the key to

golf as opposed to baseball is that

there is to get the ball to go up in the

air there's a downward motion that you

swing to get the ball to go up as far as

the hand-eye coordination as far as the

grip there's a baseball grip in the golf

swing so there's a lot of golfers who

have any baseball grip when I look at

all the time is that when I have a

baseball player matter of fact one of my

top juniors he's a heck of a baseball

player and one the top golfers in the

state of Georgia so if there's a left

the right moving on your bar or write

the left movement that that comes from a

baseball or golf swing it doesn't matter

just a consistency of the game you want

to learn how to miss the ball

consistently the same way that's what I

gotta learn how to how to miss right

okay that's it Matt thank you so much

and thank you for all the work that you

do with these kids again thank you very

much for having me i really appreciate

this year opportunity he's mad Adams I'm

que sea bass this is Clubhouse gasps dad

you heard him you're wrong I know all

that other stuff you said but dad you're

wrong we'll see you tomorrow everybody

okay golf a game so easy a

three-year-old can do it like a tiger

woods on the Johnny Carson show so I'm

gonna show you how it's done cuz I'm

much more athletically gifted than a

three-year-old according to matt i just

come out here and play

and I needed to clean it off with all

that was oh well