a beginner golfers first ever hole let's

do it let's do it now

so good job I'm not worried about one

wasn't it always happy while I'm there I

like it


now come on come on in

this is Fox's first ever shot on a golf

course I'm all right

yes how do you feel nervous a little bit

yeah just do what you've been taught no

I hate to be that guy mate what'd you

steal in an inch there any favours does

it good effort

no practice swing straightaway don't

know that we're down there somewhere

we're away so guys I should probably say

where we are we are at Aphrodite Hills

courtesy other guys at golf mates travel

and this is part of the beginner series

we've had a couple of lessons this

morning you've done really well that's

you haven't you I'm gonna put a bit of a

montage on the screen now of some of

your good shots and and maybe some of

the bad ones as well but first things


he's away he's past the ladies tees

which is absolutely fantastic wasn't the

best strike but this is your first ever

round of golf

so well that's just going to enjoy it


and balls be all right here look we've

got you some special golf balls don't we

just in case you never know 18:08 balls

they were like two pounds if you're

rolling so guys if you are new to the

channel welcome break that one there we

go oh if you are new here please make

sure you do hit that subscribe button

below leave is like to go enjoy this

content if you are enjoying this

beginner series we're really enjoying it

so we'll help you're enjoying it too

remember this is a series can a beginner

break 100 in Dubai in a couple of months

time this is gonna be interesting so we

found it one thing we've not covered

actually is balls in the roof but I'm

gonna let you have a little go at this

and just see what you think maybe we

need to do we've got 279 yards left

which is a long way so I don't think you

need to worry about going for it for me

personally we've got a bit of a half set

going here so I just go with the old

trusty 8-iron just try and knock it down

there yes

good effort okay we're back on the

fairway so we're going to keep taking

positives we've gained about 50 60 yards

there as well so that's good

guys as always I want you to be a part

of my videos and I want you to comment

below in this video it's a comment below

who remembers their first ever round of

golf and how did you get on did you

struggle did you enjoy did you not enjoy

it did you do miraculously well or do

you just remember that one good shot so

I'm hoping for few out here just a

couple of good shots for you to really

enjoy it like you did on the range

that's gone we're back in the short

stuff so we've got says 2 for 7 there

but obviously it's a little bit for fall

you've got about 220 yards I'd go cuz I

saw you hitting the hybrid on the range

have a go with the hybrid cuz we're on

the fairway now

so this is where because you're now on

the fairway you reaping the reward of

sort of a straight shot yeah it wasn't

your best strike but obviously you'd

struggle to hit the hybrid out of that

thick rough there as opposed to be on

the fairway so just exactly like you

were doing on the range nearly so

straight again that's okay we're back

bounding down the fairway also there

mate it's just that bit of weight

transfer again yeah so as soon as you

start you downswing just get that weight

moving to your left side but the key

thing is we're hitting it straight and

we're not going houses houses and


what an interesting golf course this is

guys I have got to say just well sorry

about I should be telling you what

division - we've got 173 I think just

because you absolutely written be a time

towards the end a good one of them gets

you there I think got to be a good one

even if it's not make keep it straight

and you find working your way there

now it's gonna be quite good actually go


and that is why we're not doing a drone

work this week so as I was saying I have

to say this place is such a fantastic

facility if any was wanting to come work

on the game home the game learn the game

the beautiful insect good rain is good

putting green and what looks to be a

lovely golf course even though this is

our first time on it today what make you

still on the fairway what we had four

shots chip and a putt for a six banks

will come in move on to the next so what

happens here you know because we're in

the rule yeah I've chosen sand wedge

because the loft will help me get it out

of the thick rough phrase it was on the

fairway I might go a little bit less

loft and because I don't need to get it

out of the bad light unless some places

you don't like you phillium example

pretty on here you do

now this is an interesting mum because

we've not actually done chipping our

pitching yet we've done put in but we've

probably jumped the gun a bit thinking

about it really but we're just excited

to go out here early so all we're gonna

do pitching wedge yep and literally just

play almost like a putt so just a little

bit of a bump and run

well half shot let's see if we can save

a score anywhere on the Greens a great

shot and I probably got it too far

nice tell you what I could be very good

on four five putt for six how do you

feel what up D finish because this

they're not really use this one yeah

we've we've not done the short stuff um

where's the transfer on it's all very

new into it it is very new yeah but

you're on the green there so take that

so guys as you can see we have a little

bit of a kind of mixed half set here

there's a four iron here because we did

a video about blades yesterday so we're

not really using that in the set we are

using I'm going to do a full what's in

the bag but using a driver hybrid and

then we're moving into and what I've

tried to do is keep it nice and simple

so we've got 8-iron pitching wedge and

there's a 6-iron for iron somewhere as

well there and then just two wedges in a

sand wedge and a lob wedge so for me

there arm trying to keep as simple as

possible I imagine for you you're not

going to see a big difference between an

8-iron and probably a 7-iron 8-iron as

well so if we just keep it as simple as

we can

I'm a huge believer that for beginner

golf keep as simple as you can keep it

fun and don't worry too much about

numbers don't worry too much about

scoring just try and enjoy yourself

exactly what we're trying to say to go

job we're not worried about numbers in C

it's a lovely cap p1 I'm there I like it

well I may let's see if we can convert

this to to pull fresh off the back of a

putting lesson and I think I should beat

me in a putting camp after is to be fair

with with sharks but good record we put

it on yeah it's better than me long game

are you sounding like a golfer

it's better than me long game this is a

long old putt now two putts from here

and I'm buying dinner just a little bit

firm but it's not a ballot for the line

with perfect mate to be fair it's not a

chance from there

city I'll tell you what

oh well dome right first-ever hole of

golf completed it was a but it was a

good a only only missed a fairway want

and then from there couple of

significant strike well that was a

beginner golfers first-ever hold of golf

well done I'm pleased that could be a

part of it with you

is he gonna break a hundred in Dubai

that was an eight so might need manage

some improvement from that but it states

a starting block the hardest thing is to

start so the hardest hole of your

golfing career has just ended thank God

guys thank you so much for watching we

do it you've enjoyed that that was his

first ever hole

I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with that

and I you feel I think you've caused

like you've hit some good shots we're

gonna go out and play some more off

camera so that you can just enjoy

yourself a little more as well guys

thank you so much for watching do you've

enjoyed that do you think he can break a

hundred a person I think you will do as

always guys if you're new here make sure

you do hit that subscribe on leave is

like if you enjoyed the content comment

below do you remember your first ever

round of golf

I don't remember mine as always we'll

see you tomorrow well that's golf for

you just teed off on the second hole and

that went a bit different isn't it a lot

differently camera was off nice and

relaxed 250 straight down the middle

there you go take it home maybe he's

gonna break 90 maybe is gonna break 80

who knows just a bit nerve-racking start

we bought so done we all right now I

think yeah