First Start in YEARS! - VW GOLF MK2

what is up guys welcome back to the

channel as he probably can tell from the

thumbnail I just got myself a new

project car this time it's actually a

completely free old fox wagon golf that

I got from a family friend of ours I

tried to offer down payment but they

refused they were just happy to get rid

of the car and I've actually been

looking for a red Sun faded paint that I

can do a polishing video on or a full

detailed video on so I'm super excited

for this one and this one has actually

been sitting for a couple of years so

the first challenge is to just get it

started and get it home to the garage

but before I even go ahead and try to

start it

let's check so that the most crucial

fluids are topped off that is the engine

oil and the transmission oil first of

all the dipstick on the engine oil was

completely dried so I just started to

fill it up until I could read marking on

it I actually ended up putting in almost

three liters of oil so it pretty much

was empty with oil probably enough to

just get some oil circulating and just

enough to get some oil pressure but yeah

I almost put in 3 liters of brand-new

oil in the engine the dipstick for the

automatic transmission did have some

reading on it so I know that there's at

least fluid in there and to get an

accurate reading you need to check it

when the engine is on and the

transmission is warm so let's wait with

that so now we can go ahead and try to

start it with a help vehicle



and as we can see it started actually

relatively easily and the alternator is

also charging the battery so that's a

good sign so now that we know that the

engine is able to start let's fill it up

with some coolant as well because the

reservoir was completely empty I ended

up putting in around 2 litres of coolant

in the system then just squeezing the

hoses to bleed out the bubbles and now

for the real test let's see if it can

move under its own weight

and at least reverse is functioning so

that's a good sign because this is an

automatic gearbox as we can see the

years of sitting is definitely showing

its signs

this is a single-stage red paint and

those are usually very satisfying to do

a polish on and as we can see here

no visible leaks which is just

absolutely fantastic I wasn't expecting

that considering in the fluids were so

low but yeah no leaks and of course the

gas tank was also empty so let's go

ahead and fill it up with ten liters of

fuel so that we can make the journey

home but we before we go on on the

20-mile journey let's just take it for a

quick test drive to make sure that it

can run through the gears and it doesn't

have any overheating problems or

anything like that that would make the

journey impossible

the first impressions is that it's

actually functioning pretty well

considering it's been sitting for many

years and now after the initial test

drive and the engine and transmission up

to operating temperature

I had one bottle of transmission fluid

so I just filled it up and I got a

marking or a reading between the min and

the max mark

so we finally made it to the garage in

one piece it actually went along pretty

well better than I expected

the brakes aren't functioning the way

they should

you know the car has been sitting for a

couple of years so there's a lot of rust

that has formed on the brake rotors a

lot of rust pitting and the brake pads

has probably ceased in there a little

bit so the braking was actually pretty

terrible so I made sure I drove slowly

and I used roads that weren't heavily

trafficking then there were some noises

coming from a wheel bearing but other

than that it actually went along very

well the automatic gearbox is working

the way it should and the engine seems

in a pretty good shape so that was a

pleasant surprise so yeah this was only

an introduction video the next one or in

the next videos with this car is going

to be of detail I'm gonna do a full

detail of this car and polish this red

faded nasty paint so we can see it has

some moss and algae s going on right

here so that will always also be a

challenge to clean off but I think it

will come out pretty good in the end

not perfect obviously it's a very old

car but I think the difference between

the before and after will be pretty

significant so I'm super excited to see

how this thing turns out in the end and

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out so that's it for this one guys I

hope you enjoyed it and I hope you look

forward to the next videos with this car

so yeah take care and I'll see you in

the next one bye