3-year-old Newmarket boy has best golf swing in world for age category

when Tiger Woods made his first

television appearance he was two and a

half months shy of his third birthday

he joined dad Earl on the Mike Douglas

stage and even then it was clear there

was something special about him the same

could be said for three-year-olds

Preston Cowie who currently boasts the

title of best golf swing in the world

for his age category and who knows he

could be the next great Canadian golf

phenom I can't say I've had a student

where when we go out to go onto the

course we literally have to have diapers

and a golf bag - Oh

diapers you heard him correct that's

because this particular student is three

years old

meet Preston Cowie a Newmarket Ontario

youngster who gravitated almost

instantly to the game of golf there was

a period of his life probably between a

year and a half or two or that's all he

would watch really so we had to PVR PGA

events so that when he was sitting in

his highchair he had golf to watch right

after he started walking he'd pick up

kitchen utensils and things like that

and roll balls into cups and that type

of a thing and then we got him a plastic

set because we figured he was golfing

and he lofted a ball pretty much right

away from then on we just realized it

was something that he he loved it we

wanted to pursue different funny

considering his dad Scots and they

weren't a golf family till Preston came

along it's not often you throw around

the word prodigy or phenom but his

natural ability at such a young age

garnered a ton of attention such a

stable take away his finish is so

balanced and and even at impact all the

moving parts are where they need to be

which is truly truly remarkable like

that's that's conversations I'd have

with you know middle aged students or

even teenagers

it was so impressive someone tagged

Preston on Instagram where he has over

2,200 followers and Counting suggesting

he entered the little Linksters

pee-wee's swing contest

this was his winning submission for the

under three category everybody judged by

a panel that included Jack Nicklaus

Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam no big

deal a Canadian has the best swing in

the world for his age and nothing in

itself is unique growing up in a in a

country like Canada you'd expect someone

Preston's age to like start wanting to

be playing hockey and all this stuff and

I think that's what makes it special

he's venture towards golf which is

something we haven't really seen here

like a prodigy of sorts in a different

sport that's not hockey well it's

exciting to imagine Preston Cowie

climbing the leaderboard at a PGA event

the Cowie family's gonna go with the

flow and enjoy how their youngest son's

passion has brought them all together

the best thing for my wife and I is that

he gets to do something he loves doing

every single day our older boy is eight

and he's getting into golf a lot now

because of it and our daughter is just

his biggest fan cheerleader it's

probably easy to tell I had an absolute

blast hanging out with Preston and his

family yesterday and I can say he

genuinely cannot get enough and I was

completely blown away just how

consistent and accurate all of his

swings are really gonna be something to

watch it's exciting stuff and in the

short time we were together he set a

personal best of 64 yards something I

think we'd all like to get at 3 years