welcome to me my golf TV and welcome to

beginner golf basics now we've designed

a four part video series for all you

beginners out there or even if you play

for a short period of time we're going

to help you learn the essential basics

just going to help you hit the golf ball

straight into the air strike it

consistently and even hit it a good

distance off the tee this video series

are going to stand you in good stead for

the rest of your golfing career we're

going to show you the setup the grip and

how to build a consistent golf swing to

give you the confidence to go into the

golf course we're even going to show you

how to hit the most exciting Club in the

bag the driver so by the end of this

series you'll understand exactly what

you need to do you have built a solid

repeatable golf swing and have much more

confidence to step onto the consoles

let's take charge of your game

okay so you've joined us here on the

15th of the Faldo course at a Mandara

resort here in the Algarve in Portugal

Paris so before we get started the video

series there are a few essential key

items that you need for the rest of the

series so Pierce what are we what do we

need for the series there's a few things

you can gulps come into being as easy as

possible we've got a driving club here

we've got a 7-iron here so it can be a

6-iron or 7-iron or an 8-iron the best

thing you can do those go to your local

professional shop and they'll advise you

on the best ones for you because whether

you're a senior golfer a lady golfer or

even a junior golfer they all do this

for the club soup so let's say we've got

a 7-iron the driver will be using a

glove as well sometimes a glove for the

lead hand that I'll be using a glove for

the majority of the videos this can

happen give you a little bit more grip

and some key take some teasers one very

important for this definitely and also

guys all you need actually is a driving

range or your local practice facility

where you can go and put into practice

what we're going to tell you so that

leads us into the set of basic spacer we

get start with that period

okay so part one is really going to

focus more on how to hold the golf club

but before we get into that pace we're

going to focus on some simple set of

basics and all we need for this is a

7-iron that we just got a 7-iron here so

let's actually talk about what is the

the different parts of this golf club so

that with a grip okay so that's

obviously where you hold it we call this

the shaft now the reason we're going

through this is we may need to reference

these throughout this video series to

have the shaft and then we have the club

head now on the club head makes sense

that we would have a face so we have the

club face now the main part we're going

to be talking about now when we're

setting up for the golf club is this

front part of the golf club here we call

that the leading-edge

perfect and that really is where we're

going to aim so as we sort of move into

that piece let's talk about some of the

simple system the new guys at home can

really get right to start with as we

sort of move into get into talking

towards and the good thing with this

video too that you can stop and play

back at any point here but we're very

much going to brush over the simple part

to start with okay first of all I need

to know where I want to hit the golf

ball so I'm going to aim for the middle

of this fairway

okay so I'm going to aim for the middle

at fairway now what I need you to do is

to imagine that there is a 90 degree

line can be right out of the leading

edge of the golf club now that is

pointing to the middle of the fairway

so we've got that in place now now

you'll notice my feet are together what

I'm going to do next is I'm going to

step my face either side of the golf

ball so my feet are approximately

shoulder width so if we were to draw a

line down from my shoulders you'll see

it goes down through my new okay you'll

then also notice that the golf ball is

positioned ever so slightly forward of

the center of my stance that's kind of

an approximate at the moment you know

that may change as your style changes

but that's where we can style with it

for there now from there also you'll

notice my feet as well you'll see that

both feet are flared out ever so

slightly so they're not pointing

straight on in front of me they are

flared out to the side that's going to

help sort of as we get into the golf

swing later stages there yeah absolutely

so now once we've got the feet in

position the ball in position we now

need to aim our body so when we talk

about aiming our body we talk about the

feet the knees the hips and the

shoulders now you'll notice they're all

running parallel to the line that's

coming out of the leading edge of the

golf club so we call that a target line

so my body alignment is parallel to my

time perfect so Pierce now is in a very

good setter and he's aimed the golf club

and aimed his body very well and really

these are the simple things that you

guys can just sort of get right to start

with as we move into more of the finer

details the all-important grip which I

think we need to go to notice okay so

you now understand the set of basics of

a line the golf club in your body

correctly in position the feet and the

golf ball let's get into the most

important part of part 1 which is the

hole now golfers come to us for golf

lessons and whether they've been playing

12 months or 10 years it's the first

thing that we're going to be looking at

to see if it's having an effect on the

golf ball piece it's so important isn't

it it really is at the end of it if

you've got a bad hole you will probably

have a bad swing or you'll do

compensations in your golf swing because

the whole objective of the hole is

you're going to be able to control the

club head as you're swinging it around

your body you're going to be able to

present it squarely for the golf ball

hit straight shots to hit it in the air

even but consistency as well people

always ask you for consistency well hold

it properly you've got a good chance

definitely so if there's one thing

you're going to pay attention to guys

and there's a few things that it's

important to get right with a hole so

you've really got to pay attention to

these finer details because whether

you're going to play golf or the next 20

years it's something you're going to


the work on week in week out to get

right and it's going to make a massive

difference to you government we will be

stressing this a lot okay so let's just

go through a few things so the leave

hand everything we're doing obviously is

for a right-handed Gulf so leave hand

for me use the left hand so really

important you understand how the club

sits in this hand when we're holding it

so from here we have my thermal the

bottom my thumb directly underneath that

we have the heel pad now what you need

to do when you're holding the golf club

is the golf clubs should run diagonally

from underneath just below the heel pad

up to the bottom of the forefinger okay

so if you can get it running through

there you really have got a good chance

a lot of people get this really wrong so

it sounds easier we'll just let's just

hold it that just hold it

this is actually the most important part

what we're talking about right now okay

so from there what we're going to do

let's get into that position we will go

we had earlier when we were going to set

up for the golf ball we hold the golf

club up in front of us with the trail

hand now you'll notice I'm pointing the

leading edge straight up in the air and

I've got it around about head height so

this is great because I'm standing nice

and tall it's not hurting my back and I

can see everything that's going on so

with a lead hand now I'm going to place

it on the golf club so you can see that

the handle where of the sort of the

handle of the golf club is going

underneath the bottom of the heel pad

and it's running up for the bottom of

the fourth finger so it's running

diagonally through the hand now again

I'm making sure that leading edge is

pointing up all I'm going to do from

here is close my hand on the golf of now

when I close my hand on the golf of

Knossos it close not wrap all grip close

the hand on the golf club you'll notice

that the thumb is going ever so slightly

down the right-hand side of the handle

and also we've created a V between the

thumb and the forefinger and that's kind

of going up towards my sort of right ear

so just right advise you one important

key thing to remember guys when you do

this if you go back to when you position

your hand Pierce now what you're going

to want to do a lot of you guys I want

to go underneath the the hand the handle

here and get the palm facing yourself

and it's really key when you do this

that you get the back of your hand

facing the target so as you can see

there Pierce is a back of his left hand

this facing the target they're really

key to do that

okay so again let's just close it on

there from there that's kind of how the

grip is is for most so we've got a good

position there we're pretty happy with

that so let's set that right hand off

again notice that leading edge really

pointing straight up in the sky so with

the right hand we always say be nice the

golf club set shake hand with a golf

club so from here we are literally with

my palms facing toward the target the

middle of the fairway I'm going to bring

my palm in so that comes onto the handle

you'll now notice again it's running

diagonally through the fingers at the

bottom there look at that placement and

then from there I close my hand on the

golf club and then I just sort of slide

those hands together so that the right

thumb is sitting on top of the left

thumb and again I've created a V between

the thumb and the forefinger and that's

going up to a simmer place the left hand

apply that right here I think so now you

have the hands can nicely close together

but positioned in the right way and

really important as you mentioned pierce

the leading edge of the club is still up

in the air that's so key to think about

when you're building this grip all of it

so what you need to do obviously is

maybe sort of relaxed a little bit you

need to be able to control the golf of

when you're holding it you know you

don't want me strangling a lot of people

strangle it you'll probably find when

you've been doing this already that

you're getting a bit tense so keep it

loose and one thing we like to be able

to get people to do is just to get the

hands out to push them away from the

body and just see if they've got the

movement see if they can actually get

the golf club and sort of move it around

like this if you've got this movement

this is what a good grip or a good hold

will give you okay so again one of the

questions you might you more asked at

home is well how tight should have been

holding it and play what place is

demonstrating here we call it a hold and

not a grip because we don't want any

tension in the hands the arms and the

shoulders we want to hold the golf club

to allow us to create this free you know

freedom of movement with the wrist which

is really key to create the power and

also control this clubface when we do

the golf swing they absolutely if I hold

on to it really tight and they're from

here and then try and lift that clear

but it's very difficult and you can see

that's a really big problem with people

especially when you hit bad shot you hit

a bad shot the next time you hold on to

it you're going to grip it even tighter

definitely so some great checkpoints

there for you guys again you can lash

the best piece mentioned you can

actually pause this rewind and go back

and have a little look at that but if

you check this over and over again you

don't actually need to eat golf balls

doing this with some simple checkpoints

there and you're going to find you're

going to build that perfect grip to help

me get good shots right let's get into

actually helping you guys understand

what the body does in the golf swing

okay so let's talk about the body motion

in the golf swing it's really important

for you guys to get a clear image of

what we're trying to achieve from the

body of the golf swings as we go through

parts one two three and four so this the

pivot motion talked us through and why

it's so important okay so we're gonna

start off with Anna golf club which is

good news because you can practice at

work don't tell the boss what we're

going to do is we're going to get you to

hug yourself so you're going to hold

underneath your ribcage and your oblique

muscle those big rim from there put

yourself into stance that we've already

learnt okay so you're in this stance

ready to move now really important that

when you move back or what we call wind

up you'll notice the lower body stable

as I'm turning into it now from this

position here we're going to get you to

move your body toward the target and

then turn okay let's keep doing this a

few times so you can replicate this so

solid stable low body good wind up with

your upper body then body moves towards

the target and then you turn through now

I'll hold there and II the weight is all

into that lead leg you'll notice the

spikes on my shoe are pointing behind me

and that right knee is on top of that

left knee a few more times just talk

through size Pierce's winding up is

creating a bit of resistance in that

lower body he's moving his weight and

then he's rotating to face that target

as you mentioned they're the sole of his

foot is facing behind him and this is

just a very simple body drill and body

motion you can do to warm up and

practice when you're down at the

practice to your driving range peace

yeah definitely and you can see a lot of

people when they start swinging I think

they should move over here and then move

over there not at all so we want to wind

up and then push the way and then turn

through and then as we sort of get

better and better at this this is going

to really help when we when we get that

golf club in our hands Pierce to

understand again what we look in to

achieve from that body and that's going

to help us get that golf ball going

exactly where we want it back to it lots

of Arts okay let's get into the golf


okay so we've taught you through the

setup let's get you hitting some shots

now Pierce for the guys at home who want

to practice obviously they've got the

setup now for the guys I only want to

practice hitting some shots now how

should they start okay well what we can

do first of all let's see the golf ball

okay so the golf ball is done see now

I'm going to actually hit this one with

a very short swing so this is where you

perhaps press the start so I'm just

going to go through the routine very

very quickly so the

any you get all the more you do this

routine the better you will get at it

okay so I'm in place there so what we're

going to do is get you to do a mini

swing so sort of back here and through

to here now you can do this as a good

result if you can do this and get good


anything will hang out of it I want a

little bit more out of it so we're going

to lengthen the swing well worth having

a practice swing I suppose the key thing

at this stage as well please just make

it a contact we want to get that ball

out of the middle replace that way yes

definitely definitely so again a lot

quicker I'm going into that way so let's

have a think about let's go back a

little bit further and let's actually

swing through now and even on the

practice swing hold that position now

we're not bothered about where the arms

are the most important thing is let's

get those legs good let's get that right

knee on that left knee because that

tells us that we've moved toward the

target that pivot motion that we talked

about absolutely so let's have a go

again I'm lining it to the middle of

fairway you'll notice now the second

time I'm setting up to the golf ball I'm

doing it all down in this sort of golf

position and then from there having a

little bit of a look I'm getting more

golf mannerisms now back further all the

way through into that position I'm going

to hold that balance hold that balance

hold that balance till the ball hits the

ground come on hit the ground and then

from there I'm pretty happy with that so

if you feel you can do that comfortably

then give that a go but if not if you

just have to continue with the short

swings that's fine as well

okay so sort of building go up at a

supposed a swing length that you get

comfortably and I think until you can do

that you know until you feel confident

you can strike the golf ball then one

thing that Pearce mentioned now is look

you don't have to just hit shot after

shot have a practice swing have a little

practice of what you want to try and

feel in that pivot motion there the

emphasis you'll be demoing for your

investor doing the movements as opposed

to hitting the shots of style with their

practice many movements can and be done

there we go okay so there you have it

that is the end of part one as we said

the most important part with a is that

you now know how to hold the golf of

correctly please work it out as much as

you can and Andy if they want to see

parts two three and four where should

they go and over to me my golf comm

clicking the link in the corner guys it

will take you straight there three

fantastic parts coming up that's going

to get you playing some great golf this

year thanks for watching post any

question you have down below and we'll

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