Starting Gonal-F Injections + Symptom Update

all right wassup guys so it is hours

later now it is let's see there's 6:15

p.m. I have the medication here it said

to leave it out for 30 minutes before so

we actually did the injections excuse me

the AC is on it you can hear it but have

my instructions here have some alcohol

wipes I have a band-aid I have my

husband somewhere over here and it just

says lift to open right here on the side

of the box so I'm into that now


be on that's too low

okay so inside the box is more

instructions and something else in this

little plastic thing here is the pin and

then here are the needles um I have a

nine hundred are you can I know they

come in here friend dosages we have 300

450 and 900 so first I'm just gonna wash

my hands really quick be on come on hey

ro we got wash every show you guys

look at that I feel so full I feel so

full right

yeah I'm so bloated I feel so full and

we're about to get this puppet but

before I almost forget I wanted to share

with Instagram what's happening live I

don't know when this one is going up for

YouTube but on my Instagram story it's

I'm going to film this or record this

today so everybody who follows me on

instagram will be able to see it live so

okay so we're gonna take handoff it off

there we go

so it's just clear Fluit alright so I

have attached a needle and then it just

I have to do a hundred units so I have

to just turn turn this until I get to

100 and it's at a hundred and then I'm

just gonna do it I don't know if y'all

can see but I'm gonna do it we're gonna

do it right here in this section right

here so

and you just remove the need of the cap

it's ready and even with a little green

yeah we need that to secure it back and

he took this under here



Aaron you first

is that right


and then when you put it in you have to

leave it in for five seconds

so yeah hold the pin at a 90 degree

angle push the needle into your skin and

press down on the dose knob with your

thumb as far as it'll go wait five

seconds before removing the needle from

your skin remove the needle and put the

pin on the table and then I'll just I

have a napkin I don't have the guys so

you ready yeah turn this way

what do you see oh it's all go to zero

you know but it yes no really yeah

two three

all right so we're back for a night to

Goa left and pop the pin off here is the

needle Court today

you just have to peel this little strip

off and the needles on the inside of it

and you just twist it on okay so you

just twist it on like that and then you

just have to turn the little knob thing

you block you there we go

you just have to turn this knob right

here to the dosage that you need it to

be and mines needs to be 100 so it's

turning 100 it's at 100 and I just take

this top off and then there's another

protective cap on it

and you go and then I just take this off

and this is what the needle looks like I

don't know if it's picking up I think it

is but the needle is very tiny so my

heart's racing okay

do that nervous nervous

this whole process just makes me nervous

and anxious there's an alcohol wipe last

night we did it on this side so tonight

we'll do it on the right side and clean

the area and now you can get ready for

the shot tonight too



yeah they thanked at home so now that is

over you just twist the cap back on

unscrew it

so then it's back in there and then I

just have a sharps container to put it

back into and then you just cap it cap

it back and then I'll put it back in the


so yesterday sorry my face is all ashy

and stuff I just got out of the shower

which is why I have this thing on my

head take it off but um yesterday I ran

out of space on my memory card so it cut

off right

as we were finishing I think and I just

wanted to let you guys know how I was

feeling today today is cycle day 10 for

me in a cycle day 10 I have been

nauseous and sick all day I have a

headache haven't been able to eat

anything I haven't had any type of

appetite anyway so I made myself eat

some wheat toast with an orange earlier

and I've had crackers and ginger ale

today that is all so my bloating is it

as that today as it was yesterday and

yeah I feel like but not feel like when

I look in the mirror it looks like I can

see my ovary it's kind of like

protruding oh right and my growing

pelvis area so yeah but that's that what

else have I been feeling I've been

drinking plenty of water so I've been

going to the bathroom

regularly I'm trying to keep my body

hydrated with all this medication I'm

taking and yeah just been really tired

and I hope that this is a sign that it's

actually working this time tomorrow I

have my follicle scans

and I'm hoping that I get good news its

first thing in the morning tomorrow at

7:30 so I'm hoping that everything has

grown more since Monday on Monday when I

got the first one I told you guys before

on the right and I stopped counting

around 6 on the left side that we're

trying to mature - on my left side one

was 12 and the other one was 12 and a

half so I'm hoping at least those two

have grown to mature some more or closer

to maturity and yeah I'll find out

tomorrow if we're going back in a couple

of days for another skin which day it

will be and then that's when we'll find

out if we're able to trigger but I do

have our Boudreau and that will that's

what we're using a trigger with is in

the refrigerator right now just waiting

for them to tell me what I can use it so

yeah I'm not sure if I should take it

with me tomorrow or if I should take it

with me on the the next scan but I'm

just probably gonna just take it with me

tomorrow because I know that they say

one day and I'm supposed to bring it

with me so the nurses can teach me how

to administer the auger of myself I've

never had to do it myself every other

time I have had to take a trigger shot

I've just bought shot with me to the

doctor's office and they just

administered it for me so yeah that's

all that I have going on right now not

having any energy the last two days have


laying around and trying to push the

room I know it's only temporary I just

prayed that this works this cycle I feel

really good though today I actually

started looking at fall pregnancy

announcements that I could potentially

do because if I do have to announce on

this one it will be close to Halloween

time so I've been trying to find little

cute ways that we will be able to

announce fingers crossed

prayers up that this works Oh Lord y'all

I'm just so already I'm anxious my

nerves are shot and I'm just hopeful

that this is going to work I feel pretty

good about it but you know those moments

that they'll just creep in every now and

then and I just kind of have to like do

something to distract myself so pray for

me I'll continue to pray for you guys

welcome to all my new subscribers I've

gotten a lot of new subscribers in the

last week or so since I posted my life

pregnancy test with my last cycle of

lectures all I think this is it I will

update you guys on tomorrow tomorrow I'm

hoping that I remember to bring this

camera because when I go to the doctor's

office I always forget it and I want to

blog at the doctor's office office for

you guys so you know what I'm going

through what it's like for me ready to

get this over with I probably won't

sleep tonight at all

yeah we'll cuz I just don't feel good

but um yeah I want to relax now probably

eat something later and try to make

myself eat something have a cold ginger

ale waiting for me and some water so in

front of them how that is I think that's

it I don't really have any other updates

I'm about to finish moisturizing my face

on that so ashy and I think that's all

for now thank you guys so much for

watching I hope you like this video I

hope you found it helpful if you're on

the same journey if you're taking on

love and if you're also on Electra saw

cycle as well good luck to you you know

I'll see you guys in the next video bye