What Goldendoodle owners need to know about Puppy's haircut and grooming

good morning it's Terry from TLC and I

wanted to put one of my favorite guys on

Archie he was in on January the 7th and

I did a book cut on him and he's the

Clipper Colm was on him so it was a

longer cut and they were able to keep up

pretty good with the brushing and the

combing but then what's happened is

we've had a lot of snow and he likes the

snow and all his people have to do is

just relax for a nanosecond and all that

gorgeous beautiful hair will map without

any difficulty at all like just just let

your foot off the gas a little bit I'm

brushing and combing with the doodle

hair and you've got a mess so I'm going

to turn the camera around and show you

what he came in looking like if I've got

one half pre clipped almost and the

other half I've not touched so I'm just

gonna show you the trouble spots and and

what it looks like the camera won't pick

up the matting because it's just you

need it in other pair of hands and

someone that's really really skilled

with photography to show you these

things but I want to talk about it and

walk you through it okay so turn it

around to mr. handsome


mr. gorgeous so this is what he came in

okay this length quite a bit quite a bit

of hair on and this is how you donors

really like to have their their doings

they like this much coat on okay so this

isn't too bad

it's not the greatest it doesn't look

like anything but what you've got is

again we've talked about this in a

previous livestream with Archie

so these curls will curl around each

other okay curly round curl around curl

around and then you get all this Madi

but you don't really realize that it's

Matty as a dog then you come into the

professional and the professionals like

I gotta take your dog short okay so

here's a big clump I'm adding right here

we can probably brush that up but when

you get to the leg here right here

that's a wall of Matt down here that's a

wall and that's what the size of my fist

okay and then when you get to

front leg here this it starts here

formatting and it comes down down down

so all this piece here that's one big

huge amount

all into his chest and in his neck this

is one big wolf one big huge wall piece

of Matt's down his front leg on this

side this whole leg is just one big wall

of mass the top is okay because that's

part of the problem when you're brushing

out the top coat and you're not getting

down to the skin with your comb with

your Greyhound comb this is what you'll

get you'll get this top bit that's not

too bad I mean it's not great but it's

not too too bad but it's at the skin

this is a wall and that's right here

about the size of my fist and then this

is a - right down the front this is all

one big tuba Matt's up here the matting

starts you sure your head bakes the

matting starts here a grid of the

occipital of his head and it's all in

his neck

it's the one being huge chunk down and

around and behind his ear see ya that's

just one big long big giant knot and

behind his ear and around his neck right

to this side here so that's just one big

huge piece one big wall goes from one

this part of the ear it starts at the

top of the head actually there's at the

top of the head it was right down

well hello Elizabeth family away from

the US all the way around okay

and all she has to do is relax with that

brush in that comb and that's what she

loves what she gets and all the snow

that we've had so now this is the ugly

part of it I've stripped him okay with

my for Blake it looks really bad right

now because it's in the pre clip stage

okay but so we've got this much hair

left on okay this big huge amount big

huge amount this is all matted in here

this is a wall from his underneath his

elbows all the way back into his groin

thought that's all a wall amounts

underneath okay oh right and that's not

not due to neglect and not caring

because they are in here all the time

it's just when you've got that much coat

and you've got the weather that we've

got which is a lot of snow that's how

quick it gets ahead right it's only been

eight weeks eight weeks so imagine if it

would have been longer I mean for you to

go on 10 or 12 weeks

so it's gonna go short today and we

started over and away we go

but I want to show people because when

you look at him he just looks drop-dead

sexy doesn't look like there's anything

anything in there right he looks

gorgeous but in reality what's

underneath of all that it's quite matted

oh and I am grateful than his mom who

doesn't mind me showing these kinds of

things because you know she's pretty

sure she's like I'm trying so hard right

it's her it's her new puppy yeah he

doesn't care he's got so much attention

from you know dogs at the dog park and

the people Archie could show up I could

strip him in there and his personality

shines and he's just a great dog you

know what it's all it's all good this is

how we learn stuff right and they

haven't had a dog like this before the

dog they had before this was a half not

even half the size less than half the

size of this and totally different coat

but these doodle coats are just wicked

to try and take care of right oh he's


he smiles too I don't know if he's gonna

do it for me right now but when he comes

in here he's like bust on my gate to get

in here and he he smiles at everybody

and just greets everybody in waves is

Te'o and John

he's a really nice nice dog it's a

little bit shaky now he's on the table

right he's thick okay can you get on

with it but yeah I just want to try and

help people out with their deals this is

really challenging to look after the

doodle hair right it's really really

hard that's what we do hope the dog

owner maintain a coat like this so that

it's not matted and they're looking sexy

all the time okay I gotta get to work

and get the rest of this stripped off

and get to work we're getting them in

the tub sorry okay okay everybody off I