Grooming a Mini Golden Doodle

that is how to put on the muzzle this is

how you put muzzle on that doesn't fit

look it's your face yeah okay well I did

you did try to bite me last time okay

that's what happened

the whole early aggressive one yes oh

she looks like such as look on TV maybe

we should get towards won't get to her

get her done okay we're done here


did you or did you want me to leave that

feather in Joe yeah Goldendoodles short

though not weird


we're not there yet

she has a electronic collar on that dad

said keep it on for a reason






you can't still fight through the mother




well bye



$42.00 now


all right thank you


so I'm gonna use a dog like him I'm

actually trying to get most of

everything I need again I want you

standing and then that line starts using

all those channels howling was the last

kind of thing as I need so I'm not

having her just be an assistant or a



notions that show on her teeth though


tell Matt in here hey once


this way

yeah pull it back and then you try to

happen here while coming here




we're not gonna be you will see why I

shade the cell phone but I'm not going

to do that


right at the skin so this is everything

hanging down doesn't look bad but right

at the skin it's completely bad in here


let's cut those babies out don't try the

game out of it here if you got $1

doesn't like it


she's actually pretty uh let me see if

wasn't a pretty short but she's that's a

pretty tall actually using the large dog

up stand in her case see even though

she's not she's top races like a small

body dog but that's what she's got it

she's got some height you know come in a

long ways and this cut through those

mats so that you can just pump it out

I'll make a note if we constantly have

Maddie tell I would suggest we don't

have lead to tell long anymore but this

is a second groom so to where I'll go

from here






you want to get over that


spitting out it up on your beer so be



- humming - oh can I return for what

she is not liking it you not liking it




we chant uh-oh not a song then I

actually take down that tell me how will

you go to spam because it's really hot

and I think she'll love that

make sure you get your blade cleaning

brushes and some things I don't realize

I use them so often this little blade

brush is such a big deal to me

and back in my to guard if your colors

are off this is a 10 blade with a 3/8

inch guard



that's massive not hard enough















good we're doing real good this time for


lots of improvement huh yeah

you watching me

today's video hmm

not that bad that one's fine

there you go moving on to the table just

thinking first

you just get everything tourists and not

on her okay

come on ones here I think I've been

trying to get in for a month so make

sure you know bite


good I think we got the worst part over


what's going on there

I see it I see it


get your d' matter here don't bite

good girl i'ma get all that out of there

it's kind of slippery pull that tear

into your but not against the lips at

all so that makes sense kind of go up

and jerk but don't touch the lips with

the bristles and you do that I get it in


but don't

I like all this hair out of here you can

use the Clippers use the Clippers but I

don't think I can remember she doesn't

see what kind of fight to do so I'm just

gonna trim all that out all that it's

either sloppy or getting into the mouth

and I like to keep it if you can get it

if you can't with scissors and it's

dangerous don't do it but how about tell

the pet parent to work on it at home

we'll do the other side in a minute so

bring all that up there

she's so curious you're so curious yeah

you're so curious does that matter later

mm-hmm we'll do that side in the second

let's do the finish this side let's

check this one yeah let me see what's

going on in there pretty good tangle

isn't it let's see hold on don't get mad

at me see where is it let's find the


let me see don't get mad at me just cut

these tangles out of there okay let's go

back to this okay don't get mad don't

get mad

still in there man don't get mad here oh

yeah it's all of it everything in our

mouth needs to go okay that's just to me

that just helps brought the teeth all

this stuff if you can see that's it's

all it's doing is hanging out right in

the mouth get behind you if you if I

could I would just shave it off with the

Clipper but I know her I didn't know her

energy and I feel like that won't work

you need to be careful okay see all

that's right into her gum line so I know

it's going in her mouth

that's why it's all wet too but I mean I

just had a muzzle on him too but if you

could just tell it's hanging down there

go ahead and remove it doesn't fit the

thought that that's up just like you do

the ears see how she just licked it back

into her mouth if it's hanging out on

the teeth this will do her a lot of good

not now not yet don't get mad man she

can really bite me here

little by little got to get it all there

you go

all through the comb right here


here it is there yes we got it yeah it

is nice and clean you know you know you

tell if there's knots in there it likes

to be puffy still there's still one

under her ear here you know actually be

pretty puppy I'm sorry she's like what

are you doing

I'm just gonna bring all that short

because all up in her face anyway you

gotta go clean up we'll come back and

fix this more with the guard guard will

help me just make sure it's all even

okay just cute to watch these guys you

think these are by eight and a half


tins will be fine but the ten will just

cut real far just want to be fair pull

him out I gotta change his mask man

okay we're going to come on this side

now this arm is my favorite arm it's

actually connected to the table so I

can't sell them but I can get you the

table it's thousands of dollar table

there might be one dog that I can get

that has the same kind of arm just get

with me if you really want that I've had

a lot of comments on that if you look at

all this hair in the mouth all that's

gonna do is just Rock the teeth I'm

bringing those home to wash

I got like seven masse over here can you

look at me sweetie thank you come on we

got to focus here this part is taking

way too long come here here let me get

in there

don't get mad at it it don't fight it


it's all matted in here

don't matter if its water or saliva man

pulling on the lips you can see it just

stretching on the lips there


I see all this is mounted right here I'm

just kind of now as it's growing back up

he is you got to kind of stay on it

because just like us when we have short

hair and we don't brush it out you know

it's gonna be mad it could eat get mad

and easier now but we need to get that

out of there if it were my dog I would

have all that out out of the mouth

can I see and you can't even tell

therefore most everything I did you know

let me see let me see

I know it's not the funnest thing you

tell mom and dad coming sooner okay you

told mom and dad come sooner okay I

gotta bear with me I don't even like it

I know you don't like it come here see

the tools I'm using watch brush comb do

you matter brush comb do you matter walk

I'll work together you can order my

favorite slash shop support me

for all this that you're learning to

work with your pets that's how we grow

how will you become successful I mean

look at that no bite I know it hurts

don't bite

she's running out of patience and so am

I don't bite me don't bite don't bite

don't bite all mounted in there so is

the other ear fair hey Matt come here up

up don't get mad

remember I told you she has her does

that call around you see it first

second second groom I've ever done in 15

years where they've had a doubt call and

I'm fine

I haven't how do you I mean I haven't

how to use it it's an alternative they

sell it for a reason would I use one

yeah I probably would use one but I

haven't I haven't bought one but there

was a neighbor I had and I was like man

if you got a SAP collar and trained your

dog to stop barking this dog would bark

for 12 hours straight I timed it I got

your window I was like please tell your

dogs please bring your dog inside if

he's barking like that she never did and

I told her hey I can get you a zap

collar I mean just in training good gosh

zap collar correct correct correct the

dog learns it then you never have to

correct maybe once a year you try see

here you might have to correct it's not

like you should be doing it all the time

once you get that training that's what

the zap collar that's my feel that's my

feel on that you might not like the

initial idea but it will work does that

make sense it's not like a choking choke

collar or a pinching pincher collar even

though I do sell those - okay we'll be

back after that thanks for watching yeah

be happy you happy huh it's just as Matt

huh does matter I hate that

you should do what what you're saying

you should do something


rollout of the serum we're all out of

the serum it should be here any day

Elita do the pencil leave in conditioner

I just kind of did the stuff though

smells like her the pets up leaving

conditioner has to our fragrance of the

rainforest can I do this without you

getting mad

cat don't bite me and could you fill

your nervousness

so that's sliding over here we kind of

need a big sack

feels like your cheddar but not nothing

for not there


you need a house so I got an aggressive

aggressive means dog that will bite have

an aggressive tone else I'm coming in

and I think she should be



remember you can use the dog of Sam go

into every single thing you can do don't

spend a lot of time going up and down up

and down

go ahead and do everything you can do

until you now you gotta get you have to

go up right you have to get her to stand

up no we took the collar off I think

last time I took the collar off too

I never use it but should I did right

now she will buy me on hits write down

please mom he's definitely Muslim it's

not a clue looks like you must know

collection writer

you guys you okay out there


hmm on yourself you'll test it out what

yeah well baby wants to test out the

electronic caller

well not see this YouTube wonderful for

now one guy he's shocked himself and he

fell down yeah I like electrocuted

himself and fell down like they were

laughing at first and then it hit home

it was like whoa if you knocked him out

I'm using David's mask and he does not

keep it clean where's that teeth I see

some - you know you don't keep your

inside your mask clean I got here

breathe into that mat I'm gonna wash it

today don't look at me like that

I know what that look is look straight

look straight

don't be mad at me

get mad son so far today

don't get mad


girl right


I don't trust her I got my eyes open

here you look it up hey do you guys

catch that do you see how look on her


whoo whoo and then you wonder why a

muscle shoe rather be safe than sorry

that's what that is yeah see you know

what this muzzle is you know why see

she's a wagging her tail right

she saw me killing her muzzle on she was

where I gonna tell that's why I don't

believe it's just because of what dog

wagged his tail his or her tail doesn't

mean they're gonna they're actually

happy I had one veterinarian tell me

Dede the wagging tail means that there's

gonna be touched and it's not always a

happy touch


and I'll never forget that phrase I'm

like just because you're bragging there

dog-legged always for their happy

physical affection or physicalness

physical being physical touching that's

who I am to tell it's what I've been

I've been told






- card reverse teddy bear here that's

what we did with that

you got your eye on me yeah your eye on

me girl yeah I on me

when I first started grooming I really

thought me I was like how do you know

you're gonna be able to trust the dog

like a stranger's dog how are you is

really gonna know you know yeah I

remember thinking it myself like you

just start you want to know if the dogs

gonna bite you you start paying

attention yeah cuz I was like how can

you muzzle every dogs you through it how

am I gonna get away with that that's

gonna be crazy maybe actually gonna be

grooming you know I mean all these

questions are in my head like that so

you can't you don't trust and you can't

trust you got to have your guard up you

got to know what you're looking for a

look of the eye twitch of the like their

eyebrows looking back at you like

looking reverse you'll feel the tension

in their muscles pulling back like here

looking she's looking at what I'm doing

she doesn't like it

and she's determining whether it's worth

biting or lunging out there's so much to


so your inverted you you could also just

skip for being come straight up like

that as get it out of there like that

and then come back again

I'm actually not trying to shade down

the mother here of on this planet

putting that out she did pretty good for

that especially I don't know how she

would have been if I just shaved all

that stuff out earlier it's gonna go










use my eight and a half's here I'm gonna

see if she'll be okay here would be a

great place to use the tens if you have

them cuz the long you look how long her

leg are is this less swipes when I knew

if I were to have the tins



I kind of like to keep moving and off

the dirty stuff off the table so I

couldn't so she keeps stepping in it

goes stuck to the pad a little bit and I

can't tell what I've already trimmed so

that's why I do that if you see it take

it but if it's too dangerous don't

I prefer Clippers down in this area so

no too much time there she wants to sit

let her sit do the other the other leg

that you can do and then we'll get if I

have to get the dog up stand in a little

on that

it's really hard to trim it so she's not

standing I'll take that back

no stick


even this little bit right here is how

the Earth Day stood up is awesome even

just a little bit over there she was

still helping me help her






okay I just want to double check the

brushing because seem like I was running

into just some areas of her hair so fine

so even during the blow-dry there's

anything left behind you want to make

sure you get all the little knots out so

nothing builds up so make sure you got

everything I know that I did it so

that's why we're doing this check

between our pads

I pulled all that hair in between the

toes up


to take it too long or do you feel like

do this enough so we're done here

yeah I mean coins gonna walk out on the

bike I'm not done you know true

put your foot down there you go but

didn't me see this one

see it's not in there Fido just remember

I told you sometimes when things stick

up yeah it's a knot big one today

look at that I missed that

it's always good to double check

everything you guys do that don't check

what you're calling if I'm checking with

my cone you're checking with your cone




yeah everyone I want to say they have a

pool - I got it I'm gonna double-check

today in between the toes in the front

and I had already groomed right

make sure you better get them all out


big bump back later I mean it's right

under here I've been feeling at this

whole time I'm like I need to tell them

about that