How to groom a cockapoo

yeah thanks for watching DD Croix with

my favorite groomer we are going to be

working on Lexi here and we were going

to go short enough then she doesn't have

to come back for about two months and

the coats pretty knotted in here so

we're gonna go just right under those

knots so that it's an easy quick room

otherwise brushing all this out will be

tedious because there's some pretty

pretty deep tangles here so alright here

we go I'm gonna go with the seven so I

don't have to see them for about two

months maybe three seven down


I left my chrome where they're on the

table but here you can see like we've

got some areas here that this is all

knotted up all over so if you can't run

your comb through there you've got to

really get that all do tabled otherwise

you've got to get that Clipper blade

right under that all these knots so if

you want to leave it longer we want to

definitely have more brushing going on

so if you come down this way you know

look through the house or not and this

is right here okay so this is okay here

but okay great





































you can smell something like funkiness

back here might be anal glands trying to

determine if that's what better I'm

gonna keep working on her and see it's

very fishy not quite so

don't do that don't do that

the weight is probably causing the the

breathing the way it is or there could

be some health issues there it's hard to

determine right now but it's just a lot

of a lot of breathing front breathing

I'm gonna tell them to recommend your

blood work

now she's seven so you never know where

it might go it could be hard to these it

could be something underlying

okay Christmas

I just nothing funkiness for real might

be on me

clean this out

so there's my preference for this one


get all that out of the mouth

a lot of it so those just love sticking

to the teeth and causing more issues

there no no a lot in the mouth here I've

seen no fat a little bit that's my


and they'll clean out the ears because

she's prone to ear infections I'm gonna

clean this out real good there's some

definitely irritation here and they're

very very red so this is going to help

lessen the amount of heat that's staying

in the ear I'm gonna clean us out some

more you can't tell you know a little

bit same thing with this one got some

real irritation still and she already

gave me the briefing on the ear so we're

good with that already know that exists

we're gonna do some cotton balls in the

ears during that time but you can see

how inflamed it is already and actually

they're in a situation already exists

there I'm gonna come back to go down


again to guard down here on the sides of

the face maybe come back with our for

just because I mean there were some

knots in there you can kind of see it

just barely edging off the tip of those

not in there

kind of come back here reverse a little

bit and I'm gonna come back with the

floor guard down thank from the floor

guard down the gym here


just a tiny bit real lightly bringing

that together there



big knot in there so that's why it's

sticking out get that out there

do it on this side too

through a light for on the ears beer



come back here and just dewpoint tip all

the way around don't worry your letters

out cut some knots in there I'm going to

cut them put what I'm not going to brush

out first and then come back and

actually bring that sideways like that

and then just kind of edge it around

again on this side it looks like I want

it low


here on my skin itchy and feel like a

needle this is so I can just rest my


focusing on the pads












my nail got in the blade my comeback a

new nail trim here

hmm you're okay you're okay you're okay

you're doing good doing real good here

there's no do call it's here I'm gonna

double-check down yeah I know dude cause

in the front here don't forget those


okay that's here I'm gonna show you how

to save a tail future ten blade out I'm

gonna come down this way and cut through

those mats

it's not gonna be perfect it's matted so

I'm in better work that's what you got

put it down


it's been set on a lot and not brush

that's why it's matted in there

I'm using my finger as a backing the

fall in my hand you know just brush

little by little brush out everything

you cut basically let me show you this

is my way of saving the tail we've got

too much be shedding or Adi mat excuse

me too much pulling on it pulling you

know I mean there's other ways to do it

too though we'll cover those another

time this is just one that's not still

in there you hear them

and there's another one here and

big-mountain Bucher cutting deep on that

cutter now you can also do this

really want to stand out so I can work

with this when we put this dog up stand

back you'll never come back with your D


brushing my own arm here okay I'm

actually gonna go down like this I can

see what's in her area here and she uses

the restaurant come up this way just in

and we round the tip here like that just

on her I don't know

yeah so I was trying to get a hold of me


okay let's go down and do the feet and

then we're going to go to the back

and we're gonna push this forward up

here and get detailed more detailed






all right so I know she gets her

infections she looks like she kind of

has one now we're gonna do two cotton

balls in shoot I'm gonna break this in

her ear canals kind of swollen so I

can't get to in there so I'm gonna do

one pulled that one apart and two and

then we're gonna go to the bath so one

of them will stay in there for that back

one of them might fly out so again two

pieces there we go and then I couldn't

this ear canals already too swollen and

out of set all right one of the bath

we'll be back thank you


my bunch of moles I'm gonna put it on

her card gotta remember somebody's email

let's be careful



you've gotten most of it so now what's

left in these stuff that was just

burning so it's not that much work








okay we're going to go back to the ten

blade and then move the dog-whip soon so

we can get underneath safely


mmm battery's dying guy so so probably

the end product just in case come back

over here touch up the face later thanks

for watching

let's let it die


against is the 10

real light this kind of takeaway room

how the scissor too much




got the two bars we do on the head a

little bit here straight down the ears


see those convo stayed in there so

that's a good way to avoid getting an

ear infection when you're working with

the dog that's prone to them otherwise

you know make sure just try not to get

water in the ears







all right here we go thanks for watching

hey y'all thanks for watching d destroy

with my favorite groomer and YouTube so

that last client new client they had

found me trying to find a groomer that

would not and it's kind of coming to my

head wouldn't cage for very long the

panting the dad said he heard me and he

said as soon as I went out there he's

like the panting is her anxieties so it

may not be heart disease I said I

definitely recommend the blood panel

done and he said we're doing it so she

doesn't have any heart disease or

anything it's just severe anxiety and

she acts that way when when she's going

somewhere with the other dogs in the

household and when she takes a car ride

or comes to the groomer so that was our

first groom that I remember now that

they had found me because of that the

mom had found me because of that so we

were able to groom her in about you know

fifty five minutes no caging dad just

sat stood out there sat on the bench and

everything and in the lobby and waited

which is awesome I'm glad I provide that

and there's a need for it and then he

was a military veteran so thank you for

your service to and I told him that

there but yeah just I know I know people

are gonna say some stuff because they

always do but that panting was straight

from the dad he said it's just anxiety

it's not health issues me you know I see

a lot of senior disabled pets and pets

with serious diseases so my first

instinct was a possible heart issue is

definitely weight weight issues so there

may be other things there but according

to dad just so you guys know it was

anxiety and hopefully with a groom time

that we are giving that pet now and the

more it comes in then and I say it but

it's not it's not I had a lady get mad

that I said it it's not a big deal to me

it's um just a word it's what I do here

with the animals that really counts so

as long as it comes in regularly as long

as that pet comes in regularly then I

think in the long run though the anxiety

may change and because there is no other

dogs here while we're grooming her you

know so hopefully her

he comes down so thanks for watching and

we'll see you next time