How to Grow Your First Beard | Week One

hey what's going on it's Jack Morocco

for beardbrand let's talk about the

first week of growing your new beard


it's been exactly seven days since I

started growing this beard and in that

time I've learned a thing or two now

don't get me wrong this is not the first

time I've ever grown out of beard and

it's not the first time I've ever grown

out of beer on this channel but it's the

first time done in a while and in this

process I've really learned a few things

today I'd like to share with you three

thoughts that I've learned in past 7

days of growing this beard back so what

we're gonna tackle today is three fronts

the appearance the feeling and the

expectations and that one's important so

bear with me to the end ok let's start

out with the appearance and like the

name suggests it's really just that it's

how the beard looks seven days after

growing it keep in mind I haven't done

anything to this beer at all other than

care for it I've haven't touched my face

to the razor or blade whatsoever in this

time so in that seven day span I've

learned that you're gonna find out what

your growth pattern is depending on

whether or not your order are younger

than me keep in mind I'm 24 years old

your beard might look a little bit

lesser or a little bit fuller than what

I have but I want you to keep in mind

that there are different growth patterns

for what you can expect within the first

week for a lot of guys and I mean a lot

a lot of you are not gonna see much

growth at all within that first week I'm

a little bit of an anomaly I'm young and

I grow my beard very very fast at the

beginning and it slows down under a

certain point but those first few days

into that first month are really really

fast that's not necessarily the case for

everyone out there especially those of

you who are younger early 20s into your

teens I've said this before in other

videos but you're probably going to see

one of two different types of growth

patterns within your beard at the

beginning you're either gonna see a

strength in the mustache and the goatee

area or you're gonna see a strength in

the cheeks and the neck area with me you

find that it's in the cheeks in the neck

okay so if you're not in that category

you're gonna find the vice-versa the

mustache and the goatee there is however

exceptions to this rule nothing when it

comes to beards is set in stone and that

goes the same for growth patterns if you

find that you don't have either of these

two patterns and maybe you have the

entire thing growing in evenly

congratulations you are one of the lucky

few I'll touch on this a little bit more

in the

lactation category this video but keep

in mind what you see in the first week

is not what you're gonna get you're just

starting out so be patient with it all

right now if we look a little bit closer

at the hair itself growing on your face

you're probably gonna see either one of

two different types the main type would

you see mostly covered in my face right

now which is really gonna be what the

beard is and then there are some lighter

hairs and especially if you're younger

or if your genetics aren't exactly

firing on all cylinders for beard growth

you're gonna see these really light

color hair which aren't vellus hairs

there's a whole subject into how you

turn the vellus hairs into real hairs

and whatever that's not what we're

covering today all I want to tell you is

you're either gonna see this where

you're gonna see this again this is only

seven days in what you see is not going

to be what you get ultimately all right

moving right along let's talk about the

feeling and this is where it's gonna

really test a lot of you first time

beard growers because in that first week

you might be developing an itch that's

especially true if you've never done

this before and that's where products

come into place in proper care of your

face comes into play

all right the entire reason beard oil

was created in the first place was not

only to give your beard a great shine

and a great look but it's to take care

of the skin underneath the hair and

that's really critical within these

first seven days if you are experiencing

an itch within that first week of beard

growth I would absolutely encourage you

to pick up a bottle of beard oil or a

jar of utility balm alright that is

gonna give you the much-needed relief

for what you are experiencing right now

and it's also gonna make the hair

healthier looking as it grows out it's

not gonna completely transform the look

of your beard but it's gonna transform

the way your beard feels so do yourself

a favor pause the video right now go

check out the description I put a few

things down there if you want to check

it out now is the perfect time to start

investing in the care part of your beard

alright if you don't want to do that and

go for the full natural and let it just

kind of happen it's fine

you can do that muscle through it

alright finally let's talk about the

expectations now this is something I

talk about a lot in my videos and that

is to be realistic with your goals you

are not going to have a full beard at

seven days and that is just ridiculous

no one does that you can have a nice

growth of scruff within a week but

realistically you're not gonna have a

beard within that time period all right

so be patient with it because if this is

your first time this is where it's

really gonna test you okay not only is

it not gonna look fantastic it's not

gonna feel fantastic and it's not gonna

be what you want all right this is where

you have to decide are you going to keep

the scruff are you gonna shave or you're

gonna commit to doing the full beard

because I think at the very least you

should give yourself 30 days of growth a

lot of people wonder when is the proper

time to assess when you need to add a

neckline in the cheek line and that is

not a simple answer okay it really

depends on the type of person of what

type of growth pattern you have if

you're experiencing what I have and it's

really predominantly growing down here

and growing all the way up into your

eyeballs that is when you can probably

pick up the razor and establish the

neckline the cheek line after a week

especially if you were in the type of

profession where you need to look

professional and put together

I would absolutely urge you to establish

a cheap line and establish a neck line

as soon as possible now almost every

single guy on this channel has covered

how to establish a neckline and cheek

line at some point in this channel so if

you want to figure out how to do that go

ahead and check out the description I'll

put some of those videos down there

alright but if you want to go for the

full month and not shave at all that

will give you the opportunity to really

see where the hair is coming in so keep

those expectations real establish the

neckline of the cheek line if you want

care for the beard during this first

week and remember you've got to be

patient throughout this entire thing

I'll check back in with you guys next

week and show you what two weeks of

growth looks like on myself and tell you

what you can expect and anticipate for

within two weeks of growing all right

and there we go that's all we've got for

this week thank you so much for watching

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your second third and fourth weeks of

growth for your first new beard and

until I see you next week hey

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