How to Grow Cabbage - A Step by Step Guide

so something I got used to get confused

about at the star of people talk about

spring cabbage sauerkraut cabbage you

know what what are the differences and

when should we sow them yeah well you

get summer spring summer autumn and

winter yeah yes you could have it ten

months of the year in your garden if you

Sol now it middle of April if you saw

summer cabbage autumn cabbage and winter

cabbage all at the same time all today

you'll get them in succession okay

yeah so from one sowing you'll have them

ready from July onwards until January

the following year so they don't need to

be succession so if you choose the right

varieties so look the way we sow the

seeds is we have a modular tray and

finds he come first and then the village

of five rubbing the lumps away nice and

full overfill it first and then don't

compress the modules with your fingers

the only firming you need to do is two


firm banks and that'll settle the

compost nicely into it of course when we

cut off the excess compost we saw them

about fingernails depth or about one and

a half to two centimeters deep so you

make little holes indentations into the

cells I find it's the easiest is to put

seeds onto a piece of paper and with a

pencil or pen you put one seed in each

cell when you finished you put fine seed

compost all fill it again and then

scrape it off and that's it that's ready

it just water it in gently don't

overwater over watering is just as bad

as under watering because to see it's me

rot away and that's it probably about

four to six weeks all the cabbages

cabbage family tripe you know the

brassicas so-called yeah they're all the

same yeah I'm very quick to terminate

within a week and within four to six

weeks you can plant them out

the the cabbages are the one type of

vegetable that will forgive you anything

any torture in the tray you know they

are pot bound another vegetable might

react by bolting or really being angry

but these ones are perfect you know they

didn't grow out of it in no time we

plant them in fertile soil up to their

neck up to the first leaf will plant

them now quite firm and the spacing is

about foot and the bits the wider you

space them the bigger your head will be

I'm actually quite lazy Andrew I plant

nearly all my different types of

cabbages around now end of me that'll be

the summer autumn and winter cabbages

and the winter cabbages it just take a

little bit longer to mature yeah yeah

the summer cabbages are planted at the

same time but already in August autumn

cabbages in October and the winter

cabbages in December January the Dutch

cabbage Richard s red Dutch cabbage a

foot and a half right it's perfect so

size nine wellies will give you a foot

and firm planting again if you see the

soil the plant is struggling after a

while the top dress it with her poetry

pellets yeah but it might not be

necessary at all but we'll watch it and

see how it goes

first of all it's the most beautiful

plant isn't it but with any brass ok

look at any holes in the leaves and they

will be caused by the cabbage white

butterfly caterpillars so you just check

underneath either a cluster of yellow

eggs or the catabolism cabbage shrewd

fly would be another one yeah and but

you would have seen the plants dying

already yeah

it affects them more when they're small

after you've planted them and they're

still small it's it's the fly of the

cabbage root fly which lays its eggs at

the base of the stem and then as regards

feeding during the season do we need -

oh absolutely they're greedy what we

wanted leaves to grow fast so these

painted poultry pellets around us

poultry pellets will last for about

three months and that's the time then

heat they'll need it it's just a top

dressing class isn't it and then just

hide we give it a bit of a ruffle in

roughly at the soil and the rain will

take the nutrients and released him on

the cabbages yeah sometimes they can get

a little bit leggy and then you can just

earth them up like that right up to the

growing point what time of year would

you expect them then two former former

heart well they'll be ready now by

October and end in store for good few

months two months at least year as a


now we're back with our red cabbages now

we actually had to replant em because we

lost a couple of our earlier ones so

they're quite small but we're in

December now and these are going to be

absolutely perfect for your Christmas

dinner you can see that it's Harding up

nicely now we've got a good solid head

there so we're just going to cut through

here now as you can see now that's

that's a lovely head now what I love

about red cabbage I'm just going to cut

through this just to show you yeah look

at that doesn't that look absolutely

beautiful great for cooking blood adds a

lovely red color and texture to your

plate absolutely fantastic