Daffodils - easy to grow blooms year after year

hey how are you look at these little

beauties spring is a fantastic time for

spring flowering bulbs like daffodils

I've done if you know that there's over

20,000 different varieties of daffodils

huge huge range you can get flower from

kind of late January right through until

kind of middle of spring late April into

may even with some some varieties and

it's great to get a succession of color

I wanted to show you this garden that's

got some lovely varieties of daffodils

and a narcissus I in there

same thing by the way if ever people ask

me what's the difference between a on

this unless I and a daffodil one lattice

is the family and daffodil is a

particular type of gnat assigned of

associate with a big yellow trumpet a

flower Welsh symbol and I'll show you

some of the traditional daffodils in a

moment but this some this is one of my

favorite varieties of kind of dwarf a

miniature daffodils are Marcy sorry this

is one called

it sim I T as a um it sim and look at

the way that those petals are kind of

tucked back there it's a sickliness

flower they call this one because it's

like a sick common flower where the

petals are tucked back like that and the

great thing about daffodils is you can

just leave them in you haven't got to

kind of lift them up like you know some

people think they're hard work but these

guys only cost a few pence in in the

autumn to put in and these have been in

this garden I planted them myself

it would have been five or six years ago

and they just keep on coming back year

after year very little work involved in

them I would use this time of the year

not maybe not every year but it's worth

putting a food to some food down so that

when these these leaves then

photosynthesizing there's a long word

for you no extra charge through the for

the early part of the summer they'll be

storing the energy back into the bulb so

don't be in a hurry to cut these leaves

and these flowers off

leave the leaves there definitely to

help store some energy for next year's

flowers a little bit of this

slow-release fertilizer sprinkle the

rails a game will help encourage the

feed for next year in the years to come

and yeah let them die back when the

leaves finally go yellow sometime in

early summer about like June you can rip

them off then and then you won't see

them until next next spring it's gonna

have a look at one of the other very

very popular daffodils in the UK anyway

this is one called Tate arte I think

that's French for head to head because

you often get more than one flower on

the on the stem they like they kind of

sit very close to the ground they

normally start out flowering only about

kind of four or five inches high and

then that they gradually extend them get

a little bit higher great for

naturalizing great for just kind of

creating natural drifts in borders or in

the lawn very very easy to grow

that's Tate art a what a lovely little

daffodil you beauties you you absolute

beauties look at these guys just love to

flower they're show-offs you know so why

would you not plant daffodils in your

garden and these are those little Tate

arte those very early flowering

miniature compact daffodils look how

they kind of just bunched up here and

they're playing happy families really

really content and those as these guys

go over they've been a flower for a

month already as they go over so the

more common varieties of you and you're

kind of more typical taller growing

daffodils will will come into a flower

and it's great you can cut some of these

and take them in the house make a nice

Sun voices of ours of flowers some of

them are got a nice perfume too and

further up the EM the garden here at the

path we've got other later flowering

varieties of daffodils so that we're

going to get daffodils and flower late

February March April right into early


so that's a good kind of three months of

of color and they're going to last 10-15

years doing that so the time to plant

these bulbs is in the autumn you can

pick them up in in garden centers and


from about August through till about

October November don't be afraid

what's to lose get planted