Grow Giant Pumpkins!

welcome to how to grow in this video

we're going to look at how to grow a

giant pumpkin I'm going to be perfectly

honest with you I'm not going to grow a

giant pumpkin this year and you can see

in the background there that's the plant

it's actually just one plant inside that

huge tunnel um but the problem is none

of the fruit really or the pumpkins have

set most of my only about fifth sees and

that's kind of due to lack of sunshine

lack of heat and as I said in other

videos there's been so much rain and so

it's you know it's not going to work and

now regardless of that I decided to make

this video anyway actually post it

because all the techniques that I

described in this video I should really

apply and if you want to grow giant

pumpkin and this is all you have to do

what is it mister you tell them okay so

we have a giant pumpkin bear just to

show you it's really grown out the door

it's even gone all the way over to there

so it's it's kind of spread out and the

tunnel itself is five meters long by two

meters wide or 2.5 meters wide and it's

just really crammed in there you can see

it's growing up the sides and I planted

it way at the back there which you'll

see now in a minute in the video and I

probably still get some kind of pumpkin

but something maybe I don't know 20

kilos but not like a couple of hundred

kilos you know so and it's very

important I've never seen anything like

this you know so you're going to need a

tunnel Holland's giant star crumb and

what you do is you're going to get unto

big guys who have basically grown and

these large pumpkins for over 25 years

they have selected and you know every

year they have been growing from the

biggest pumpkins so make sure to plant

your seed not on the flat but actually

I'm also twice the deaths down and just

bury it away and moisten it a bit put it

into your into your propagator your

electric propagator make sure that the

the germination temperature

is set here now once our hole is dug we

need to add some of this organic compost

you can see that there's still a lot of

kind of straw bits in there so what I'm

going to do and this is very very good

it's I'm going to add some really fresh

sloppy chicken manure to it so I'm going

to mix that all up together and that

goes into the bottom of the hole so it's

not about three or four months later

since I actually put up the poly funnel

and put the mulch down and already the

soil is doing quite well because of this

then I plug the hole on into the hole

and again I want to mix it up really

well now next one's a wheelbarrow load

of topsoil I'm gonna have this fish and

bone meal I'm going to add a bit of this

into it and again I'm going to mix it

all in so I'm going to need about two

three wheelbarrows of soil

I'm not taking out two of the stones as

well now next time sir worm compost mm

it's probably the best fertilizer on the

planet there's ones in there as well and

and also the exit for the castings of

the worms so I grab some of these worms

so that they don't get buried just put

them under the mulch

now next we're going to have some of

this compost and it's well broken down

so what I'm going to do next is I'm

going to add some of this and micro

Bridal fungi onto the roots and as many

of you know by now

a Medic verge is secondary roots of the

fungi to grow on your pumpkins and that

means they get twice the size of

rootstock so I'm going to give them a

good nice big scoop into the hole and

very carefully take my giant pumpkin out

now it's important here that you you pry

loose the very very gently pry loose to

the roots and you wouldn't want to leave

it any longer as well because otherwise

it would become pot bound and that will

set back your plant and then very gently

you place it into your hole pull away

the soil so that detect that these kind

of roots that I pried out and fall

naturally and spread out that's what we


with vegetables it's like this the more

care you give them the better they're

going to grow check out my video on

compost tea and I've also added a little

bit of seed with seaweed extract and

it's only a little touch of it add it

with water now I've got these 2 5 liter

bottles that I basically cut this way

you can also just have them hold and

plunk them on but the pumpkins are

usually much bigger now make sure you

never tread on your soil that's a big

no-no if you can avoid it at all

possible and and this is just to protect

it from slugs until it gets a little bit


we want to add a bit of mulch in and

around now when I answered up I take the

mulch back off and put the put the

monster on top again and I see you in

about maybe two months time which will

be only a second for you now it's the

end of May and the first thing I'm going

to do is basically transplant these

little ash trees that I've grown and

then what I'm going to do is I'm going

to ask that this pumpkin

so now I've taken off the mulch and the

next step is just to take this soil here

they got all the big stones as well and

just to earth it up around the base but

around the sides as well so you can see

here and it's not too soon I should you

do it the roots are just about starting

to come out and they're about I don't

know about 40 centimetres away from the

base of the plant so earthing up is

really really essential here however

thought the plant I've loosened up

everything around it so the roots can

really spread into it I've also merged

everything so that the the water won't

evaporate so the next step is going to

be as soon as the vines are coming out

I'm going to show you how to bury those

because if you bury them you get more

nutrients into the plant so we'll have a

look at the next so it's 21st of June as

you can see the pumpkin has grown quite

quite considerably and it's kind of

coming this way it's all the way up to


I know if you can see it and and what

I'm going to show you now next is how to

loosen the soil and we're going to add a

few more ingredients as well and yeah so

let's get to it so you can see I've

taken the vine slightly into a different

direction very very gently so if you

have to get it it's kind of probably

better to do this beforehand but if you

have to do it just be very very gentle

so you don't damage the vine at all or

stress it at all and I'm just kind of

loosening up the soil taking of course

like I said any of the stones or sticks

or anything like that

next come some of this stuff

and again I'm going to dig it in as well

so it's good to kind of just cover the

whole ground and then just kind of

loosely walk it in that's a good idea to

take off any kind of straw bits again as

well because they were just robbed can a

nitrogen from the ground that's one

thing we don't want now notice I'm kind

of making an area quite wide because I

want the the roots again to spread out

really evenly and in all directions and

then all that's to it it's giveth fixing

it all in you can weeds as well so I'm

just starting to bury vastrel vine

itself you can see I'm doing it where

there's a you know where there's another

leaf actually coming out and this case

there's even a second vine coming up

from the base as well and that's

basically where you really want to bury

the vine itself now next what I'm going

to do is I'm going to bury the secondary

vine and again I'm going to use berry

just there at the base of the Leafs and

all I got to do is really really easy

and simple let's just place some soil on

top of it and just bury it there that'll

encourage it to grow these these roots

and spread out nicely just put a bit of

mulch back on top there and that's it

now it's morning time 8 o'clock in the

morning and you can see I have a male

flower here with a bit of fleece on it

and that's just to stop any kind of

insects from going in there and maybe

bringing in some other pollen into the

male flower and I've done the same with

the female flower which I'll show you

now in a minute now you can recognize

the male flowers by in fact they have

this very very long stem and what I'm

going to do is I'm going to take this

this male flower now over to the

the female flower on the other plant and

the other pumpkin plant in order to

cross the two of them so we're here now

at the plant that's going to produce the

actual female pumpkin and you can see

the flower is just opening there also I

again covered in fleas and here's the

mayor flower all I got to do really is

take off

the foilage there the flower part to

expose the see the problem there just

expose the male part out kind of

difficult to do it one hand is now also

what I wanted to show you guys is how to

recognize and the female flower and

that's quite easy by the fruit there at

the bottom and I've cut off some of the

leaves here because as the pumpkin I

once it's fertilized

starts growing it's going to need a lot

more room now just very very gently I'm

going to touch each one of these little

segments there now the next step is

going to be in the video it's going to

be cutting off the growing shoots very

soon I'm going to do that and then just

like feed like mad every week once a

week with compost tea and different

things like that now in the big tunnel

you can see there's a four plants there

pumpkin plants and they kind of not even

as big as the just one down below and so

it really goes to show that if you get

the right seed and do all these kind of

things and it really helps just to

quickly show you I got a male flower and

I pollinated you know from the actual

big pumpkin air plant down below and I

pollinate this one and so it's growing

away so this one might come to something

that again only maybe 40 kilos is what I

probably I'm gonna get from it you know

and which is alright you know now I hope

you enjoyed the video and also what I'm

going to do I'm not going to give up on

that pumpkin yet I put too much effort

into growing within so what I'm going to

do is I'm going to do an experiment and

that's what my next video is going to be

about so and hope you enjoyed it please

like up this video and also if you have

any questions again you know comment

away thanks