How to Grow Peppers - (PROGRESSION) Growing Guide - How to Grow Carolina Reaper Hot Peppers

well Nancy's come home with another hot

pepper this was called a Carolina Reaper

we talked about that we'll be right back




Oh welcome back when you talk to people

that like hot peppers and you're going

to get a thousand different opinions on

who's got the hottest pepper and if you

ask me I don't know I'll have a clue I

hear all kinds of stories about what's

hotter I think it all depends on the

individual to tell you the truth but

this one here is advertised to be 190

times hotter than a jalapeno I can't

even imagine putting something like that

in my mouth Nancy looks forward to it

okay so she wanted me to grow Simon try

them they're called the Carolina Reaper

and here's what the here's a little bit

better picture of them right here I

don't know if can you see that okay and

that's what they look like so they're

not a real big pepper and Nancy said

it's listed in the Guinness Book of

World Records just the hottest pepper in

the world but who knows how off to date

that is and in my opinion it all depends

on whose mouth you're putting it in but

anyway we started some seeds here's for

the Raptors they're really not ready to

come outside yet they're still in

underneath the grow light in the house

so we'll let these stay inside for a few

more weeks until they get up a little

bit more matured and will harden them

off and we'll put them out in the earth

garden and then let Nancy enjoy all she

wants so we'll see you back and yeah I

probably have a few weeks ahead we'll be

back shortly to show you the progress of

these these hot boys I would do one

here's what a Carolina Reapers they're

they emerge and they're they've come up

and they're

they're going they're pretty slow Grover

so what I'm going to do is give these

another a week or so and then I'm going

to transplant them into a little bit

bigger cups and see if I can't get those

things up bigger and ready to transplant

soon as the weather gets a little warmer

so we'll be back shortly as soon as I

get them transplanted okay I got my

little Carolina Reapers transplanted

into a little bit bigger cups I'm gonna

harden ease off on the hardening table

and we'll be back in about a wee week

and a half and we'll get these in the

earth garden so we'll be back shortly

I Carolina Reapers I've been out here on

the hardening table they've hardened off

and they're ready to go I need to get

them out of these cups I transplanted

them into these little old flower cups

but they're ready to go in the ground so

I'm gonna get this started today out in

the earth garden so Nancy's gonna put a

little link at the end of this video on

how to grow sweet peppers it shows you

step-by-step how I used to fish the

bamboo stakes the cage how to put it in

the hole all that so go watch that video

because the way I plant my sweet peppers

and the way I plant my hot peppers are

exactly the same so go look at that

video we'll be back after these are in

the ground we'll watch these as they

progress up until we start to harvest

those there's those peppers and Nancy

makes herself some hot sauce for a

barbecue sandwich so we'll be back

shortly I got the Carolina Reapers put

in the ground and it's been a real cool

spring but the last couple of days we

actually had some hot weather today is

90 degrees so Carolina Reapers love that

hot weather so they're off and running

and I think in the days ahead you'll

start to see them really get some good

traction so let's take a look at what

the plants look like

I just got the four in and we'll be back

shortly and we'll take a look at them

again as they as they start to grow be

back in a couple weeks the Carolina

Reapers are really making some progress

so it's going to give you a little sweep

down to down the for plants and let you

take a look at they're starting to

develop the fruits they're still green

but they're on their way to turning red

as soon as they turn red I'll be able to

make some pepper spray to deal with the

evil squirrels and evil rabbits around

here so let's take a look up close and

take a look at what these fruits look



well the plants look nice and bushy I

topped these plants before I put them

and to help them to push out see if I

can get this pepper right here


so we'll be back in the days ahead a few

more weeks ahead and we'll look at these

peppers as they turn red and when they

get red they're ready to make some

pepper spray fer - evil rabbit and the

evil squirrels so we'll see you then

well our Carolina Reapers have started

to mature and we're starting to get some

that are ready to use and they're

turning red so today I wanted to pick

some and show you a little bit about

them and explain to you about the the

heating of these things it's very

difficult for me to get the camera up in

here and show you what these look like

so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna

cut off a little a branch and show you

some so let me grab some of them for you

here's a branch that I just cut and you

can see that it is it's loaded with the

green ones and then they turn down here

to the different color to get red orange

and red being the last color they turn

red and when they're red buddy they are

scorching hot so let's go over to the

harvest table and take a close-up look

at these and see if we can learn a

little bit about the heating this level

on these things

okay the first thing I want to talk

about is how to measure the heat

nespresso now if you talk to any of

these pepper heads that are

knowledgeable about the heat index or

the heat unit or a Scofield scale you'll

always hear them talking about what that

measures on the scope Scofield scale and

really that's nothing more than just a

measure of the pungency or the spicy

heat of a chili pepper and it was

developed by Wilbur Scoville in 1912 now

it's not high precision highly accurate

but it's accepted worldwide as the scale

that everybody works to when they're

measuring how hot something is and

especially hot peppers they even use it

in hot spicy foods as well the first one

I want to talk about it when you talk

about the Scofield heat index or the

heat unit or Shu there's a lot of people

they don't know what you're talking

about and they can't relate to it

because they don't have a baseline to

work to so one or two start off with one

today that everybody's probably familiar

with at some time or another you've

always you've probably all eaten a

jalapeno pepper at one time and they

taste great and they do have a Scofield

heat unit of 5000 so there are 5,000 Sh

use for a jalapeno so remember you have

probably tasted a high opinion sometime

in your lifetime and you know that

rascal is pretty hot so remember it

measures a 5000 the next one one I want

to graduate up to is the one that Nancy

loves the best is the Korean go choo

this pepper it comes in at a whopping

30,000 Shu as you can see it's quite a

bit hotter than a traditional jalapeno

but this is the main staple of all

Korean dishes it all starts with some

goat cheese peppers given

little kick 30,000 the next one don't

want to talk about is the Chinese five

color beautiful pepper you've seen us

grow these before but the Chinese five

color she rolls in at fifty thousand

parity hot I'm telling you is it's more

than I can eat that's for sure but it's

pretty good pepper and Nancy like

something she's making some hot sauce

and things with it so she enjoys that

I'm just too tender then we come up to

the big old cow Carolina Reaper this is

a powerful powerful pepper it comes in

at 1 billion five hundred and sixty nine

thousand three hundred on the Shu it's

the current 2017 Guinness World Book of

record holder for the world's hottest

pepper and of course you can talk to a

lot of people and everybody will say

well it's not as hot as this it's not as

hot to me it's all a matter of taste how

does it taste to you but take a look at

this pepper you can see the classic

scorpion tail that's got on it and to me

that's scary enough just looking at that

this one right here is perfectly ripe

it's that the color that you want to

look for that red orange color it gets

it's got that scorpion tail on there and

buddy you better believe that a rascal

lights you up here's another one nice

specimen here they are this is what they

look like when they're green you see the

scorpion tails forming on them sit and

here they are I've been at another this

is actually when it gets this is the

first color it'll go to this as it

ripens further this is where you want to

get it to where you're getting the seeds

out of it to say for next year but right

here this is a hot pepper and I really

can't imagine eating that I don't

recommend eating it to anyone you know

some of these pepper heads they love

these things and they goes well and some

of their cuisines

I will give you a word of warning them I

used this to make pepper spray to detour

raccoons out of my melons so they don't

bother my melons it did take but a

couple of bites of that and they decide

they not gonna leave melons anymore but

when you're using this in a pepper spray

you always want to wear protection too

like gloves to protect your hands

you want to wear long sleeves you want

to wear eye protection so when you're

spraying always spray where the spray is

flowing downwind away from you so it

doesn't blow back into your eyes because

your eyes can absorb this stuff really

fast and it man is it hurt and you don't

want to get it on your skin neither

because it's soaks into your skin and

you can't wash it off it just eats you

alive so be very careful handling this

and spraying it and you don't want to

spray it around pets and definitely

don't want it around children so be

careful with this if you're going to use

it now here we're talking about 1.5

million on Shu and just think about the

police grade pepper spray

police grade pepper spray is five

million three hundred thousand so you

can compare that to your Carolina Reaper

at one Bay and so you know it's getting

pretty hot but this tells me that if

when a police officer tells me to stop

what I'm doing or they're going to

discharge some pepper spray I think the

best policy at that point would be

always compliance and not defiance and

avoid getting this stuff on you so I

don't think anything about police grade

pepper spray would be present Pleasant

so there you go with the Carolina

Reapers thank you I hope that you

learned a little bit about this today

and enjoyed the video and if you like

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so until me and Nancy see you next time

I always remember bias hands where your


give us Lord our daily bread amen



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