Planting Pumpkins For The Perfect Halloween Jack-o'-lantern

hey guys come on in - one of my garden

spot's today is the fourth of July so

happy fourth of July

and the fourth of July is one of two

days a year I plant pumpkins I plant

them on Memorial Day and I made a video

of that that has something to do with my

service in Iraq and those who didn't

make it home that's a whole story in and

of itself but I plan on the 4th of July

because basically early July is your

last opportunity to plant pumpkins that

will be ready to harvest in time for


most pumpkins depending upon the type of

pumpkin take at least 90 to 110 days to

mature and be ready for harvest so if

you're looking at the first of July

you've got all of July August September

that's 90 days so then October October

10 October 15 you're looking at 110 days

115 days so it July's your last best

time to do this so what I'm doing just

to explain here in this garden we don't

have the best soil we have a couple

different garden spots our best gardens

down there

I mean you drop this heat and that soil

and boom it just grows like crazy

because we used to keep our rabbits

there the soil is very fertile very rich

not so much in this garden we're working

on it it's a work in progress one of the

things we're doing to enrich the soil is

we're bringing soil that's already

enriched into this garden spot we have a

spot up on the hill where we get black

gold which you know is oak leaf mold and

then we have a stream down here that

feeds our pond where there's a lot of

silt ish type soil that's high in

nutrients so here's what I've done the

soil is so poor here that we actually

planted some peppers two different types

of peppers here that just didn't grow

the weeds grew so I've cut down the

weeds and I'm going to bring soils

because it's going to take several hours

this video is probably only gonna be

about 8 or 12 minutes long because we're

gonna do a lot of splicing a lot of

editing but over the next two or three

hours despite the fact that it's the

fourth of July and I have water that I

put in the freezer last night because I

always know the day before what I'm

gonna do on the homestead the next day

I'm gonna drink this down in today's

heat but I'm going to transfer a rich

soil to my not so rich soil garden and

I'm gonna make mounds to plant my

pumpkins so that's what we're doing and

I'm gonna take this phone real quick

from the most beautiful woman in the

world my wife and if you don't believe

me go look at some of our videos she's

in and you'll agree with me she's the

most beautiful woman in the world I want

to give you an update on a couple things

just three days ago we made a video on

how to grow cucumbers I want to say

pepino because that's what we call them

for years in the Philippines Peppino's

cucumbers using the fungus way method of

letting the vines go where they want it

three days ago we had no vegetables we

had no cucumbers on these vines look at

this three days later that thing is huge

it's fat we got some little ones here

and my life later here's a big one make

sure to check back with us later because

she's gonna make a video showing how she

makes for this wonderful Filipino

cucumber salad that we lived off of over

there for years cuz you know everyday

summer it's tropical you can grow here

around look at this one three days look

at that it's gorgeous okay I'll give

this back to the most beautiful woman in

the world and with no further ado I'm

gonna go get some soil and we're gonna

get started planting our pumpkins hey

guys welcome to our version of

Mesopotamia here on our property we have

three water sources coming together to

join right here we have a creek here

there's a creek over in the woods there

that actually comes in down here below

this old well pump down here below me

and then we have a third water source

back here it's basically another natural

spring that shoots water out of it when

it rains hard but they all come together

bringing in silt all kinds of nutrients

and nourishment to this part of our

property and you can see the soil here

is very rich very dark the soil up there

where we're throwing our pumpkins and

that garden is like a light brown which

means it's kind of thirsty and hungry

for nutrients so we're going to take it

up there and I mean these things are all

over the place guys when you're digging

soil and you find an earthworms that

means you it's very good soil now

there's gonna be worm castings in here

so now we're gonna start the long

arduous process of dragging this soil to

the garden okay so you're probably

wondering why is that guy using a sled

to get soil well am i cheap no but am i

thrifty yes see these sleds we bought a

lot of our stuff at Kroger a common

grocery store on the East Coast these

are like 15 bucks in the month of

December they have them every year well

if you wait until February you usually

get three for ten they make excellent

wagons or wheelbarrows for the farm and

three for ten dollars three dollars and

33 cents versus 100 bucks for

wheelbarrow and now dirts heavy okay

especially this moist soil from our

Mesopotamia Creek area I dragged it over

to where it's going with my lawn tracker

I just use and I hook when these tie

downs on here I'll make sure to secure

it and I don't need no $60,000 John

Deere on my homestead I use an $1100

troy bilt mower

all right so we got the soil over here

where we want it some more drag it in to

the garden come on with me into the

garden and now I'm just gonna start

dumping my soil here now look at this

you're gonna get shot of that honey are

you close enough come on in closer let's

let's give him a really nice view look

at this soil versus this soil this soil

now this is dry so it's not an apples

apples comparison but even if we wet it

down and which I'm gonna do because I

don't want this to be an apple some

water on here you can tell this is

almost black look at these worms I mean

guys this is a great sign of great soil

okay and we've got some clay and some

sand in here just a nice mixture we've

got these decaying oak leaves in here

over here I mean it's like almost clay

ish lighter brown a lighter color less

nutrients so I want to spin the next

however long it takes probably an hour

to an hour and a half bring in load

after load after load of soil from our

Mesopotamia area to here so we can plan

our our pumpkins I'm gonna let the most

beautiful woman in the world go inside

and stay where it's cool once I get some

soil over here we'll be right back hey

guys I'm adding another step that I

almost left out so I wanted to come back

to you quicker than I thought and show

you this you might remember I

demonstrated to you earlier in the year

the double dig no-till garden tilling

method how to tell a garden without a

tiller I'm gonna implement part of that

strategy here it just occurred to me

that one sled load worth of soil is

gonna be just about enough soil for my

perfect pumpkin Mound

well the seeds will sprout and they'll

start growing really good in this soil

but once they get down to this they're

gonna hit a solid object and they're not

gonna do so well so what I'm gonna do is

before I put every mound of my fertile

soil down as I'm just gonna take my

shovel and just like with the double dig

no to a garden method I'm not going to

remove an entire shovels worth of soil


decide and loosen up the soil beneath it

but what I'm doing is I'm just going to

loosen up the top like this because this

is the soil that will be beneath that

soil so this way here about three or

four weeks as the roots making our way

through this very rich soil they're not

gonna hit solid ground and then become

stunted they're going to hit well broken

up down so you see how I've done that

it's nice and loose but still this soil

is not that fertile but at least now

it's not hard it's broken up it's soft

the roots will be able to get through

there then I'm gonna take my and now

when I do the next man what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna go ahead and loosen up this

soil here and then just dump my next

slid of fertile soil on top of it so I

don't have to move the soil twice

remember work smart not hard do it right

and then you do it once so this is gonna

be our first pumpkin bound right here on

the right where I'm continue to add this

and guys there are so many worms in here

I could go fishing all day with the

worms that were just in here you're not

seeing them all from that angle in that

distance but I mean they're just


going around they're dark they're

blending in with the soil I mean I mean

they're freaking dozens of them okay so

now what I'm gonna do is before I go and

get the next mound of soil is I'm gonna

break up this ground which as you can

see is very hard so I'm gonna do it just

like I did there

and watch our video on which which yard

tool or gardening tool works which

muscle park you'll know I'm getting one

heck of a leg workout right here doing

this and be careful guys I mean you see

me bouncing up and down on this shovel

like a trampoline I do this all the time

if you're kind of new to this but you

don't do it as often as I do remember

hentai hentai slow and easy nothing out

here is worth getting hurt over and now

this soil look how solid and nasty in

for nutrients that is no wonder our

peppers in grow but now this is broken

up so now I'm gonna head back over the

creeks yeah another slight load I'm

gonna put it right here then when our

pumpkins start sprouting and the roots

are growing they're gonna be able to get

through this easy so yeah I need to take

I can go down they're almost up to my

wrist so I'm to get more soil hey guys

so here we are about an hour and a half

later and I made 13 trips to the creek

and back with 13 sled loads of very

fertile soil my beautiful bride who's

recording this now jumped in to help you

saw how I was breaking up the soil

underneath the mounds she did that while

I was getting soil remember those who

homestead together stay together so now

and it's overcast now this is crazy we

might have a thunderstorm coming in for

the last hour and a half while I was

doing this there were no clouds and the

Sun was beating down on me and it was

like 95 degrees whatever it is what it

is I want to show you a couple of

interesting finds I made in our Creek

honey let's give him a close-up here I

dug up a couple things the way the soil

worked over there was that we had about

six inches of silt dish topsoil then it

was about six inches of sand and then I

had about six inches of clay this was in

the sandy part about six inches in

underneath the topsoil if anybody

watching this has any idea what era this

might be from please let me know you

probably in the comments section you

probably noticed in the earlier part of

the video there was

well house up there we have reason to

believe there was an old homeplace up

there but we don't know we're in

Albemarle County I was gonna kind of

give that away here in a second anyway

Virginia but we're just a couple maybe

three hours away from Jamestown so we

know the Europeans were settling here

more than 400 years ago and we just have

no idea how long people is here even

before that but here's my second find

I'm with spin on this and rub off some

of the dirt but this is really

interesting I went inside and googled

this after finding this this is an old

broken coca-cola bottle it was about it

eight inches beneath the surface and I'm

gonna bring it up close so you see on

the bottom there since Charlottesville

Virginia don't know don't move okay

you got it so I'll talk about this while

she's getting that Charlottesville


there's an old coca-cola bottling works

place down there that today is a

restaurant so I went in and googled this

so I could give you some facts about

this it was a bottling center built in

1939 that was in production until 1973

which ironically is the year I was born

I was born in 73 so I know this bottle

was made at some point from 1973 or

before so I'm holding a broken coca-cola

bottle in my hand that is at least as

old as I am I'm 44 it's probably older

it was well preserved because it was

buried under about 8 inches of soil in

our creek today it's on 10th Street if

you're familiar with Charlottesville

it's a little shortcut from West Main

Street over to the barracks Road section

of town you can drive by there you see

the old building it's like a restaurant

or a coffee shop or something now says

coca-cola bottling works but that's

where this came from and it's been

buried up here in my creek for who knows

how long now I've got my mounds my soil

is broken up underneath them so the

roots will be able to penetrate that

soil when they grow and I'm gonna plant

some jack-o'-lanterns just plain pumpkin

jack-o'-lantern and some Casper's these

are not the white Luminas they're kind

of like a bluish whitish but these are

both pretty pumpkins I counted the seeds

I mixed them together in a cup

encountered them I have 39 seeds or 40

39:40 seeds and i have 13 mounts at 13

do you do the math and basically it

calls for three seeds per mound so what

I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put in

three seats per mound I'm going to do

you want to bear him about an inch half

an inch to an inch deep and again it's

the fourth of July so yeah I read the

back of those packets and ironically it

said just what I told you the beginning

the video one of these takes 90 days

until it's ready to harvest and the

other takes 110 or something like that

so by the first or second week of

October these things are going to be

ready to go and I'm gonna be ready to be

carved into the perfect jack-o'-lantern

now that's trusting all goes well and

we're gonna have to get out here water

this we're in the summer months what did

I miss

oh I didn't berry see now I'm gonna move

this class here in just a little bit I'm

gonna go ahead and plant here cuz I

can't skip a part of a row if I do I'll

never replant it and I wonder why my

pumpkins never came up and as far as

this saying giving away our location if

this hat hasn't done it which I'm worn

in like every other video we've ever


then you've not been paying attention to

detail but anyway this is all I'm doing

I'm going through I'm planting these

about an inch deep I'm spacing them out

evenly on the mounds now I'm gonna do

the rest here after a finish recording

you get the gist of it so if you're into

Halloween if you're into pumpkins you

want the perfect jack-o'-lantern the

latest in the year and which you can do

that is well then it depends on where

you are we're in Virginia zone seven so

if you're in the mid-atlantic region

it's got to be by July if you're further

north of here like if you're

Pennsylvania New York that area you

probably you might be passed your point

and of course if you're South Carolina

Georgia Florida going west you can

probably put it off a little bit longer

a week or two only because of course

Halloween's on October 31st so you might

be able to grow pumpkins that are ready

to harvest the end of November but you

missed it by a month so we're gonna

plant the rest of this we hope you

enjoyed this video we hope this gave you

a really good idea on how to plant your

pumpkins we hope you learn something

from it if you did please subscribe to

our Channel homesteading off-the-grid

and we'll see you next time