How to grow Greenhouse Tomatoes


a few weeks ago I didn't think that I

would be making this video I started

this series I'm growing tomorrow from

seed with sowing the seeds back in

February and then putting them out and

at that point what I did was grow the

plants on indoors using grow lights I

potted them on one time because it was

still too cold to be planting them even

out here in the greenhouse and then I

started hardening them off about a month

ago I thought it's time to put them out

it's warming up and I left them outdoors

overnight while they were hardening off

and the plants suffered for it and I

wasn't quite sure it was not but what

happened was that the leaves started

turning brown especially around the

edges and it really looked like it could

have been a disease or over watering or

cold and I think in my case it was cold

what was really interesting about that

is that I asked people on Instagram I

did a quiz through my Instagram stories

asking what do you think is wrong with

my tomatoes and nearly 2/3 of people

said disease

burn it throw it out start from scratch

third of you voted for what I thought it

was cold and fortunately you can see

from my tomato plants they have

recovered they're strong and green and

the new leaves that they've formed both

on the stem and up top they are

completely free of disease so I'm so

glad that I gave them a chance to

recover so if your tomato plants suffer

something similar early on in the season

it's very unlikely to be blight or

another disease it is most likely

over-watering or that they're just too

cold if you put them outside when it's

not warm enough

these subtropical plants will suffer for


what we're going to look at in this

video is planting them out here in the

greenhouse in Britain in most places in

Britain at least it is too cold too

grow them outdoors or the risk of flight

so late blight is too risky to grow

these guys outdoors blight is a fungal

disease it settles on the leaves it's

brought in through the air and it

basically decimates the plant and the

fruit and growing them in the cover of a

greenhouse helps to protect them

especially over nights when blight is

spreading in and settling on the leaves

of plants outdoors so got this already

and I'm also going to be planting

tomatoes in a second way so I've got to

grow back behind me and we're gonna look

at the differences over the summer and

growing them here in an organic solution

here in the greenhouse so this is a

combination of compost and manure we'll

get to that in a second and then a more

conventional way of growing tomatoes in

grow bags


my tomato growing area is quite unique

and I'm gonna go through quite a few

things but first of all let's look at

the varieties

this one is coastal Udo Florentino it's

a beefsteak variety as is this one over

here this is black Russian I'm growing

these for the first time this year

I'm also growing Ailsa Craig red pear

and sungold for the past few years I've

been growing my tomatoes in this wooden

planter in the greenhouse and it's been

filled with garden compost most the time

but since moving to the new house and

having to deal with new zealand flatworm

i didn't want to bring in topsoil and I

didn't have enough compost to fill it so

what I've done is fill it with composted

horse manure which I use a lot in the

allotment garden and what I'll be doing

is planting the tomatoes in holes filled

with compost and then they'll be able to

feed off the compost and also the manure

you might be wondering what these pots

are as well and these are DIY oIA's I

have a video showing how you can make

them so these are the ones I started off

with and this is the one that I filled

with cement at the bottom and then my

other one is down here and a few years

on the blue tack or the white tack is

still holding up at the bottom of that

one so the way that these work is that

you fill them with water and water wicks

through terracotta and so this will help

to keep the plants watered especially in

hot days or if I'm away over the weekend

a lot of people had commented on that

video why don't you just use a cork to

fill the bottom now corks are too big

for the other variety but I got this

bigger pot and I found that a champagne

or Prosecco cork when it was expanded so

after it had been sitting around for I

don't know six months or so it got big

enough to be able to

fit the hole in this one so your

potholes might be different in size so

there's several different methods on how

to plug up the bottom


around this wooden planter I've also

constructed a support system and this is

just made out of some simple rough

timber that I have screwed together and

put over the planter and I have some

corks here as well so these are going to

help stop the the wood from rubbing too

much against the metal there and what

this is for is for the tomatoes to grow

up so all of the tomatoes and I'm

growing are called

indeterminate tomatoes there's two

different varieties there's the bush

varieties which grow really bushy and

they get to a certain height and then

they stay that Heights and these guys

will actually keep growing taller and

taller and taller and taller until you

stop them basically so they'll grow up

to this area here and then I will

continue to nip the bud the growing

point so that they don't get any taller

than that but this wooden piece will

give them something to grow up that and

a bit of string and we'll come to that

in a second


I've dug a couple of holes for these

tomato plants over here and they go all

the way down to the bottom you can see

the landscaping fabric that I put down

there and that's just to keep the

compost in this planter and stop it from

eroding out into the greenhouse the hole

that I've dug is much deeper than the

level of the compost here in the pot and

ordinarily you would never do this with

other plants but in the case of tomatoes

if you plant them deeper they'll

actually start forming roots from the

stem here and that will give them a

better support system and they'll have

more roots to be able to make use of all

the nutrients in the compost so the hole

is quite a bit deeper and in fact if you

wanted to you could plant all the way up

to the first set of leaves up here and

the tomato plant will continue growing

up up up and it will not suffer for it

in fact it will be quite beneficial


I've been still looking forward to

growing this variety postulate so

foreign tea no because the the foods are

supposed to be just absolutely amazing

that could be made into sauces or put

them on burgers they are just a gorgeous

really good flavorful beef tomato type

and I've got two of them that I'm

putting into this planter here they're

big guys and so they're gonna need the

support of that that pull above so

getting started planting this I've made

a hole down here so all the tomatoes now

have holes and I'm just gonna put the

plant tag just at the back here and I'm

just gonna take this guy out put him in

the hole basically turn it upside down

like that and pull the pot off and look

at that really gorgeous root system

there so we're gonna turn this guy back

up side or right side up and put it just

down into the hole now to be able to

grow up to that support there it's gonna

need something and we're gonna use some

string so what to do with this is I tie

it around the base of the plant and then

bring it up to that support and tie it

in and then as the plant grows you wind

the plant around the string and it grows

straight up it's just dead simple you

don't need any fancy contraptions just

string and something to support it from

above now with this string attached all

I need to do is back fill that hole with

compost and give it a good water and

then I'm going to continue and do the

exact same thing for all the plants here

in this blender


the soil is pretty much saturated now

and I filled these Oilers up right up to

the top now the way that these work and

I think there was some confusion in my

video on how to make these is that you

need to use unglazed pots and what

happens is that that water inside will

wick through this material and into the

soil and compost around and it won't go

very far really about that far from the

pot but what happens is that these

plants sense that water and start

growing their roots towards the water

source and they will actually latch on

to the pot in the end and they will

drink directly from it so keeping these

topped up is a good plan B for keeping

your Tomatoes hydrated and this works

both indoors and outdoors and you want

to actually cover the tops with either

the terracotta base that the pots come

with or better yet use plastic


my last two greenhouse tomatoes are

going to be planted in a typical grow

bag and to be honest I'm not sure if

they make organic grow bags I've never

seen them personally that doesn't mean

that they don't exist but a lot of

people do use these to grow their

tomatoes and their over genes eggplants

peppers and to be honest you can grow a

lot of other things in these as well

they're a mixture of peat and compost

and basically nutrients that the plants

need and they actually don't even say on

here where the sources of them are from

but they're no doubt a non organic

source saying that these are an easy way

to start growing your own Tomatoes

especially if you don't really

understand what is necessarily needed as

far as the compost and the nutrients you

basically plant them and go there's

instructions which I've removed for this

panel here and basically is shake the

bag up they come brick hard and so you

want to shake it up and that will

redistribute the contents you plant your

plants inside they can take up to three

plants I'm just going to do two and you

just keep it well watered and then it

also has some instructions on feeding it

with their brand of tomato feed as the

as the season progresses I'm really

curious to see how these plants do I'm

sure they're going to do amazingly well

but I think that if you are thinking

about growing it tomatoes and this is

something that you can get a hold of and

it's a little bit easier for you feel

free to use a grow bag there's as I said

before it there's no shame in using this

I think there is quite a bit of shaming

when it comes to gardening or anything

in particular and use what is accessible

the important thing is to grow something

and then as time goes on if you want to

graduate to something that's a more

organic type like my plants are over

here then go for it so let's get

planting the two tomatoes that I'm

putting in here are the Sun golds and


another Ailsa Craig so there's an Elsa

Craig over there as well and yeah it'll

be really interesting to see how this

one does in comparison to its sister in

the planter so let's put the cat tag in

there same procedure as the four

although I won't be able to plant this

as deep as I would do in the planter

I've seen other solutions on gardening

tours where you can put a plant pot

inside you just remove the bottom and

then that gives it a little bit more

depth but I'm just gonna try growing it

straight in the grow bag just like the

vast majority of people who use grow

bags to grow their own Tomatoes


the tomatoes are all planted here in the

greenhouse I have actually quite a few

other Tomatoes as spares so I'm going to

be trialing growing them outdoors this

year I've tried it before in the past

had terrible luck because of the flights

and cold weather but if you get a summer

like we did last year I could have some

luck so I will be showing those in my

normal home garden tours and I'll be

giving updates on how this is

progressing in those videos as well the

next dedicated tomato growing video will

be when they're a little bit further on

and in the meantime I'll be picking out

any side shoots along the stem and then

the next video we'll be looking at

pollination and feeding and we'll be

seeing some of the fruits start to

develop hopefully by that time as well I

hope you enjoyed this video it came a

little bit later than I hoped it would

but the tomatoes are now in the

greenhouse and it's amazing how they've

started off as little tiny seeds back a

few months ago and now they're already

big strong healthy plants and they're

tough as well they took that beating

with a the cold weather and they came

out stronger for it perhaps thank you so

much for watching the video subscribe if

you haven't subscribe to lovely greens

already check out the other videos in

the tomato growing playlist and I will

see you next time for a video back in

the allotment garden I'll see you then

bye for now