5 Vegetables that are too EASY to GROW in the Garden

can i I'm mark from self-sufficient me

and in this video I want to give you my

five top vegetables that are just too

easy to grow so easy in fact that

they'll grow themselves without hardly

any effort from you at all let's get

into it


number one beans there's good reason why

you can de see being served up in all

those old cowboy movies as beans were a

staple frontier food containing all the

nourishment a person needed to survive

in just one small seed oh the irony of

the spaghetti western that can be dried

they can be canned and of course they

can be eaten fresh beans have a very

flexible growing climate range and that

means in some places like hearing our

subtropical climate pretty hot beans can

be ground all year round they grow fast

remember Jack and the Beanstalk beans

uniquely don't take nitrogen from the

soil unlike a lot of other plants they

do take it from the air though and then

they store it in their own roots

therefore actually adding nitrogen to

the soil so beans are really great pre

crop to some of those other nitrogen

hungry plants say cabbages etc that you

want to grow after remember beans means

hurry up and grow them number two Asian

greens so we move from the west to the


Asian greens are fast-growing highly

nutritious super and some say

cancer-fighting wonder foods

on a continent with billions of people

protein is getting rare and harder to

catch and eat that's why their

vegetables need to grow fast big be

nutritious and above all easy to grow

let a bunch of Asian greens go to seed

in your garden and you'll never get rid

of them that's a good thing

Asian greens are great raw or cooked try

mizuna or mbuna or even the mustards

like the red giant or ruby streaks

please ruby streaks are taking over my

lawn now let's head to Europe with

number three

zucchini originally from the Americas

the zucchini that we all know was

developed in northern Italy where it was

given the name which also means gourd

squash and marrow the plant itself isn't

a spoiler

like other pumpkin vines so it's great

for smaller gardens but nevertheless

it's a big producer and a hearty

mouthful it is really easy to grow and

the speed at which the fruit swell is

ridiculous you can almost see it growing

real time some Zuke's can get up to a

meter long actually the longest suit

ever recorded was 2.5 5 meters there's

also plenty of varieties such as round

yellow white and they all taste

fantastic raw cooked or even pickled in

fact I pickled some the other day so

what are you waiting for

get on the boots and plant some zieks

now let's head back over to the east or

almost the middle where number 4 carrot

originated from you might find this hard

to believe but did you know that the

carrot originated in Afghanistan yeah

it's true in fact evidence shows that

carrots grew in Afghanistan over 5,000

years ago now I'm telling you if carrots

could grow in Afghanistan it can grow

anywhere orange carrots are really only

a recent development in the overall

scheme of time for this crunchy root

vegetable original carrots were white or

purple and had a very strong taste a bit

like this white carrot here except the

taste is good but in the old days they

were considered a medicinal food because

they were known to be good for you but

tasted like should I say not great but

these days with crossbreeding carrots

are delicious carrot seed easily and

they also store well after harvest so

they are a top backyard crop to grow and

keep using for months after I do

recommend growing these heirloom

varieties there's lots of different

colors they taste great and if you leave

them go to seed just a few plants

they'll give you thousands of seeds for

next season

number five radish another perfect root

crop vegetable to grow apt that it

follows after carrots they reckon it

originated from around India or China

but no one knows for sure let's say

India cue the Indian music radish is the

cheater of the vegetable world if you

want a fast growing crop and you just

can't wait then so radish seeds and

they'll pop up in literally a few days

and be ready to eat immediately well as

sprouts but within weeks as a root

vegetable did you know that some modern

farmers use them as a cover crop to

soften and aerate the soil before

planting their main crops sometimes they

don't even harvest their a dishes

they'll just let them rot in place

acting as a natural fertilizer comp

cost and groundbreaker at the same time

a lot of backyard growers so radish

seeds mixed in with their other slower

growing crops so when they sow them the

radish comes up first and they can

harvest them while they're waiting for

the other crop to come through there are

lots of different types of races you can

get the small ones that are best

harvested young or you can get larger

varieties like this Japanese daikon huge

and they same with this one over here

they're best harvested when they get a

little bit larger or in fact that can be

harvested really big and greater than

used in Japanese cooking or any cooking

really radish also have a long sowing

window and an excellent temperature

tolerance making it a productive crop

all around the world there are also

plenty of ways to prepare and eat radish

I like to eat radish raw with plenty of

garlic and my family well they like to

stay away for a few hours after that and

that's it those are my five vegetables

that are just too easy to grow but I

challenge you guys to do it don't forget

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