Zucchini, the easiest vegetable to grow, good option for beginners

hi welcome to asiangarden2table today we

are talking about something easy


it is one of the easy vegetable you can

grow especially for beginners you can

start from hard to failed one like

zucchini it's seeds germinate well fruit

easy do not need trellis if weather is

proper it can continue to grow and fruit

for long period only 2 things you should

pay attention first choose the right

season zucchini like mild weather the

best temperature is between 65 to 70 80

degree it will be fine at a little bit

higher or lower second fertilized and

watered well zucchini grows very fast

and fruits heavily so make sure it has

enough nutrients to support its growth

zucchini seed germinates easily so you

can sow it directly in your garden in

about a month it will grow female

flowers like other cause zucchinis

female flower care is a baby quarter

usually whatever the shape of the baby

quality the grown-up code will be the

same there are various colors and shapes

you can find it yellow light green dark

green are long round spoon shapes and so


usually zucchini does not grow side

vines if you do see some remove them so

the main vines will be strong and fruit

well zucchinis flowers bloom in the

morning you can manually pollinate the

flowers to guarantee successful fruiting

pick a female flower remove the flower

leaves and gently touch the female

flower successful pollinate fruit will

swell very fast you can see its size

doubled every 2 or 3 days

pick them when they are young and have

the best texture and flavor also because

of limited nutrient supply usually

zucchini can not bear more than 2 to 3

fruit so to remove the fruit in time

will allow new fruit to grow zucchini is

easy to get infected by powdery mildew

starting from old leaves here is my

experience Rossellini in Prague

with plenty water and nutrients so the

plant will be healthy and vivid and have

good resistance to virus and disease

remove the old leaves and infected lives

to improve ventilation zucchini will

continue to grow new lives in fruit even

it is affected by powdery mildew you

still have Sookie need to pick all those

who Guinea is available everywhere but

none is better than a fresh pick from

your garden thank you very much for

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