Kids Growth Hormones and Heredity

Margy and Scot Balogh knew they had a

problem when they noticed their

three-year-old son Brad wasn't rowing

compared to their other children

he wasn't progressing with his growth

you know in children that age I remember

for my daughters you know they're

outgrowing their clothes quickly and

shoes and things and it just it wasn't

happening a lot of people would say how

how cute he is

and always he tiny and and at first you

take that with a grain of salt thinking

oh he's cute but but after a little

while and you see the other kids growing

and start developing more and he's still

that little cute boy you start wondering

if there is something wrong initially

Margie and Scot figured that Brad would

eventually grow on his own but as time

went by and Brad didn't grow they'd look

for some help from a pediatric

specialist we do an entire evaluation to

try to find the cause of growth problems

most often I'm looking for an endocrine

problem such as thyroid disease or or

growth hormone deficiency hi Brad was

tested and to the Balogh surprise he was

diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency

I never heard the term I did not really

understand it I learned a lot through

the tests that they were doing on Brad

about Latorre glands and what's going on

inside your brain that creates these

hormones and and how they work and

before this I've never known anything

about any kind of disease like that

growth hormone is a chemical produced by

the pituitary gland a dime-sized gland

located in the base of the brain between

the eyes this chemical is produced

throughout our lives in children this

helps them grow in adults it helps keep

the body healthy once it has been

determined that a child is growth

hormone deficient he may be placed on

synthetic growth hormone therapy to

replace what's missing there are

different medications that contains

that a growth hormone for the bay lows

there pediatric specialist suggested a

drug treatment that has injected a

couple of times per month we were

initially instructed a nurse came out to

instruct us on doing it this seems like

everyone is kind of getting somewhat

used to the fact that we need to do this

just takes time to get used to it the

fact that you have to give you know

someone you know when your children a

shot just kind of a strange thing it's

been 10 months since Brad started his

treatment and he's showing progress he's

grown a good of a good two point one

centimeters that's very good last three

months this is a good sign that the

medication is working nothing makes a

child feel better about being short than

growing and nothing of course makes the

parent feel better than seeing the child

grow I just hope the medication

continues to to work and help him grow

in that there's no obstacle to that so

that he can achieve you know its full