GTA Online Solo Beginner Guide/Tutorial 2019 Part 1 | How To Make Your First $1 Million GTA Online

GTA online can be a pretty scary place

when you're just starting out and then

when you're living out of the back of a

caravan well your friends are flaunting

their millions of dollars and supercars

in your face it's not exactly what I

would call fun so after playing

thousands of hours of GTA online

I made a new character to show you how

to make your first $1,000,000 in GTA

online and if you follow this

step-by-step guide you'll be selling

cocaine and sipping champagne in no time

and you might be thinking TGG why are

you sitting fully clothed in an

expensive suit in your spot on your ten

million dollar super yacht and well the

answer is because I can and soon you'll

be doing the exact same thing let's go

this is gonna be part one of a two-part

series and the funny thing is though I

kind of already released part two yeah

looking back that probably wasn't the

smartest thing to do so the point of

this guide is gonna be to get you enough

money to move on to part two and buy

your own business where you'll be able

to make millions and millions of dollars

because that's why you're here so by the

end of this video you're gonna know

exactly what you have to do to get your

first property in GTA online and the one

you're gonna want to get is your first

high-end apartment because what that's

gonna allow you to do is complete heists

and once you complete all of the heists

in order and collect your first time

bonus you'll be sitting at over 2.5

million dollars in your bank account

alright so you've just landed in Los

Santos and the first question you'll be

asked is do you want to complete the

tutorial it's really up to you but if

you haven't played GTA 5 before I'd

highly recommend doing the tutorial

first all up it'll take just over an

hour and while that may slow you down a

little bit in terms of making money

you'll make up for it in the long run by

actually understanding what the hell's

going on because there is a hell of a

lot going on and if you don't complete

the tutorial it'll probably be pretty

overwhelming at first so we click yes

and we're thrown into a race against the

Lamar and possibly other people as well

if they join try your best to win this

race and all of the competitive mode

in the tutorial but it doesn't really

matter that much if you don't after

winning that race Lamar will tell you to

get that Sheen and you'll be put

straight into a mission this is gonna

help you to familiarize yourself with

the basic mission mechanics and

structure that we'll be using from this

point for anyway the tutorial is there

for a reason you don't really need me to

guide you through it so after about an

hour after you've completed the

deathmatch that marks the end of the


and now we can start making some money

the first step we're gonna take is going

to the new casino and this is one of the

reasons I'm making a new beginner's

guide for 2019 because the casino can

actually give you a massive head start

and it was only introduced last month

and no we're not gonna go try and gamble

our way to becoming a millionaire

instead we're actually just gonna go

spin the lucky wheel you can spin this

wheel once every 24 hours and the

rewards you can get are pretty freakin

good I got really lucky and got fifty

thousand dollars which gave me a massive

head start if you got one of the other

rewards like maybe chips for example you

can go over here to the cashier and

convert your chips back into cash there

is also a casino storyline but in order

to access it

you'll need a penthouse and that's a

pretty long way off if you're lucky

enough to get invited to one of these

missions though definitely join and

complete the mission the casino missions

are gonna give you a $50,000 bonus the

first time you complete each one then

that'll give you a massive head start

alright so maybe you didn't get any cash

or chips from the wheel that's alright

it might just take you maybe half an

hour longer to buy your apartment not to

worry we're only level 3 the best way

for us to make money at this point is to

go complete a few Simeon deluxe repo

missions marked by the big s on your map

the reason I recommend these jobs first

is one they earn you a fair bit of money

but the main reason is that you don't

need great weapons to do them these

missions will take less than 15 minutes

to do and if you can play them on Hard

difficulty you'll earn 50% more money

and rep $25,000 for 15 minutes as a

level 3 not bad at all another cheeky

way to make some extra money is by

selling cars that you find off the

street some of the best cars the cell of

the vapid peyote and the Albany

Buccaneers I'll leave a link to a full

list of the best cars to sell in the

description below

and you can sell a car every 48 minutes

so keep an eye on the clock and then

come back and sell another one to los

santos customs when you're not selling

cars keep completing Semyon missions

until you reach level 5 and now we're

gonna go to ammunation I recommend

buying a micro SMG and that's because

this is one of the best weapons that you

can shoot while driving a vehicle

because you can only shoot smaller

weapons when driving do yourself a favor

and buy some ammo as well and now we can

move on to the next step you should

probably have over $50,000 by now and if

you do now you can register as a VIP by

accessing the interaction menu if you're

on ps4 hold down the touchpad in this

menu is gonna pop up

scroll down to secure I serve and start

your own organization keep in mind you

will need to have over $50,000 to be a

VIP and it's only gonna last for four

hours but that should be more than

enough time go to the VIP menu and click

on VIP work and there's two types of

missions that are gonna earn us some

pretty good money these two a sightseer

and headhunter sightseer will set you

out across the map to find three

different packages while headhunter will

set you out to kill four different

targets these missions should only take

about 10 to 15 minutes each and you'll

get about $25,000 each time

rinse and repeat this method until you

reach level 6 alright we're level 6 and

now you should be able to access flight

school flight school is located at the

bottom of the map next to the airport

right here when I made my new character

it didn't actually unlock until level 10

which is a common issue if you did get

the same issue as I did it's not

compulsory to do this to get money so

you can do it later on if you can access

it though try to complete every mission

and the further you get through flight

school the more money you're gonna get

for each mission make sure to get a gold

medal on each mission though before

moving on to the next one so you

finished flight school you've probably

got a couple hundred thousand dollars in

your account if you don't keep smashing

out the VIP missions until you do and

we're ready to buy our first apartment

we're gonna buy the cheapest high-end


Delp our Heights because it's actually

in a pretty convenient spot for an

apartment so cheap

and look here we are not only will you

be able to start heists now but you'll

also have a ten-car garage so let's get

some cars the first car you're gonna

want to buy is called the Ella gr h8 and

this car is free once you link your

Rockstar social club account with your

GTA 5 account so go ahead and do that

and then buy the car this is a pretty

reliable car and it's a lot faster than

the one you've probably got now I also

highly recommend going into San Andres

Auto and clicking the price filter to

cheapest first and what you'll notice is

there's actually another couple of cars

that are free as well and say you've got

ten spots in your garage so buy as many

as you want but do yourself a favor and

buy the pegasi body 801 motor bike as

well for the price of $15,000 this is a

really good purchase even to this day

the body is one of the fastest bikes in

the game alright so we've got the

apartment and we've got the garage so

how do we start a heist well you

actually have to be level twelve and if

you aren't level twelve yet yeah you

guessed it do some more VIP missions if

you are level twelve wait a few minutes

until you get a call from Lester and

he'll let you start up your first heist

the first heist

you're complete is the FLE good job and

it's pretty straightforward of course

just like the Simeon missions make sure

to complete it on Hard difficulty for

more money this heist shouldn't take

more than about an hour and if you take

60% of the cut which you should be doing

if you're the host you'll end up with

almost $200,000 off you get your first

time completion bonus not bad for an

hour's work so you're well on your way

work your way through all of the heists

in order and get that scene it will be a

bit of a grind but if you have friends

to help you'll have a hell of a lot of

fun and once you finish them all you're

ready for part two click the card in the

top right of your screen now to go watch

part two now if you're ready for it and

thanks for watching I hope that helps if

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one and I'll see you in the next video