Growing Habanero Peppers, Days 0-11

hi my name is Melvin Way welcome to my

youtube channel and this will be the

first episode of my series on growing

habanero peppers so this is just a seed

packet that I bought at a local store it

was cheap and I decided why not you know

I have lots of pots and soil why not try

to grow peppers I've seen other people

grow peppers and I like the foliage it

looks like it's pretty easy to maintain

so this should be a relatively

trouble-free assignment but then again

every time I say things like that things

manage to find a way to go wrong so

these are what the seeds look like they

look like your typical pepper seeds from

inside the non hot peppers and also the

hot peppers so they're all wrinkly and

desiccated looking that's just the way

they are and this is a macro footage up

close on my table

this is way too many seeds I think these

grow basically kind of like large weeds

or you know not even the size of a small

bush so I'll just take like five seeds

these five you know randomly and I'll

plant them and see what happens I don't

have a very large pot so I'll place one

in the center they say to bury 1/4 of an

inch deep so one inch is 2.54

centimeters and 1/4 of that would be

let's see 0.63 5 centimeters or

something like that so yeah I'm just

going to bury them in a kind of a square

pattern with one in the center and

that's it you know just be gentle of

course the distance is completely

estimated so it could be off but that

doesn't really matter in my experience

they're just giving you general

guidelines and there's no way a farmer

or anyone else could plant these on a

large scale at exactly the same depth

each so then I'll do it this is actually

a pot from a failed root growing

experiment for American ginseng so those

American ginseng roots were exposed to

moisture I added water in the water

from the bottom everything got wet and

over you know a few weeks time they all

just rotted away so that's kind of

irrelevant to this experiment because

they're never going to come back but

they're basically functioning as

additional fertilizer so here I'm just

smoothing with a camera airbrush and you

know that I put sand over what I just

buried and you know nothing can grow in

there sand doesn't really retain all

that much moisture but it helps prevent

a drying out of the topsoil surface and

all water with some 0.5 hydrogen

peroxide like I've been doing with many

of my other plants this has a watering

tray at the bottom so it's better to

water from the bottom your water from

the top that causes a massive upheaval

so this is just a typical cheapo

hydrogen peroxide solution I get from

Target you know it's a 3% solution so I

dilute that with one part of this into

five parts of water or yeah so I have

water distilled water mixed in you know

up to the 20 mark and I fill it to the

24 mark with hydrogen peroxide 3% it

gives me a 0.5% then I'm going to water

in the bottom until it's full and repeat

this process as needed until water stops

absorbing and then I can just leave it

alone for a really long time because

it'll the soil will be saturated with

moisture so on day nine I got this so

it's my first seedling and so far it's

just like many other plants the leaves

cotyledons are a little different from

what I'm used to seeing with other

plants on day 11 here's my setup it's

elevated a little bit because I have

this clamp clamp and I put my most

powerful light bulb minute that's giving

off 1680 lumens and this is the seedling

that I showed you on day 9 the foliage

is a very healthy green and you know I

don't know if these light levels will be

off for these pepper plants but I'll

monitor the situation I can always take

this pot outside and this is a second

seedling so there's two different colors

of peppers on the packaging red and

yellow and I planted five seeds because

I want to have at least one of each so

the other three seeds haven't germinated

yet and I'll have to decide whether I'm

going to plant new seeds or just let

these two grow and Gamble