5 tips for starting out in the hairdressing industry.

if you're one of those people just

starting out on a career and the

hairdressing industry congratulations

and welcome to what can be an exciting

fun worthwhile and potentially very

well-paid career now I say can be

because for some people that doesn't

become an exciting and well-paid career

but I do want it to be that for you so

I've got five bits of advice that will

help you on your way now the first one

is never stop learning if you're just

starting out on this career then there's

a very real possibility that you've not

long finish school and perhaps this

could even be your first job but perhaps

unlike school you're learning about

something that you're excited and

passionate about in fact if you are to

succeed you need to be passionate about

it because as well as a lot of fun and

hard work there's also a lot of

sacrifice in the years ahead

if you are to succeed so my number one

piece of advice is to be the best

hairdresser that you possibly can be and

for that to happen you must soak up

every opportunity that comes your way

and look for every opportunity to learn

from everyone that you possibly can

remember learning is an attitude so

don't wait for someone else to organize

it or pay for it for you remember that

it's no one else's job to make you

successful ultimately that's going to be

down to you there's a great little quote

made up of ten two letter words if it is

to be it is up to me

so my second piece of advice is to

remember that productivity matters you

see you are now part of a business

someone else owns it and as well as

doing great haircuts and colors etc you

have to balance that with the

recognition that the purpose of a

business is that it makes a profit in

fact if a business doesn't make a profit

the business won't survive therefore you

won't have a job so just like in school

results matter then when you're at

school is the results in the form of

your exams etc that matter in business

it's not so much results based on exams

that your performance is measured on its

results based on your productivity now

in hairdressing that's things like the

amount of clients that you have each day

how many of them come back to you and

how much they spend on products and

services these things are often referred

to as key performance indicators or KPIs

for short and the results that you get

will ultimately determine how much you

are going to earn so my third piece of

advice is to remember that you can't do

this alone you are now an important part

of a team and you need to remember that

other people are relying on you because

if someone on the team is not doing

their job properly then it affects

everyone else on the team now you might

feel like you're at the bottom at the

moment and that you're just not that

important well that's just not true

everyone on the team matters and

everyone has a contribution to make to

the success of the team the only

difference is that other people on the

team have different roles and

responsibilities to what you perhaps do

but trust me when I say that you are

definitely an important part of that

team it's my fourth piece of advice is

to have fun

you see working in a salon is a great

job and it can be a lot of fun and I

absolutely loved it in fact in surveys

where they measure career happiness

hairdressing often comes up as being at

but one now I know we're not usually

saving lives or changing the world but

we do have a huge impact on how people

feel about themselves so it's important

that we are professional at work but

it's also important that we have fun but

remember having fun doesn't mean being

unprofessional if you have fun people

want to be around you if you have fun

the day goes quicker if you have fun

it's more conducive to creativity and

happiness for yourself and for all those

other people that you come into contact

with so make work fun

so my fifth and final piece of advice is

when I term sweep to perfection now what

I mean by that is that if you just

started off in a salon you will probably

begin with jobs like sweeping up and

shampooing and making coffee etc but

make a commitment to yourself that

whatever you do that you will do to the

very best of your ability don't be one

of those people that say when I'm a

stylist I'll become a perfectionist

perfection is a habit it's an attitude

and there's a saying that goes as you do

anything is how you will do everything

so if you sweep the floor be a

perfectionist if you're shampooing make

it the best shampoo that that client has

ever had and if you make a coffee then

present it like you work at the Ritz

remember as you do anything is how you

do everything now years ago I wrote a

book it was called grow one super

stylist I started using the term super

stylist to define those hairdressers

that take ownership of their

productivity and therefore ultimately

how much they earn hairdressing can be a

very well paid very well rewarding

career both emotionally and financially

but it doesn't just happen without you

putting in the work so good luck with

your career and until next time have a

great week