Half Dome Hike Start to Finish


welcome everybody von sheller family

experience we're on top of Half Dome on

the iconic diving board right now so

check out the adventure to get up here

uh yeah here we are it's about 5:30 a.m.

and now to Half Dome to do the hike see

it right behind me all right it's 6:15

and we're at the trailhead parking lot

getting ready to head out a nap don't


three skies it's a little windy when we

were coming down here so it's not windy

up on the blow-off so we decided we're

gonna go up the mist trail and then come

back to John Muir you got two options

and we'll do this split so you can go

John Muir all the way around or you can

go miss trail how we decided you miss

trail on the way up and John Muir on the

way back because the John Muir all the

way back it's a little more gradual

descent figure that'll be a little

easier on our knees way back rather than

coming down this trail that's typically

wet slippery and stairs and so that's

our plan for today

water is gold on this hike so make sure

you bring lots of water

it's recommended four liters minimum

which is about what we have but we do

have our filters so we can stop at the


fill up on the way back if we're running

low on water we just filter it so you

don't want to didn't want to drink

straight from the water the water can

have Giardia and other diseases in it

make you sick



well we're about a mile and a half in

and first of all and a half is pretty

steep so definitely woke up woke up our

legs woke up our bodies got our heart

rate going

we're at the first bridge


all right we're at the mist trail right


spread two miles in


making a climb

halfway of it


no misty



yeah well we did poncho up

but that feels good and even at

7:00 in the morning

that's an amazing deal




all right we're at the top of hurdle

polls just got here up the mist trail


just over an hour two point two three


do your bleachers dirty you stair climbs

because it's brutal

got our first side of Nevada falls just

above burn appalled




all right right talking about applause

last press crews last rest stop will not

flower last rester keys so we got 2,000

foot elevation gain three point six

three miles to this point and we did it

two hours well after Nevada falls you do

a nice little hike up finding the

flattens out a little bit and what I

understand it's just gradual now until

we get to sub dome yeah so it's a good

little break I mean that first the first

haul is quite a climb you know 2,000

feet elevation gains pretty gnarly

so still got I think like 3,000 more to

go nice little easy walk now catch our

breath and first

sun's out


sun's out guns out all right so we

flattened out after Nevada falls it had

a yeah pretty good little climb now

we're gradually climbing through the

trees to our almost three hours in forty

five hundred foot elevation five point

or twenty five foot elevation gain 2.5

miles hello five point three miles

so a couple more miles to go it's a nice

good little view of Half Dome we can see

the cables up there so that's all right

that's our goal

that's our goal

all right we just got done hiking up

we're just about to face sub dome there

as you can see see if you can see it in

the video but you see the line of people

climbing sub dome so we're gonna take a

big break at the bottom we haven't had a

break since Nevada topping Nevada falls

probably should have taking a break

right there at clouds rest why it's a

good spot for a break I recommend we're

gonna take a big long break

right before sub dome recharge and then

make the final climb all right four

hours 20 minutes in face the sub dome


4,000 feet foot elevation gain I can't

even talk seven point seven miles

yeah we should have done a rest at that

quiet clouds rest because that was a

long haul from her

yeah yeah that was a long haul for no

topping about it falls to here so we're

gonna do


all right going up sub dome first half

has got granite steps second half is

just rock so it's not easy that's for

sure step toe here where the cables

oh it's a job

all right we're at the rat the cables

about five hours get here 8.2 seven

miles to the bottom of cables 4,400

elevation gain and just prepping to go

up there getting our gloves out take

some pictures and make the final climb

to the top a Half Dome yeah yeah






go ahead squeeze by you there

yeah yeah oh you don't gonna live here

alright thank you


we go

just about to summit

yeah babe balls there




yeah last fall you got it


all right so it took us five hours 40

minutes 4822 feet in elevation and 8.6 1

miles who about 12 o'clock left a little

after 6:00 about 6 hours to get to the

top pretty a lot of medium pace I'd say


what's up top a half dome check out that





Chris got some moves over here with this

music here we go

heading down the cables at an amazing

time on the top


help just got down off the cables a

little easier going down that is going

up right yeah

I glove wise I leather gloves also had

some gloves with rubber grip on him

instead of a leather pad I think the

rubber pads a little better cuz steel

cables are pretty smooth so try to get

some rubber padded ones I think they'll

stick a little better watch out for the

squirrels look into your packs all right

coming down sub dome step down coming

down is not that easy it's well just

slippery try to walk where there's not

gravel sand take it slow don't slip out

just finishing up our Steve Sam up a sub

don't tell you what going down is hard

on the knees

Sandhya's hell it's all sandy so you got

to be careful that slip is try not to

step on the edge of the rocks sand is

maybe just fine but be careful slow


always always keep your eyes and ears

out because remember we're in other

people's homes walk along the trail hurt

a little something and the pine needles

looked over saw this big guy cruising

right next to the trail this is their

home so them big rattlesnakes are out

and they don't want to they don't wanna

bite you think this one kind of got

close to him he didn't wanna buy it or

anything like that he just one minor

cruise on by so you leave them alone

they'll leave you alone

all right on our way down whoo so you

got two options on the way down you can

take the mist trail a lot of steps a lot

more people on it too this time he day

or you could take just keep on on the

John Muir a little bit longer not sure

how much longer it is it says four miles

from the show head back there at the top

of miss trail trail head but a little

bit easier little mellower descent so

we're gonna head to back that way

hopefully be back in about a half or so



stop for a shower


it's not the mist trail but


oh let's big jobs oh good


dang well on the final stretch back to

the truck

I watched died about a mile back so

we're somewhere around 18 plus miles

roundtrip ran around on top of Half Dome

a little bit and 5,500 feet of elevation

gain just under 12 hours or so left it's

5:35 we left it like 6:15

so we spent a good hour plus up on the

mountain up on top of Half Dome so we

got a long break the way back

we're gonna take many breaks we're

pretty much straight through the last

couple miles my knees are killing me so

definitely recommend bring an Advil

ibuprofen something because we have a

problem for sure my knees or these are

pretty banged up

so what else give me other tips 4 liters

of water went through it so definitely

for leading you or 3 3 meters right for


so that's like that's three and a half

liters I went through four liters so

definitely four liters of water

sunscreen sunscreen chapstick


lots of water I mean well we snacked a

lot yeah we weren't super hundred for

meals just snacking a lot so I don't

know they will add more we get back


this is what hiking up your halftone

does it cooked to go downstairs next day