Halter Breaking a Foal

so we have a little

fold here that's about five or six

months old hasn't

weand yet and we're going

to start teaching this horse to follow

the feel and at least the beginnings of

halter breaking and Deniz had her hands

on this little foal of some and had a

halter on him but this is the first time

she's ever put a lead rope on him and

the first time we're gonna try to get

him to give two pressure so Dan and go

ahead and just take your rope and just

put about five pounds of pressure there

and just hold it and right there

beautiful so we got one step toward you

okay and he's thinking about milk go

ahead and do it again a little more

pressure on him Oh beautiful okay nice

so we don't want to get in a fight with

this little baby certainly don't want to

get in a fight with him but we do want

to keep teaching him so every time you

do it let him rest for about ten seconds

and then do it again pressure just hold

it gently hold it gently hold it gently

just hold that pressure wait until you

get until he comes takes a step just

hold it and okay that's good it was yeah

it wasn't a full step but he did give to

the pressure so we want to release that

so we want to teach this baby right now

pressure and release and we just had a

very really horrible thing happen here

at this stables in fact if my camera

person will swing around we just had a

stallion just about 20 minutes ago who

pulled back and flipped over and broke

his neck and I you know that's such a

horrible sad thing and that was an

expensive horse too not that that makes

that much difference but thank you so

you know we were just getting ready to

start this little session when that

happened and if we can teach this whole

to this now pressure and release then

that will never happen to him

unfortunately that horse had never been

taught how to properly give the pressure

so we're gonna keep doing this so just

step over to the side pressure and

release good rub him rub him right

between his eyes good

now do it switch sides and let you go to

his right side

so we want to do it from both sides go

ahead and pressure hold it and release

good so we want to release and we might

even get this little horse to lead out a

little bit here in a second okay good

okay just keep doing it pressure

pressure and release good good good good

now if he walks off and hits the end of

the rope then just let him teach himself

you know if he walks away and gets to

the end of that rope pressure good he's

figuring it out all right he's figuring

it out pretty fast he's a smart little

guy okay do it again pressure yeah and

it's it's much wiser to do this at an

angle about a forty-five to a ninety

degree angle from his head because if

you're doing it straight in front of him

he's much more likely to pull back he's

much more likely to get in a fight with

you but to the side it just makes it a

lot easier for him to figure it out and

to give to it good and what I would do

with a baby like this the first few

times I let him I would just lead him

from side to side I wouldn't try to lead

him straight ahead maybe about the

second or third day if he was figuring

it out pretty well and then I'd start

you know leading him straight ahead and

keep doing it you're doing great I just

alternate from one side to the other

hold it hold it and beautiful beautiful

go heads take another step to his that

way and do it again yeah it doesn't

really matter but yeah like that I like

that a lot

okay rob him do it again good again

okay now if this little baby got stuck

which he hasn't it would wouldn't be

terrible for me to walk up behind him

and just you know maybe shake the rope

at him or something to move him out to

help him figure it out

but he hasn't needed any help he's

figuring it out on his own okay stop

kissing him and get back to work get

back to work okay that's that's what

happens with women in the horse industry

and want to kiss the horse okay good

just keep doing it

yeah he's figuring it out pretty fast

that's really good that's really good

there he took about three steps without

any pressure good go the other way so

I'm really pleased with how he's

figuring this out so you don't want to

drag these little Colts around we could

he's young enough small enough we could

get a couple of these big guys and go

dragging him around but that wouldn't

teach him to give to pressure and that's

what we're trying to teach him when you

feel that just give to it and it will go

away okay hold it good a little trouble

with that go ahead do it again good okay

now something scared him there but what

I really liked about that was when he

hit the end of that rope he didn't fight

it okay good so now she's being just a

little more assertive I like that I

think he can handle just yeah just a

little more pressure asking just a

little bit more of him keep doing it

because he's figured it out excellent

so we've almost halter broke this baby

in ten minutes I wouldn't do much more

than that today because their attention

span is pretty short you know so I would

just say that's a good place to stop and

then tomorrow we'll come back do the

same session again and he'll probably be

leading out pretty easily by tomorrow or

by the next day and so yeah go ahead and

take it off so he that's how you halter

rake a baby