Terrier Handstripping a Blown Coat

so this is a Welsh Terrier with what we

call it a blown coat so basically what a

blown Co is is hair that's reached end

of its hair cycle so there it's a dead

coat that's all ready to come in oh

sorry come out she was last here about

six months ago so it took about six

months for her coat to blow it's usually

between five to six months I just wanted

to show you so I hope you can see it

from this video

a blown coat once I here is dead

it comes the texture is different and

see how towards the root of the hair it

looks a lot finer and the coloring is a

lot lighter compared to the tip of the

hair that was when the new coat hat came

in all nice and wiry so this is the

reason why I'll take some photos to show

you later too but when you clip a dog

you basically all you're doing is you're

not removing the dead coat all you're

doing is you're removing the top coat so

then that's why you you end up with the

lighter coloring and the the finer

texture so you lose the texture you lose

the wire eNOS and it's the same thing on

the body so how it's nice and dark

towards the tip but towards the root of

the hair is it's a lot grayer so if she

were to be stripped she would turn gray

and and on top of her head instead of

that nice rich red coloring she'll have

that blonde is looking color


a blown coal is a dead co that's ready

to come out and it should come out

really easily just like this good girl

good girl

and obviously usually you would use the

other hand to pull the skin taut so that

it doesn't hurt the dog that this coat

is so ready to come out

in order to get the nice dark coloring

and the texture and obviously the red to

come back on a blown coat you have no

choice but to take everything down to

basically skin she might go down to skin

depending on how much under Co she has

but basically you need to remove all

that top dead coat in order to allow a

new growth a pair that would come back

like I showed you in the pictures that

would come back dark and red on the tips

until it's blown again otherwise if you

clip the Co you're going to end up with

the gray and the blonde hey Charlie so

hot today huh it's a very warm day here

in Vancouver so good girl now this is

Charlie um my little star well she that

I've been using for the last couple of

videos so I just wanted to show you I've

done the flat work on one side of her so

the shoulder the back down the thighs

obviously I haven't done anything with

blending of the furnishings having done

the head but I just wanted to show you

so that's the flat work and she's pretty

close to skin and this side haven't done

anything so that's I will come off too

plus the head and then obviously the

blending of the furnishings and

everything but yeah it's a very very hot

day in Vancouver so you see she's pretty

close to the skin she has a little bit

of undercoat but that's what stripping a

blown coat looks like and all that's

left is the undercoat so you would have

to wait six to eight weeks before that

nice dark black jet-black top coat comes


and that's the wiry coat this is all the

soft fuzzy undercoat and just a tip the

more under Co you can take off so in

other words the Balder that you can get

the dog to be the nicer the hair will

come out and be smoother a lot of my

clients don't like the baldness so I do

leave some undercoat but yeah if I were

to do Java I usually take them all the

way down to skin so that the hair grows

out really nicely

good girl you're so good yeah she's one

of my best well she's good okay so this

is Charlie she's all finished so a strip

dog doesn't look its best until six to

eight weeks after stripping so just to

keep that in mind

a lot of people think that oh if I get

my dog stripped that means the dog is

going to walk out of the grooming place

looking like a show dog and it doesn't

work that way with stripping and with

showing dogs you you staged the coat so

that once the co grows in which like I

said takes about a couple of months

that's when you get your best look

Charlie good girl he's a pretty girl

y'all done yes you were so good today he

is good giri boy oh yeah she's pretty