Do THIS straight away in Hardmode! Terraria Top 5 | PC | Console | Mobile

hardmode begins when your character

defeats the wall of flesh for the first

time your world will generate the hello

biome new powerful enemies begin to

spawn and your weapons that used to be

decent are now barely killing anything

you need to power up fast but what's the

best way to do it

how's it going crew this is happy days

and today we're looking at five things

you need to do immediately at the start

of hard mode as always guys this list is

my personal opinion and if you see your

favorite thing not on the list

make sure to share it in the comments

below with that said let's get started

hard mode introduces wings to the player

these powerful accessories allow the

player to fly quickly and not take full

damage did you know you can simply buy a

set of wings as soon as you start hard

mode to get some wings straight away

make a house in the jungle biome and

move to witch doctor NPC into it at

nighttime he will sell leaf wings for

only one platinum coin another fun thing

to do is actually create a mini jungle

biome bubble near your base I'll put a

link on screen now to my building

tutorial if you want to build one of

these for yourself now you've got

yourself some wings the next thing

you're going to want to do is grab some

overpowered early hardmode weapons

here's some quick tips the anorak is a

powerful yo-yo that has a 1 in 300

chance to drop from any enemy in the

snow biome if you venture a bit deeper

into the underground snow biome you can

also get an icicle which is a powerful

auto swinging melee weapon if you fish

in the hallowed biome you can get the

crystal serpent with a 1 in 200 chance

if you want to know an easy way to set

up your own fishing spot I'll put a link

on screen to my pre hardmode tips video

now the golden shower a powerful magic

weapon that reduces enemy defense by 20

takes a little bit more work to get but

if you can survive the underground

crimson to collect 20 I call you will be

rewarded now that we've got some

stronger weapons we can try farming some

bio mimics simply craft a key of light

or nice using 15 souls of the same name

place the key into an empty chest and

get prepared for a battle

make sure to fight these mimics in an

arena you've made above the ground and

usually new leaf wings to fly above

these crazy enemies although these

mimics can be tough at the start of hard

mode they drop some insanely powerful

weapons like the Daedalus storm bow

chain guillotines and the dark pistol

they even drop lots of greater healing

potions to help you with the upcoming

boss fights

there's powerful armor available at the

start of hard mode and you can skip

straight to titanium and Adamantite

armor with a few simple mining tricks

the wall of flesh drops the bone hammer

which allows you to smash demon altars

each time you smash an altar your will

generates new hard mode ores for you to

mine to mine up the first tier of all

you'll need either a molten pickaxe or

the river shark only mine enough ore to

craft the next level pickaxe and then go

straight for the next tier or you'll

want a mithril or orichalcum pick as

soon as possible

so you can mine titanium and Adamantite

or there's one thing you can do at the

start a hard mode that is so effective

all you need is a few blocks and a

bucket of lava to get tons of loot and

that is to fund the pirate invasion

using my special farming trick firstly

you'll need to collect pirate maps from

the beach they have a 1% chance to drop

from any enemy you kill near the ocean a

super easy trick is to place 200 even

stone blocks in the air above the beach

and summon the eater of worlds because

this boss has 50 segments in it you'll

get tons of maps in no time to easily

farm the pirate invasion simply build a

small volcano with a 6 block wide gap

about one screen away from your base

make sure the ground around the farm is

nice and flat hammer the sides of the

volcano so mobs can easily walk up the

ramp and place a single bucket of lava

inside the pit you'll notice I've added

one block at each side of the volcano

entrance and this is to stop pirates

jumping out of the trap create a small

loot room under the volcano and stand

directly below the lava pit and start

the invasion every single enemy will die

in the volcano

and the loot will drop straight on top

of your head you can safely ignore the

flying dutchman it can't hurt you and

you can see

use another pirate map when the invasion

ends well there you have it folks five

things I think you should immediately do

when starting hard mode what's your

favorite things to do first I've got a

voting card on screen now and if your

idea isn't on the list let me know in

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