How to Harvest Cilantro- Cut and Come Again Cilantro

hi everyone miss Ella here I hope that

guys are having a nice day

it's been raining off and on here in the

Pacific Northwest every time I try to

come out here and make a video it seems

like it's always starting to pour so I

have bad timing anyways I wanted to

share this quick tip with you guys on

how to harvest cilantro and harvesting

it this way will promote more growth for

you they can harvest before your plants

go to go to seed or both so here's a

quick video I hope they guys find it

helpful and if you do please give it a

thumbs up thanks for joining me today

guys and happy gardening so here's a

cilantro plant here is the main stem

right here and you can see right here in

between the main stem and the sides them

there's a growth right here so you would

want to harvest the tops then right

above the growth so you can just pinch

it off you can take a pair of scissors

and cut it but so launch was pretty easy

to pinch off so if you can see what I

just did there I - I pinched off that

toss them right above this growth right

here and the sides then you can actually

take the side to them as well - if you

need to use that

here is another cilantro that I

harvested from a few days ago so I

removed the top stem just right above

this growth here on the main stem that's

already growing out so if you keep

harvesting this way it'll encourage your

cilantro to produce more foliage for you

before they bolt or go to seed you can

also harvest from younger plants like

this one here this one's about it looks

like 8 inches tall so again right on the

main stem and the site's theme here

there is a tiny leaf bud that will

eventually grow into another stem and

more leaves for you let me zoom in there

for you so you can see that so once we

harvest the top stems for instance like

this one here I go ahead and pinch this

off that way that will encourage the

growth or the leaf bug to grow more stem

into a stem and more leaves