Hatching Chicks and Introducing Chickens into the Brooder

okay let's look inside the incubator and

see if there's any chicks that are ready

to go into the prepare so after the

chicks hatch they are pretty slimy and

we've got one jar here it's got the drop

and drag them and then we're going to

head upstairs and put inside our burgers

so here's our first guy we brought them

up to the brooder Kramer's checking it

out as well we have our heat lamp to

keep the chicks warm a cream about

whatever thermometer at the bottom so

the temperature should be about 95

degrees Fahrenheit 32 degrees Celsius we

have our food tray set up over on the

side and our water with some stones in

it to make sure this little guy doesn't

fall asleep while he's drinking and

drown himself so the first step is when

you bring the chick into the brooder you

need to make sure to dip the chicks beak

into the water so they know where the

water is and how to drink we're just

going to put them down there a little

drink there we go

okay so there is and I think his friends

downstairs are going to be ready to come

up soon okay so here's our second chick

and she's pretty dry nice and warm in


so again when you bring them in just

make sure their beak just goes into the

water just for a moment there you go ah

Kramer loves them