At what age should women start having regular mammograms?

in fact mammograms are the only proven

method for breast cancer detection and

screening I would recommend that this be

done in women above 40

the reason being that when you're less

than 40 abreast extremely dense and

essentially doing a mammogram is pretty

useless because a mammogram shows up

dense tissue as a white patch and

essentially when we do screening we're

looking out for white patches that could

be cancer so in a very dense breast we

don't see that normality so breast

screening should be carried out 40 and

above and 40 to 50 every year that's the

guidelines and after after 50 every two

years so for women less than 40 will

recommend ultrasound screening

ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging

method it has no radiation involved

extremely safe and this should be done

on a yearly basis when you're after to

in after 20 years of age if you've got

very strong family history of cancer

let's say I've got a mother or

first-degree relative ante cousins with

breast cancer at a young age so 50 45 50

and below I will recommend starting

mammogram screening slightly earlier

possibly about 35 years of age the other

modality would be MRI breasts and mr

breast is actually the it's actually

very rare sensitive in picking out

breast cancers and then young breast

very useful in addition to ultrasound to

detect any lesions so ultrasounds are

extremely sensitive as well for

detecting cancers but they're also very

sensitive for detecting non cancers so

it's ultrasound picks up modules such as

cysts fibroadenomas and benign lesions

and it helps to characterize ups as well

so on ultrasound scan you and I we're

gonna see a patient for lung I can't

quite confident you look at lump and say

this is not likely to be cancer or this

is slightly to be concern requires about

C so no I would say the right useful

tool in fact out in the fields when we

go out we tend to use ultrasound only in

a remote areas to screen for breast

cancer so a very useful tool