What is Head Start?

the children that we serve an early

headstart range between zero to three

you'll see a lot of free play you'll see

a lot of the teachers verbally and

physically interacting with the children

and encouraging social interaction we

serve women who are pregnant as well a

lot of it is prenatal education not only

what are things to avoid but what can

you do to make sure that your child

comes out healthy probably for you or

for your doggy yeah in our headstart

classroom we serve children three to

five can I borrow your knife you'll see

a lot more interactive play oh thank you

okay all of this to help them develop

all of their skills and really reach

their own developmental milestones

because our goal is to make sure that

they arrived at kindergarten ready to

learn what is the we also have a home

visitor teacher option the goal is to

really help that parent understand how

to develop their child on a day-to-day

week-to-week basis

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you can find a headstart program in

every county in the United States you

can find them in large cities you can

find them in small rural communities on

tribal reservations and in farm worker

camps and it meets the needs of those

kids and those families every day what

happens if you are worried about getting

food on the table having heat in your

house the last thing you're thinking

about is reading a book or brushing your

child's teeth the foundation that the

kids are receiving a lot of the things

they're not getting at home family meals

and so these are things that the kids

are getting in headstart

Monday mornings a lot of the kids come

in really hungry

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era su parte Favorita LD nacio ASIMO

muchas cosas Ignacio a DA who gamos

bicicletas pasa la leche por favor okay

Gracia day you know they're going home

with a pole Tommy from school and that's

a good thing and I you know hopefully

they're getting some mats support I'm a

good meal at suppertime and but a lot of

these kids are in challenging situations

at home