Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone - Tips for an easy start

hello everybody welcome to my guide on

how to have an easy start with the

hearts of stone expansion you can play

the expansion with your safe game from

your normal playthrough but you can also

play with a preset level 32 character

created by the desk and I think that's

what most people choose now this

character has unfortunately bed gear and

bed armor bed swords and also he doesn't

have like only a few enhance and basic

potions with very few bombs also quite

basic oils and only a few not really

helpful decoctions this character

doesn't have also any jewelry and very

basic alchemy and crafting ingredients

he also doesn't have a lot of deer

crumbs for alchemy or for crafting well

he has quite a lot of oil diagrams you

cannot really create anything because

you don't have the ingredients this

diagram also has only a few basic bump

and potion diagrams the only good thing

about this character is that he has

20,000 gold but this is isn't a lot so

how to skill this character up first of

all you have only one set of medium

armor and since that I think build mix

built between competent sign and build

is a good option a battle major build so

you'll make use of the high stamina

regeneration this character is level 32

but has 42 ability points which i think

is not a lot normally at level 32 you

will have

way more ability points since you have

found a lot of places of power so I

recommend to go with the fast attack and

a goal also of the combi skills that

give you a more adrenaline regeneration

and adrenaline than focused

skills and then finally you can go for

deadly precision which will give you six

or eight percent and chance of instant

kill which is always nice and since in a

battle mage build axe is the most

powerful spell and you should you should

put all the points into into action

unfortunately you do not have enough

points to get to the second level of oxy

also do not forget to put the right

mutagens and the slots and choose the

Griffins school skill now what you can

do to get more ability points is just go

and find places of power

weiter orchard alone has six places of

power and if you do not remember where

they are I'll just show you here but you

can just Google an interactive map of

which you're free and they're easily

find all the places of power so once you

place a power found a few places of

power and white orchard they're actually

quite easy to get the points because you

know the and the monsters that guard

them are like very low level and they're

no danger to you so you can take as many

places of power as you want but I think

just for the beginning free is in

because now you have you can spend them

on the second level of oxy which allows

you to take over enemies and let them

fight for you now that you have a basic

build you can go and get all the

diagrams you need this herbalist and the

main island of skellige has a few good

decoction including the art crafting

decoction and also he has a lot of

alchemy ingredients which you can buy

especially the cheaper ones the more

expensive one you have to be careful how

many once you buy once you bought all

the necessary stuff from the herbalist

at the Droid cam draw from the droid

camp on horse to get the knife and you

won't have the fast travel point so we

have to take your horse and go into this

cave where you will find Yolo who has

older and decoctions

and all the potion diagrams and so not

only will you be able to buy them all

but just having the decoctions that

diagrams will allow you to have a higher

toxicity levels because of your alchemy

skill acquired tolerant unfortunately

you will still need a lot of ingredients

to create all those potions but some are

available right away now the next thing

is I suggest you get a good armor and a

good armor can be found from the arch

Griffin east of oxenfurt normally you'll

he'll be level 35 but he's very easy to

kill and he will give you the art

Griffin mutagen and which allows you to

create the art Griffin decoction which

is very powerful even fault it's got


and he will also give you this URL

Armour which is a very good heavy Armour

and that has resistance to slashing

damage of 40 and 25 percent resistance

to monster damage and it also will have

three slots for enhancement or glyphs

next up I suggest you get a chimera

decoction so we have to go in Velen to

byways but unfortunately don't have the

first trouble point so you have to ride

from the road to both mountain fast

travel point now there you will have to

kill some ghouls and after you do that

you'll be able to do a quest and that

will allow you to find an a chimera and

a tunnel now he's very easy to kill

because you can AXI him and he won't

attack you and a world wind attack will

kill him easily he will drop some load

and also have the a chimera mutagen

which will allow you to craft a chimera

and the corruption which gives a 10%

life leech for your attacks which

especially with instant kill is quite

good next up I suggest you go to this

point in Velen and there at noon you'll

find a noon freight and killing this new

threat is important because don't afraid

will will drop light essence and light

essence is needed to create the golden

oriole potion and normally golden oriole

might not be that important to have but

since the first big difficult monster is

the prince dot which which uses a

poisonous attack it's very helpful to

have this potion another thing you could

do before actually starting to play the

heart of stone is to go and to the main

island of skellige and go to Kerala and

get the notice board

normally the sea outside of the main

island of skellige has no question marks

but once you picked up the stuff on the

notice board those there will be

question marks which mostly are

smugglers caches which with a lot of

easy loot to get now you can go to a few

notice boards and pick up the notices

just to have all those question marks

around the map but and the biggest most

important one is in character altar so

once you have those question marks ready

and you can take a ship and it just go

and swim to deck and to this question

mark the smugglers caches will be

defended by drawners or sirens or some

other monsters but you became basically

one shut them with your crossbow and

most of the smugglers caches will have

free chest below the surface of the

water and they all will have either an

armor a sword or glyphs rune stones and


even equipment for your horse you can

take good swords that you want to use

and all the other stuff that you do not

need you can sell to an armor or a Smith

now sometimes this Smith won't have

enough money to so you won't be able to

sell him all the stuff but if you just

meditate for one day and come back to

the armor he will have almost two

thousand crowns which will allow you

with a few such meditations to sell

you're all yours

if you make one and half hour run

looking for smugglers caches you'll be

able to have to sell your stuff for

20,000 crowns if you want you can also

go to the herbalist north-east of the

oxenfurt forest and after robbing his

garden you can buy diagrams from him

that will allow you to create some more

advanced bombs if you want to use bombs

then go to the herbalist and know God he

also has some good bump diagrams if you

want to create all the superior potions

and bombs you will need to have also

some diagrams for alchemy ingredients

which you can find in random chests or

you can also get them from alchemists

and herbalist all around and which are


now when you start heart of stone

expansion and go to the seven Kent and

and collect the notice from the no

notice board you will be able to do a

quest called enchantment start at cost

and I suggest you do it at the beginning

because this will allow you to give the

possibility to enchant your island it's

not very cheap to do it and the startup

cost are at the beginning 5000 for the

next level it's 10,000 and for the last

level is third in 13,000 but you will

have a few cool egg and changement like

I have on my sword and my armor and with

those fighting a group of bandits like

this is quite easy as you can see so

while it's not necessary to do any of

these steps I suggest if you do them

playing hearts of stone even on death


we'll be fairly easy so thank you for

watching and see you next time thank you

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here another way to use the theatre

Union points is for rent the alternative

attack that you can perform will holding

the strong attack button