Natural heartworm treatment for dogs

do you want to know how to treat and

prevent heart worms and dogs yes yes

okay okay I'll tell you today I'm going

to talk about some home remedies for

heart worms that really do work and in

the end I'm going to tell you about the

stuff that I carry in my store which is

awesome and the best part is as all

these remedies and treatments for heart

worms are all-natural so without further

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don't miss out on any episodes so how

does your pet get roundworm well

mosquitoes carried this deadly disease

called heartworm and they pass it on to

your pet a heartworm is a parasitic

roundworm that lives in the arteries and

heart close to the lungs so when a

mosquito bites your pet it transfers the

larvae of this parasitic roundworm to

your pet this disease is so dangerous

I'm not overly fond of what follows yeah

me neither

it can kill your pet if you don't take

the necessary measures in time symptoms

of heart worms and dogs include lack of

energy lack of appetite and a persistent

cough and as the disease progresses your

pup is going to have a tough time

breathing do you want to know how to

treat prevent heart worms and dogs here

are 5 home remedies that can help kill

those parasites in your dog but as

always take your little buddy to the vet

if you feel the need to do so number 1

wormwood wormwood is a very popular herb

that can treat an upset stomach gall

bladder problems intestinal spasms and

worm infections number 2 coconut oil

coconut oil is awesome every

nanika spelling heartworms at the same

time you just put this stuff right on

your pets food it's awesome give it a


number three carrots the anti-parasitic

agents and carrots help kill and prevent

the spread of heart worms this is good

stuff folks and you have carrots in your

refrigerator already go give your puppet

care give them a treat right now you can

also put coconut oil in the carrots to

give them as a treat when you're done

watching this video watch this video

right here on ten easy ways to clean

your pets teeth

number four black walnut extract if

you're scared of using dangerous drugs

to treat your pets then black walnut

extract just may be the option for you

this stuff is awesome

it kills the larvae of the heartworm

before they can even mature number five

raw garlic raw garlic is an

anti-inflammatory it's rich in

antioxidants and it's an anti-parasitic

what it does is it cleanses the heart

worm larvae from your pets blood stream

and it also changes your pet's odor so

mosquitoes won't even want to bite them

I also heard that it helps prevent

vampire bites is it is it really no not


that's just a myth there you have it

folks I gave you five home remedies that

work now in the description below I'm

gonna place a link that has nine

remedies that work you'll enjoy that so

check those out

now here's what I carry in my store no

more worms by earth animal this stuff is

awesome it's all natural and it works

guys I'm telling you this stuff works

and the best thing is it has some of the

same ingredients that I just talked

about like wormwood and garlic just to

name a few

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