Gardening Basics : How to Plant Seeds for a Home Herb Garden

I'm Donna Emery with clever nursery in

West Jordan Utah we're going to talk

today about planting seeds for a home

herb garden we're in the greenhouse

planting herb seeds for a home herb

garden I've selected a lightweight

seedling and cutting mix you can make

your own from vermiculite and peat light

about 50/50 but it's easily available at

any garden store so I just buy it by the

bag I fill it up smooth it off and then

I take another tray insert and use that

to compact the soil lightly smooth it

off and before I start I like to water

the soil so it is good and wet before I

begin you can start seeds in a solid

flat but I like to use these

compartmentalized dividers so I find it

easier to separate my plants plus I can

leave them in the pot longer this way

I've chosen basil too so today basil is

probably the easiest herb to grow one

thing to remember it cannot tolerate any

cold don't put it outside until after

nighttime temperatures are reliably

above 40 degrees even warmer is better

these seeds are tiny I find it easy to

use the pinch method and I sprinkle just

two or three seeds in each little

compartment it helps if you have dry

hands these stick to my hands after you

have them sown take a little bit of dry

soil and just very lightly cover them

many seeds need light to germinate and

they won't germinate if they're buried

too deep in the soil after this I'm not

going to use my watering can again I'm

just going to mist lightly with a spray


you're sowing the seeds I'm not going to

use the watering can again right now

because these seeds are so delicate I

don't want to dislodge them or wash them

away so I'm just going to use a spray

bottle to dampen them down you can then

put the tray in a warm well-lit area if

you like tint it with plastic that helps

raise the humidity and keep the

temperature up until you start to see

the little green sprouts coming up and

then move it to an even brighter spot

rotating it from time to time to keep

the little shoots from reaching for the

light you want to rotate it so they are

well balanced all around once they have

two or three sets of leaves you can set

the tray outside in a shady warm area

during the daytime and bring it in at

night to harden the plants off once

they've had that regimen for about three

to four days you're ready to pop them

out of the tray and plant them in your

garden if you're planting many different

herb seeds for your home garden I would

just use one tray plant basil parsley

thyme in each little separate

compartment you won't need a whole

package of seeds for each herb share

with the neighbors I'm Donna Emery from

Glover nursery in West Jordan Utah and

we've been gardening with seeds for a

home herb garden